12 Steps Program and Drug Rehab in Vermont

A drug rehab in Vermont generally follows the 12 step program. In this mode of treatment, spirituality is given a lot of importance, but that does not mean that an addict needs to have a particular religious association to get the treatment.

The 12 step drug treatment program was initially brought into use by the Alcoholics Anonymous, but since then it has been used by most of the rehab centers to treat the threatening problem of drug addiction. The essence of the 12 step program is spirituality. But this does not mean that it is based on a particular religion. That is not the case. The inmates of the treatment facility are encouraged to have faith in a super power. They are made to realize that when a person faces problems in life, it is best to put trust in a supreme power and it is this supreme power that will help them sail through all the problems of life. The 12 step program is designed in such a manner that it addresses all the issues of the addicts related to addiction.

The Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are basically organizations of the ex-addicts. They are the ones who have come out of the addiction problem successfully. Many drug rehabs in Vermont are basically not-for-profit organizations and they do not have the trend of employing professional counselors or therapists. The ex-addicts conduct the job of counseling and psychological therapy.

In spite of the fact that these treatment centers have operated successfully in the society, there are many critics who feel that these treatment centers are not very effective. There are many people who say that the 12 step program that is followed in a drug rehab in Vermont has become outdated and some of them believe that it is not a very good idea to ask the addicts to have faith in a supreme power because that takes the essence of personal achievement away from them. The addicts start believing that their recovery process is completely dependent on the supreme force and not on them. Due to this, the addicts also stop putting in any kind of effort on their part to come out of the addiction problem.

When you are taking the help of the 12 step program, the first question which comes to your mind is that which is correct notion? Faith on ones own self or faith in the supreme power? But if you look into the aspect carefully, you will soon realize that unless you have faith in a supreme power you will not be able to have faith in your own being.

Hence it is recommended that even if you are getting enrolled into a treatment center which adheres to the 12 step program, it is essential that the addicts have determination and will power on their part to come out of the addiction. Thus the first step to recovery is having faith in oneself.

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