Christian Drug Treatment Centers Help You Live A Sober And Happy Life

Drug addiction is a menace that pushes you towards an unhappy and stressful life. One starts failing to perform effectively in our jobs and career. Slowly we also lose our family and friends. Drugs tend to push you into a life of debt, loss, crime and oblivion. The addiction to drugs, alcohol and any kind of substance harms an individual socially and personally and seclude them from their love ones.

Facts on American addiction problem states that:

  • In America, one out of every eight people has problems with either drug or alcohol. Many people are addicted to both alcohol and drugs. 40% of the people are diagnosed with problems on both these substances.
  • It has been reported that approximately 27 million Americans either use banned drugs or are “heavy drinkers” or both.
  • 16 million out of these 27 million are in need of immediate treatment.
  • It’s been estimated that by age 18, almost 12% people use illicit drugs.

Christian drug treatment centers use Bible study, prayer and other religion-based group co-dependence processes for the purpose of healing. They use traditional psychological, medical and social treatment methods combined with faith-based processes in order to gain success. This kind of treatment and atmosphere of faith and belief is often preferred to prevalent methods of drug alcohol rehabilitation. It has also been proved that people undergoing this way of treatment process heal themselves both physically and spiritually, in a shorter time and more effectively. They don’t face recurring addiction problems and instead find happiness in their life by staying sober.

There is a general stigma and prejudice attached to this problem and people addicted to drugs might often hesitate to admit their addiction. The need is to stand firm and take action. Drug Treatment centers help in proper rehabilitation of an individual suffering from substance addiction. Christian drug treatment centers offer their own particular process to facing this problem.

12-step treatment process

The Christian drug treatment process actually comprises a 12-step treatment process that includes training in anger management, group discussions and co-dependence. The entire process is based on faith and the concept of recovery through self-belief as well as belief in the Almighty.

This 12 step process was originally proposed by the Alcoholic Anonymous group. The steps are the following:

  1. The persons concerned (the addicted individuals) have to admit that they are under the addiction of alcohol.
  2. They must build faith and belief on themselves.
  3. They must have faith in teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ; trust a greater power to restore happiness in life. Christian drug treatment process builds on this trust to change your life.
  4. Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself.
  5. Admit and surrender to faith. Remove negativity from life.
  6. Get ready to deal with your dissatisfaction and build a strong character.
  7. Deal with shortcomings and move along your way through the treatment process.
  8. Attend to anything you have left undone and is bothering you.
  9. Make up with all people who are close to you.
  10. Continue the process even when you have left the center.
  11. Practice meditation and prayer. Relieve your tension and stress. Improve your knowledge on your mental and physical health.
  12. The process is entirely dependent on spiritual awakening.

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