Christian Drug Treatment Is Different From Other Treatment Programs

Addiction has become a global problem. Feelings of depression and escapism often pull an individual towards drugs and alcoholism. Whatever might be the reason, one must understand that the end result of addiction is devastation and misery. Hence, it is important that one decides to undergo rehab treatment before it gets late. Addiction isolates the affected individual from family and friends. Distrust of your loved ones due to your incessant lies and hang over further alienates the individual.

Given below are some alarming facts about addiction in United States.

· In 1992 the number of people who have been reported to have died due to addiction was 223, in 2004 the number increased to 699.

· Both young and old are exposed to addictive constituents in life. Reports indicate threat drug addiction in people between the age group of 50 and 59 has increased from 2.5% in 2001 to 4.7% in 2005.

· In America over six million children live with at least one parent who is a drug addict.

· The number of deaths related to drug addiction has increased in the past few years.

· People taking illegal prescription drugs have risen by over 500 percent in the last few years.

Among different techniques used for treatment of addicts Christian Drug treatment is believed to be the most effective. Unlike other treatment programs, it is a faith-based method of treatment that is effective and does not result in relapse. Christian treatment centers are focused towards faith in God and teachings of the Bible. The objective is to cure the disease from its roots through increased consciousness. The individual is inspired to change their approach towards life and develop a positive outlook and derive strength from God. One is encourages to stay connected with the almighty God through meditation and chanting.

Christian treatment process uses the following ways:

  • The key aspect is to admit that there is a problem that needs treatment. Unless the addict admits and is willing to go for treatment, no treatment will work.
  • Individual and group counseling sessions help the pastors and professionals at the treatment center understand the reasons behind addiction.
  • People undergo a program of attending church in order to strengthen their faith and belief in God and in themselves. There are gatherings of Christian communities which help in group interaction and confidence building.
  • An addict is made aware of the after effects caused to the human body by the use of various chemicals present in most drugs. This helps an individual to decide and choose their way through life when they again return to normal life from the center.
  • There is a pastoral counseling session involving teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. This increases a person’s faith and true belief in oneself
  • Individuals are persuaded to make friends and share their views to provide comfort and support to each other. This builds a perfect atmosphere for getting rid of addiction.
  • One needs to participate in activities like reading scriptures, attending prayer meetings, etc that helps them build a strong connection with God.

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