Colorado Drug Rehabilitation Program Options for Recovery From Addiction

Colorado drug rehabilitation program focuses on medical and psychotherapeutic treatment of addiction. As the drug abuse statistics in Colorado are rising constantly, treatment centers are also growing in number, focusing on full recovery from addictive habits. Its proximity to Mexico has made Colorado a transit route of drug consignments, which has further worsened the drug situation in the state. Treatment centers are playing a vital role in transforming lives by providing tailored treatment options for their patients.

Need for Drug Rehabilitation Program in Colorado

Addiction poses threat to life at large. It impacts not only the addict, but also his loved ones. Drug intervention holds prime importance in convincing the addict that they have a dependency problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Usually a rehab center professional does this job very well. Drug rehabilitation programs ensure that adequate measures are followed that will change the mind-set of the addict and prevent him from relapsing.

Counseling Program

Counseling aims at psychological healing of the addict. It is one of the most effective forms of addiction treatment followed by treatment centers. Counselors find the reason that induced the addict to fall for addictive substances. They guide and enlighten addicts on the importance of renouncing addictive habits. Counseling also motivates addicts at the time of detoxification, bringing behavioral changes.

Residential and Nonresidential Programs

Residential program requires hospitalization of addicts facing the risk of relapse as well as acute withdrawal. This is to ensure that treatment goes on uninterrupted and patients are constantly monitored by the rehab staff. This program offers cognitive-behavioral therapy, re-socialization therapy, psychodynamic therapy, nutritional therapy, and life skill coaching.

Nonresidential program is ideal for moderate cases of drug addiction, who do not have a long history of addiction. This program is a feasible option for those with small children and functional jobs. Besides, outpatient rehab program is a viable alternative for those having completed residential program and looking for outpatient aftercare solution.

Christian Drug Rehabilitation Program

Christian drug rehab program focuses on Biblical principles, prayers, and Christ teachings for spiritual awakening of addicts. It also focuses on like-minded group meets to compliment the traditional addiction treatment models. The goal of this program is healing addiction through the powers of the Jesus Christ. It is quite effective in psychological and spiritual healing.

Comprehensive Detoxification Program

Drug detox program focuses on helping drug withdrawal. Usually detox is considered the first step in a lengthy recovery program. Drug detox program is based on three models, viz. social, medical, and rapid detox. Social model is for those having moderate drug dependency problems and who are willing to go ahead with detoxification. The emphasis here is on being in a supportive environment with other like-minded people.

The medical model is for those having severe drug dependency issues and who must be kept under medical observation and receive prescribed medications to overcome withdrawal. The rapid detox model is for those who need special medication to purge the opiate receptors.

Holistic Treatment and Relapse Prevention Programs

Holistic rehab programs focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit badly affected by addiction. These programs are a blend of traditional healing methods and non-traditional methods. Nutritional therapy, meditation, behavioral therapy, physical and mental fitness therapy are some of the features of this program. This program is also devised to help patients prevent relapse.

Holistic treatment approach also focuses on relapse prevention so that the addicts do not fall back to addictive habits. Rehab centers impart training in interpersonal and communication skills to minimize the risk of relapse. This teaches addicts how to deal with social pressure or self-negative emotions.

Choosing a Program

CO drug rehabilitation program options vary from individual to individual. If the individual seeking drug treatment is a chronic addict, residential treatment will be the best option; however, in case of moderate addiction, outpatient rehab will suffice. Besides, family and group support is essential to reap rewards of enrolment for a rehab program.

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