Is Christian Treatment Effective For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

Substance addiction continues to be a major problem among adults and is affecting countless people around the world. They find themselves caught in the web of addiction and find it very difficult to overcome their craving. An addict is torn between his morals and beliefs, emotions and feelings for many years and Christian treatment is the best way to attain sobriety. The treatment involves a faith-based approach where one is reunited with all embracing God and shown the right path towards a happy life. This treatment may not be for every individual but it sure is a hope for many.

The treatment is a combination of modern therapies along with the spiritual methods. The program believes in holistic development of the individual where all the important elements – physical, psychological and spiritual are enhanced to help an addict live a better life. This treatment is very effective as it involves group discussions, one on one talks, counseling sessions, church attendance and medical procedures too. The spiritual approach to help an addict recover works because it helps in making one realize from within that the path of addiction is the path of misery and entrapment.

The Christian treatment uses a twelve-step process, which can be completed over a period of 30-90 days. It uses scriptures form Bible to teach people about the importance of life and how to overcome addiction and craving. The program focuses on making the addict know his true self through regaining his lost faith in god. Different tools like prayers, meditation, chanting and yoga are used for fast and easy recovery. By practicing these tools even after recovery will ensure a happy, sober life without addiction.

An addict lives a life of misery, darkness, and despair for a long time. Through this program, he can come out of his hopelessness and set new beliefs and principles in life. One just needs to believe in god and trust him to seek forgiveness and surrendering to his will. When an addict starts taking comfort in the name of god and understands his presence around himself, he is on the road to successful recovery. One just needs to accept god’s love, guidance, and seek forgiveness to gain sobriety in life.

A person cured through the Christian treatment will become a transformed individual who is responsible and is ready to begin a new life. He would not be craving for any kind of substance addiction again and will have a lot of self-confidence and inner strength. The low feeling and self-defeating character of the individual is transformed into high spirited and energetic attitude. All this is possible only with the help of the program where one can trust god and trust him to give strength to take life as a new challenge.

The Christian program has been found to be more successful than many other treatments because its spiritual approach helps one stay sober without any relapse after the recovery program is over. This treatment helps one to lead a healthy, happy and a clean life once again through faith in God. The spiritual power helps an addict to channelize his energies in the right direction to lead an addiction free life. The treatment allows one to gain strength and confidence through strength derived from spiritual bonding with God.

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