An Outpatient Drug Rehab in Tennessee

An outpatient treatment which is practiced by a drug rehab in Tennessee is effective because it is more educational in nature and has a lot of flexibility which becomes advantageous for the addicts.

Outpatient drug treatment is generally offered to those who are not in a very serious state of drug addiction i.e. their addiction problem is not too severe. It can be said that outpatient treatment is an alternative to the long term inpatient treatment program. In an outpatient program, the patient need not stay in the rehab center. They can avail the treatment facility while staying in the comforts of their house. In these programs also, the chemical dependency of the individuals is adequately addressed.

About the outpatient program which is administered by a drug rehab in Tennessee, it can be said that they are more educational in nature than being therapeutic in nature. An outpatient program is divided into three categories. They include the individual therapy, the family counseling and the group therapy. In all these three categories, the main aim of the center is to solve the problem of the addicts; at the same time the counselors of the treatment center try to understand the causes of the addiction. Apart from it they are also administered cognitive behavioral therapy and the 12- step program and a lot more.

A lot of importance is given to individual counseling and group therapy in an outpatient mode of treatment. A person who is taking the outpatient program has a lot of choices. They can opt for the morning sessions, the evening sessions or the week end sessions. With the help of the outpatient program practiced in a drug rehab in Tennessee, the addicts learn ways to join the mainstream of the society. They are able to lead a life which is free from any kind of addiction. As they get to lead an addiction free life, they gradually learn to take up their responsibilities as well.

Whatever process is adopted, the aim of an outpatient program is certainly complete abstinence from the use of drugs. But in order to make the addicts come out of the addiction, it is necessary that the counselors in the treatment facility try to learn the actual causes of addiction in an individual. Unless they know the emotional disturbances which triggered addiction in an individual, it is not possible to design a treatment program according to the individual needs of the patient. It is also important to administer the right kind of aftercare program to the patients so that they can continue staying away from drugs.

Generally an outpatient treatment facility comprises social workers, medical practitioners, nurses, counselors, occupational therapists, lawyers and a lot others. All these experts in various fields provide mental support to the addicts. They also involve the addicts into a number of other activities so that they can stay away from their addiction. The other advantage of an outpatient program is that it is cost effective.

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