Role Of Faith In Christian Treatment

Faith is the core of the Christian treatment program where patients are encouraged to renew the bonding they once had with God. They are made to realize that addiction has made them go far from their saviour Lord resulting in more problems. The program also helps the patients identify the root cause of their addiction and develop a logical and spiritual understanding of the fact that addiction can ruin their life completely if they are unable to control their life. People who have been successful in using these methods of rehabilitation say that this understanding is extremely important to attain permanent sobriety.

The majority of Christian drug treatment centers follow a similar treatment involving individual counseling, group meetings, prayer, scriptural studies and chemical dependency classes. These treatment programs use faith as the building blocks of all treatment techniques. They focus on the teachings of the Bible and their main aim is to take care of the patients reinforcing the presence of God in their lives. They aim to encourage the addicts to introspect and explore their minds to know what went wrong and why they got into addiction. This is very important for the patient to have a realization and successfully overcome the difficulties associated with drug dependency.

The individual’s emotional problems are dealt with alongside the physical problems. This is done by increasing faith in God by praying, reading the Bible, yoga and meditation. The Christian drug treatment programs have helped many alcoholics to find the ability to heal themselves with the help of a Supreme lord. The Biblical scriptures help to build faith and a relationship with God. The power of prayer cannot be underestimated the fact that Christian treatment is based on faith is the secret of its success.

In a Christian treatment program the addict first undergoes a comprehensive counseling session so that the specialist are able to understand his thought process and begin the treatment plan suitably. The addict’s family is also invited in the treatment process as their support is extremely important. Professional counselors help the addicts to develop a deep faith in God and look forward towards leading a live without drugs. The services offered are same as those offered by conventional centers but with a religious approach. The main difference is that faith-based techniques are also employed to inculcate inner realization in the addict of being on the wrong path. This is what is needed for a speedy and permanent recovery.

When a person is addicted to drugs, his bond with friends and family are broken. It is through Bible studies, therapy, counselling and prayers that the addict is transformed to lead a sober and meaningful life. Addiction recovery involves God’s love and faith in order to lead a better life minus the addiction.

The number of people interested in the Christian drug treatment has increased rapidly. This is because the success rate of recovery is very high. The chances of a relapse are less as the addict believes strongly in himself. The spiritual methods help the addict to eradicate his addiction. The combination of spiritual, scientific and rational methods proves very effective in building faith in God and attain recovery.

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