Steps To Get Rid Of Addiction In Christian Drug Rehab Program

The 12 Step Christian Drug Rehab program is a unique addiction removal strategy that has gained a lot of popularity all around the world. In fact, nowadays, every other person seems to have heard of the 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program either on the TV or in some movie or knows a friend who is recovering following this program. This treatment methodology is most effective as compared to other traditional addiction removal methods.

The 12 Step Christian Drug Rehab and Recovery program was originally developed and formulated by the Alcoholics Anonymous more than seventy years ago. Nonetheless, since the very days of its inception this faith-based addiction treatment program has benefitted addicts immensely. In fact this recovery program has been incorporated in most addiction recovery programs and has proved effective in treating various kinds of addictions including drug addiction, chemical addiction, alcoholism, individuals suffering from spending addiction or ones who have problems of codependency.

Let’s take a look at the 12 Step Christian Drug Rehab program:

  • The first step is to admit to oneself that you no longer have any control over the substance or the habit you are addicted to. This initial step is the foundation of the entire program. It is necessary to admit the problem in order to recover successfully.
  • The second step is to have faith in the power of Christ and that working with a divine purpose will reconcile one with God once again.
  • The third step is to take the decision of turning one’s life and will to the care of the Almighty.
  • In the fourth step the addict learns to start searching for a moral inventory of one’s own self.
  • In the fifth step, the person will have to admit to his own being, to God and to all other human beings the wrongs he has done.
  • In the sixth step, the person mentally prepares himself that God can remove all the sins and deceit from him.
  • In the seventh step, all recovering individuals humbly pray to God to remove their sins.
  • In the eighth step, the person is supposed to prepare a list of all the people he has hurt or harmed and promise to amend them all.
  • In the ninth step, they start amending and directly making up to all these people, except when doing so will injure them further.
  • In the tenth step, the recovering individuals go on with their regular personal inventory and admit it instantly whenever they are wrong.
  • The eleventh step concerns meditation and prayer in order to improve upon the spiritual contact with God.
  • By the twelfth step the person already attains a lot of spiritual awakening and promises to spread this among other individuals and hold on to this state of mind in all affairs of his/her life.

Considering its immense efficiency of this program, these days even the workaholics have started using the Christian 12 Step Recovery program to relax their hyper active state of mind and bring about a balance in their lives. As the experts put it, it is the inherent philosophical ideas in the 12 Steps Program that make these steps effective and helpful.

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