Importance of West Virginia Drug Rehabilitation Program

West Virginia drug rehabilitation program acts as a bulwark against the menace of addiction in the state. Despite its predominant rural population, the state is reeling under the scourge of drug abuse. Out of total 7,642 admissions for drug rehabilitation in 2009, around 30 percent of patients were from 18-25 age group where as 10 percent were underage students. All these indicate the growing importance of drug rehab programs in West Virginia.

All major cities in West Virginia have drug rehab centers offering specialized treatments for cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and meth addicts. Rehab programs offering specialized care also there for teens and underage addicts. The treatment program ranges from faith-based healing and detox to relapse prevention and aftercare.

Counseling and Psychotherapeutic Support

WV drug rehabilitation program includes effective counseling and psychotherapeutic support. One-on-one counseling ensures candid discussion between experts and patients on the treatment strategy. During family sessions, counselors work with families facing inconvenience due to drug abuse by members. Group counseling offer patients a chance to develop courage to speak on their problems and learn from each other.

Comprehensive Detoxification and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Detoxification is aimed at breaking up dependency on drugs for good. It includes three stages.

Medical detox cleanses drug substances in the body and frees it from toxic elements.

Physical therapies supplies body with proteins and nutritional elements to put up strength.

Psychotherapeutic treatment provides necessary training to avoid drugs and lead a sober life.

While receiving treatment, dual diagnosis problems and withdrawal symptoms in patients also come to the fore. Adequate medication is provided to co-occurring disorders and physical problems.

Christian Rehab Program

Spiritual healing by Christian rehab centers is an effective and popular mode of treatment in West Virginia. The faith-based healing revolves around the principle that lack of spiritualism is the primary cause of drug abuse. These programs use religious principles, church visits, pastoral counseling, and teachings of Jesus to fill spiritual void in patients and reinforce sobriety in life. The practice of 12-step holistic life program ensures self-discipline and morality in human beings.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Patients have the option to join inpatient or outpatient rehab programs depending on their condition and choice. It includes day care, individual and family counseling, medication, and education against drug abuse. Usually patients in their early stage or attending job requirements prefer to join outpatient programs.

Inpatient Programs

Rehab centers offering inpatient programs require patients seeking to enroll in full-time treatment course. A stay in drug-free environment for 30 to 60 days helps focus on practicing sobriety and life skills in a better way. Expert support and guidance also add to the benefits of medication and detoxification. Regular medical and psychotherapeutic checkups and tailor-made fitness and wellness therapies make inpatient programs effective.

Holistic Treatment Program

Drug rehab programs include a number of holistic treatment options aimed at reinforcing the wellbeing, sobriety, and physical fitness of patients. Rehab centers offer customized fitness programs, which include cardio training, yoga, reflexology, and acupuncture therapies. Art classes, game therapies, and other types of wellness therapies are also provided to clients. Life coaching, sober living skills, and social education help patients lead a normal life.

Relapse Prevention Programs

WV drug rehabilitation program offers all required help to prevent relapse of patients. Free counseling and outpatient support is provided to graduated patients. Support and alumni groups assist in finding employment and keep a tab on ex-addicts. They are also invited to workshops and awareness campaigns as volunteers.

Customized Treatment Programs

West Virginia drug rehabilitation program is cost effective and has provision for extra care for patients depending on their age, gender, and condition. The recovery strategy follows more multidimensional approach taking into account the present scenario of drug abuse in the state. Medical aid also puts emphasis on both physical and mental health along with drug treatment.

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