Beat Addiction With Christian Drug Treatment Program

Due to low tolerance of stress, and high level of disappointment and dissatisfaction in life, people often develop a large dependence on various kinds of drugs and alcohol that slowly makes their life miserable. However, these are not the only unjustified reasons for developing addiction, there are many who try drugs just for fun initially and later the drugs never let them leave it. Addiction and substance abuse is a curse to our society and causes many social problems.

There are accidents through drunken driving. People find it impossible to keep up with their social life. Job and other activities are hampered. There is huge deterioration of health. Sometimes it might lead to violence, stress, homelessness and even increase rate of crime and child abuse. In a way, addiction separates victims from their family and friends. This leads to depression and further enhancement of problems.

Studies show that –

  • Approximately 20 million people are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Of these 20 million, on an average about 135000 people die every year.
  • In 2001 almost 30% of kids between the ages of 12 – 17 years were reported using drugs in US.
  • In 2004, about 19 million Americans above 12 years were into harder and illicit drugs.

To beat drug addiction you need professional help. It is necessary that you admit yourself to a Drug Treatment Center that offers a step by step treatment program and/or Christian rehabilitation program. In Christian Drug treatment process treatment is offered through the spiritual approach.

Christian drug treatment has following steps:

· Major help is through Individual Counseling

A person committed to overcome their need of drugs and alcohol need psychological help. At treatment centers this counseling and therapy is provided to addicts. Counselors try and understand individuals in order to make them emotionally strong and ready for life. One needs to understand your true reason of addiction so you can stay sober throughout your life – even after leaving the treatment center. By the end of this 30 to 90 days program you will learn to say ‘NO’ to drugs.

· Support is provided through Group Counseling

Group counseling is an important part of Christian drug treatment process. The drug addicts realize that there are other people suffering in the same way and support each other and discuss their issues. Through proper communication and understanding the individual can learn ways to beat addiction.

· The major step is Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is done to strengthen your faith. Teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible are emphasized and encouraged. Addicts are able to strengthen their trust in God and are inspired to free themselves from drugs.

· 12 steps

In 1930s Alcoholic Anonymous developed the concept of 12 steps way to sobriety. Both in non-faith and faith-based processes of treatment these steps are used.

· Attendance in Church

Regular attendance in church is encouraged. This is done to develop your faith on church and faith-based rehabilitation programs. Attending church keeps one in touch with Christ and his teachings and this helps in keeping them on track.

· Knowledge about Dependency on drugs

It is important that you know which drugs can lead to addiction. Besides drugs, there are other chemicals that effect human health as well. The individual is taught how the human body reacts to different chemicals. This will certainly help the addict identify the substances and situations that are likely to cause him trouble in future and avoid them.

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