Christian Drug Rehab Vs Other Addiction Treatment Programs

There are various types of addiction treatment programs that are being adopted by substance abusers to do away with addiction and stay clean and sober. One of the most common yet least effective methods that is followed by many is when they themselves opt to quit their addiction; it is the process when they try to do it the cold turkey way. On the other hand, there are people who make use of various kinds of medicines to turn themselves away from the substance or the chemical that they are addicted to. There are also others who prefer to join a thorough in house addiction treatment facility. There are still others who choose to go for outpatient drug treatment groups or services, for example the Alcoholics Anonymous or the Narcotics Anonymous. However, among so many various treatment processes available, the most effective and consistently performing process is that of the Christian Drug Rehab Treatment Programs.

Extensive research and a study of the results yield have revealed that the Christian Drug Rehab programs has one of the most high rates of success when compared to the other addiction treatment programs, as far as the element of helping people to overcome substance dependence is concerned. It has been found that people who get treated by the faith based Christian Rehabilitation programs have lower chances of experiencing a relapse than those who go for the traditional treatment programs or try to do it the cold turkey way on their own. But then the question is why it is so that the Christian Rehabilitation programs are so much more effective than the rest? What is it that makes this approach so much more effective?

Well, there are a number of points that can be mentioned in this regard which will explain how the Christian Drug Rehab programs count high above the rest of the addiction treatment programs when seen in comparison.

First and foremost, the faith based Christian addiction treatment process is essentially a supportive program that provides effective help to all, irrespective of the fact whether they conform to the Christian religious belief or not. The Christian community sees the entire human kind as a large extended family. Hence this treatment approach places higher priorities on each of the individuals who come for a treatment helping them achieve the one common goal of leading a successful and sober life.

Thereon, drawing from the first point, the further advantage with the Christian Addiction treatment process is that it provides necessary support and counseling to the entire family of the addict as they have also undergone the ravages of chemical dependence. The Christian treatment approach helps the addict once again strengthen his/her relationship with family and friends. So the program as a whole helps re-strengthen the entire family unit helping all the members regain a healthy family atmosphere filled with happiness and contentment.

One of the cornerstones of this unique approach focuses on regular attending of the church service. Addicts find this really helpful and effective. This helps them find strength in the supreme power of the God and recognize upon the inspiration that comes from the belief in Divinity. This way a full schedule of the Christian rehabilitation service in combination with the necessary medications and the detox process assures unprecedented effects of the positive kind making it score high above the other addiction treatment processes in use.

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