Connecticut Drug Rehabilitation Program Options for Recovery From Addiction

Connecticut drug rehabilitation program offers to heal those suffering from chronic addiction. It focuses on the treatment of both addiction and any co-occurring disorders. It helps diagnose and treat any core issues that might distract one from the sober path. Connecticut is facing a severe problem of addiction because of the constantly rising numbers of addicts.

Need for Drug Rehabilitation Program in Connecticut

Rehab programs have become the need of the hour in Connecticut, which ensure spiritual, physical, and psychological healing. These programs focus on medical and psychotherapeutic addiction treatment so that the addicts are liberated from the clutches of addiction, which has become rampant in Connecticut. Rehab centers employ high quality professionals that monitor the recovery process of each patient.

Counseling Program

Counselors address the underlying cause of addiction by conducting individual sessions, besides group and family consultations. Counselors explore the medical history, criminal background, and behavioral treatment of the patient and see reply to a specific set of questions that might have contributed to substance abuse. Counselors help patients tread the difficult but fruitful path of addiction recovery by exposing some excruciating truths of addicts life, annihilating pessimistic thoughts, and strengthening their thinking capacity.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient drug rehab centers are tailored to cater to those with moderate to severe dependency issues. Inpatient rehab centers offer a structured environment with 24/7 care for addicts to stay while undergoing addiction treatment. Staying in a rehab center offers the addicts a retreat away from outside influence. This program usually follows the medical model to treat drug addiction. Supervised detox, behavioral therapy, re-socialization therapy, and nutritional therapy are some of the inpatient program options.

Outpatient program is preferred by those not troubled by a long history of addiction. This program features counseling and awareness sessions for clients. This program aims at preventing relapse.

Christian Drug Rehabilitation Program

Christian model of addiction treatment has become quite a popular option these days. Pastoral counseling, prayers, biblical teachings help the spiritual awakening of clients. This faith-based method compliments the traditional addiction treatment models and focuses on spiritual and holistic healing. The power of the Jesus Christ works on the mind of clients, who strive to remain glued to this treatment approach to continue seeking the blessings of the Christ.

Comprehensive Detoxification Program

Social detox model is for those suffering from moderate drug addiction and who do not require medication to proceed with the treatment. Social grouping and group counseling are the key elements of this model. Medical detox model is best suited to those suffering from severe drug addiction and who must be kept under medical observation. Such patients face acute withdrawal and must receive prescribed medications to bear the pain and cravings. Nutritional therapy is provided for patients to strengthen them physically.

Holistic Treatment and Relapse Prevention Programs

Holistic treatment programs focus on involving addicts in the treatment process. Holistic approach aims to make the clients responsible for their health and wellness. Holistic program follows both traditional and nontraditional methods of addiction treatment.Nutritional therapy, physical and mental relaxation techniques, and cognitive-behavioral therapy form the core of holistic treatment. This approach focuses on building the morale of the patients to face the outside world pressure and even self-negative emotions.

Relapse prevention is a must in case of any addiction treatment program. No program can be considered successful if the patients relapse on the completion of the treatment. Thus treatment centers ensure that patients manage to practice the skills acquired in the rehab facility in order to live a sober life.Relapse prevention programs help newly recovered addicts boldly dealing with the challenges of the outside world.

Choosing a Program

CT drug rehabilitation program is considered best if it answers every angle of addiction. A rehab center that offers holistic addiction treatment program, besides warm atmosphere and hospitable staff, is considered the best. Choice of a rehab program also depends on the patients condition and type of addiction. Choosing the best treatment program can only ensure complete recovery from addiction.

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