California Drug Rehabilitation Program Options for Recovery From Addiction

CA drug rehabilitation program focuses on complete recovery of the patient from addictive habits. California receives constant drug consignments from neighboring states, which have become a hub of drug mafia, who supply drugs into the state in large numbers. This has resulted in increase in the incidence of drug abuse, which has led to the growth of a number of drug treatment centers. These centers provide customized treatment options to ensure a speedy recovery.

Need for Drug Rehabilitation Program in California

The role of rehab programs in transforming addictive lives cannot be negated. These programs focus on ensuring that addicts not only recover from addiction, but also learn to live a sober life. Rehab programs are designed to cater to the needs of addicts and thus vary to a great extent. While some focus on medical treatment approach, others on spiritual recovery. Overall, these programs are based on holistic treatment approach.

Counseling Program

Though traditional, counseling is one of the most effective methods to treat addiction. Counseling is a form of drug intervention that motivates addicts to opt for an addiction recovery program. Counselors help addicts understand the necessity of enrolling for a treatment program, which helps them focus on their addiction treatment. Counselors are trained enough to provide coping strategies and help addicts learn healthy behavior.

Residential and Nonresidential Programs

Chronic addicts face the risk of acute withdrawal and relapse. Residential program is designed for such addicts to prevent outside pressure from influencing the treatment process and to ensure that they remain under the constant observation of the rehab centers medical faculty.

Moderate addicts do not face acute withdrawal and relapse. Nonresidential rehab program, catering to such patients, requires regular attendance in the treatment facility during the day. Because this is a less rigid program, patients are free to return homes at night.

Christian Drug Rehabilitation Program

Christian drug rehab program uses the traditional 12-step methods and the Biblical principles to motivate addicts to tread the moral and sober path. Pastoral counseling, prayers, and like-minded group meets help addicts remain firm on their path to recovery from addiction. Regular church attendance is another feature of this program.

Comprehensive Detoxification Program

Drug intervention makes way for drug withdrawal, under which consumption of drugs is stopped and cleansing of the body begins. Since withdrawal symptoms can be quite acute in most of the cases of detoxification, medical faculty stays by the side of the patient to ensure safe withdrawal. Usually treatment center administer medications to check physical pain accruing from detoxification. These days nutritional supplementation has also become an important part of the physical detox process.

Holistic Treatment and Relapse Prevention Programs

Drug rehab centers follow a holistic treatment approach to ensure complete recovery of their patients from addiction. Holistic approach takes care of addiction issue, co-occurring disorders, and any kind of physical or mental ailments. Under holistic treatment approach, patients learn new skills so that their transition to real life is easy. Physical therapy ensures that patients learn the essence of physical and mental fitness and endeavor to remain fit. This also ensures relapse prevention.

Besides, rehab centers organize various relapse prevention programs for their former patients. Awareness and counseling sessions form the core of relapse prevention programs.

Choosing a Program

California drug rehabilitation program follows holistic treatment approach for quick and complete recovery. You should opt for that program that serves your purpose fully and does not, in any way, leave you guessing. These days, almost all treatment centers offer holistic therapies. Thus the choice of rehab center lies with the addicts and their families. A rehab center offering a soothing, friendly, and comfortable environment, with hospitable staff and updated treatment options, will be the best.

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