How To Cure Addiction With Christian Drug Rehab Treatment

Addiction is a global epidemic that spreads its tentacles throughout different strata of society without discrimination for age, sex, or race. Not only is addiction a problem among adults but it has become one of the most worrisome factors among the teenagers, who frequently look out for drugs in parties and end up transforming into an addict themselves. Drug and weed addiction is such a huge problem that when we look at the statistics we are amazed to see that about 20 million people are addicted to some kind of mind altering substance today.

The illness i.e. drug addiction slowly infects the mind along with disabling the patient’s physically, step by step. The person concerned, slowly drives his way towards death with incessant cravings towards it. There are some effective treatment processes that are available in different centers, and according to several investigational reports, Christian drug rehab treatment is the most effective of all. Scientific research with different treatment processes started in the early 1970s.

Effective Treatment – The Christian drug treatment

Scientific treatment help patients to stop using drugs as well as avoid relapse. Based on research, the key principles on Christian drug rehab program are kept the same with a few alterations on making it a more effective treatment program overall.

  • Addiction is a treatable disease. The Treatment Center offers a 30 to 90-day Christian drug rehab program in order to help out an addict prevent drug use.
  • Patients are counseled in order to connect with their inner trust and belief.
  • Patients are encouraged to participate in group counseling. This helps to connect with other patients who are facing the same problem as they are. This way a patient receives support and does not feel that he is the only one in this world with issues and differences.
  • Behavioral therapies with pastoral counseling are coordinated several times a week. Teachings from the Bible and of Jesus are discussed with patients. This is done to instill hope and imbibe in him a renewed sense of ethics and responsibility.
  • The 12 step system of therapy of Alcoholic anonymous is implemented with the patient
  • Patients are encouraged to visit church in order to connect with his spiritual self.

In addiction, several other treatments are inculcated into the program. Long term use of drugs can cause severe problems with body functioning. In such cases medication is an important element of treatment. Even after a patient completes their full course of treatment they are encouraged to go through a year of relapse prevention course to prevent relapse. A patient is always encouraged to practice Health and wellness activities and an interesting Life skills training curriculum. Many drug–addicted persons have mental disorders which need to be assessed and monitored regularly. During the treatment process the patients are assessed for the presence of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and B, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases.

Combined treatment is affective in overall detoxification of the individual. It is necessary to address all aspects of the individual’s life through a customized treatment regimen. Christian drug treatment process provides help in suppressing withdrawal conveniently as well. It is imperative that the friends and the family give continuous support to the individual.

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