God Addiction And Christian Drug Rehab

Often people very easily get addicted to drugs sometimes for fun and at other times to escape from difficult times. Though these drugs play an instrumental role in bringing about the much needed relief during hours of unbearable pain, yet these drugs at the same also induce prolonged and consistent pleasure. This pleasure gradually becomes an addiction and the victim longs for his dose all the time. In extreme cases he resorts to stealing and telling lies to get money for buying drugs. The addiction completely takes over their entire being compelling them to move astray from the path of happiness and health. However, by following the righteous path that leads to the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the addict can get control of his life.

Another side to the truth is that, no matter the addicts and alcoholics abandon Jesus in pursuit of their selfish ends and artificial worldly pleasures, the Lord never forsakes his children. He waits with open arms for all of us to realize that we have strayed away from the path that he showed us and accept it. The moment we realize our mistake and surrender our being to him he cleanses us of our sins. He waits for us to get ready and see upon our follies and abstain from committing anymore spiritual despair. No matter how far we went, the Lord is always there to take us in and guide us once again in a righteous existence. This is exactly what the Christian Drug Rehab programs help the addicts realize. In fact instilling of this spiritual realization lies at the very core of the foundation of the faith based Christian Drug Rehab Treatment programs.

What the addicts often fail to realize is that they create their own problems and they keep doing that the more they go on with addiction and stray away from the path of God. The counselors at the Christian Drug Rehab Centers help the addicts realize that Jesus is the sole source of all deliverance and he doesn’t want his children to go through the immense pain of addiction. Furthermore, these faith based programs propose that once one starts listening to the message of the Lord Jesus Christ as told in the Bible, there will be no need to go through the sufferings and misfortune of chemical dependence or substance abuse. These treatment methods bring into use the effective and proven results of the conventional addiction treatment methods along with the power of faith and prayer.

Along with the secular addiction removal therapies and the medications, the Christian Rehabilitation centers also combine the power of prayer at the same time introducing a number of other religious actions like,

  • Communal studying of the Bible and discussion
  • Self reflection of every individual at the center on the Will of God
  • Individual religious therapies
  • Individual addiction therapies
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Individual and group counseling sessions

Well now you know why this particular process tends to be exceptionally effective in helping the addicts regain sobriety and regain a life on the path of righteousness that helps them reconcile once again with God.

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