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Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is located at 14000 Military Trail, Suite 204, Delray Beach, Florida. The facility offers secular rehabilitation drug treatment, but specializes in Christian drug and alcohol treatment. The programs offered at Transformations deal with handling more than thirty different types of drug addictions and alcoholism.

Transformations offers rehabilitation programs that range between 30-90 days in duration. The facility offers clients a wide and diverse array of therapeutic programs to meet the needs of each patient. With personalized and individual treatment plans, each client is given the necessary tools and skills to resist drugs and alcohol and stay clean and sober.

Utilizing a three phase treatment plan, Transformations staff has years of experience handling a wide array of addiction issues. After carefully considering the benefits of inpatient and transitional living components, the facility combines each to ensure the best outcome possible for clients.

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center offers the following options for drug and alcohol treatment clients:

  • Day and night treatment programs which are offered in three phases and help people overcome addiction and prepare for a healthy, productive lifestyle once treatment is completed.
  • Phase I: clients receive two counseling sessions per week, focus on addiction and discover reasons behind the disease.
  • Phase II: clients continue working with a counselor and focus on life skills training which focuses on career building skills.
  • Phase III: clients obtain employment, work during the day and attend counseling sessions three times a week.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment is available three nights per week for those who wish to stay sober after completing treatment.
  • Treatment aftercare program is available to clients who have completed a 30-day treatment program. Meetings are held three nights per week for a period of a year and are free for the client.

Transformations Treatment Center offers many client amenities. Such amenities include the following; private rooms, high-speed internet, VCR/DVD televisions in bedrooms, unlimited local and long distance phone calls, single rooms, queen sized beds, washers and dryers on site, full sized kitchens, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, tennis and racquetball courts, picnic areas and fishing.

Drug Treatment:

Transformations Treatment Center offers both traditional and faith-based drug treatment for people who need help battling against the demons of addiction. Drug addiction hooks a person emotionally, physically and psychologically. When addicted to drugs, a person experiences intense cravings, tolerance and dependency, all of which are extremely unpleasant, even painful. People become addicted to drugs for many different reasons, self-loathing, trauma, pain, fear or a number of other circumstances. The first time a person takes drugs they can become addicted, and it does not matter what type of drug is used.

With time and left untreated there are many negative consequences which can be directly attributed to drug abuse, such as loss of family and friends, social and financial issues, employment problems, health-related complications and eventually addiction can lead to death. Not everyone who uses drugs will necessarily become addicted, but addiction can happen to anyone. Addiction involves drug seeking behavior, doctor shopping, illegal activities and many other negative behaviors.

Breaking an addiction to drugs is difficult, but not impossible. With support of a medical professional, family and friends, in addition to a drug rehab program, a person is more likely to get the help they truly need. To be successfully treated for drug addiction, the addict needs to be ready to face the problem and be admitted to a drug treatment center. With enough time and proper treatment many people have been able to resist the allure of drugs and permanently conquer drug problems. Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center offers an excellent drug treatment program and welcomes all those who need help in breaking the cycle of addiction.

Alcohol Treatment:

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that makes a person’s body dependent upon alcohol. A person becomes obsessed with drinking and will go to great lengths to be able to do so. Alcoholism is not a condition that can be controlled, and a person continues to drink despite negative consequences and problems. It is entirely possible to have a real problem with alcohol without displaying any of the typical characteristics of the disease. A person can ‘abuse’ alcohol without being actually addicted, but the problem is still very serious and requires professional treatment and rehabilitation.

Transformations Treatment Center is proud to offer alcohol rehabilitation and treatment services. With counseling, therapy and life-skills classes, the facility is able to offer a comprehensive array of options for those who need treatment for alcoholism. Other services offered through the facility include faith-based modalities which are based on Christian teachings and biblical principles. Either type of treatment is guaranteed to be successful and treats the alcoholism as a whole, not just sending the patient back into society before all facets of addiction are successfully dealt with.

The outcome for alcoholism treatment is dependent upon many different factors such as desire of the client to be treated, severity of alcoholism, overall health and whether or not a strong support system is provided. Each of these components factor into the type of treatment a person receives from Transformations Treatment Center, which directly increases the chances for a successful and positive outcome.

Christian Drug Treatment:

One of the most effective ways to treat drug addiction is by using the Christian drug treatment program offered at Transformations Treatment Center. For people who are facing drug addiction and have tried and failed at traditional methods, a faith-based program offers something more than secular facilities. People with drug addiction often tell themselves they can quit whenever they want or might even cut back on drug use, but this does not solve the problem. The only way to effectively deal with drug addiction is for the person to admit the problem and seek professional help.

Drug addiction affects every area of a person’s life and is a destructive and dangerous disease. A person can experience many different health difficulties when abusing drugs such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, secondary infections, overdose, coma and eventually death. Drug addiction is debilitating and requires an inpatient or outpatient program, group therapy, faith-based study groups, church sessions, pastoral counseling and much more to be successfully combated.

When enrolled in a Christian drug treatment program, clients receive the opportunity build a closer and more personal relationship with God. By using faith, providing patients with hope and leaning on other recovery patients, the client is taught life skills, responsibility, communication and how to form positive relationships with others. There are more services offered at a Christian drug treatment facility than at a secular facility which is why Transformations Treatment Center is such an integral force, at helping others win the war against drug addiction.