Christian Drug Rehab Center What Why & How

What are Christian Rehab Centers?

Christian drug rehab centers provide addicted individuals and their families a comprehensive recovery program to get rid from the ravaging effects of substance abuse. They help addicts rediscover a healthy lifestyle once again with a reinstated faith in Almighty. Other than this primary purpose, the Christian Drug Rehab centers focus on a number of other issues like help refurbish and restore the hurt relationships between the addict and his family and also help the addict re-establish life back on the track through faith in the omnipotent Almighty.

Why Choose Christian Treatment

The primary reason to choose a Christian recovery center is that their treatments methods are effective and affordable. The treatment in these faith-based programs oscillate between the individual needs of the addict and his family members, as often the entire family of the addict is in need of serious counseling and healing, to cope with the unfortunate situation. It is a common thing that often the family members overlook their own needs in the face of the growing demands of the addicted individual. They surrender their own interests so that they can meet the needs of their suffering family member. Hence these people are also in need of proper healing and a compassionate treatment as well. This is the reason why all Christian Drug Rehab programs treat the entire family rather than focusing only on the recovery of the addict.

Another characteristic of the faith-based Christian Rehabilitation Programs is that unlike the secular programs that treat the patients with the 12 step process and ask them to concentrate and pray to the cosmic power, the Christian Rehabilitation Programs essentially direct them to the grace and the blessings of Almighty Lord Jesus. Irrespective of the fact as to which religious belief a person belongs to, these programs take upon an all embracing approach and help the addicts place their belief in God as the sole source of all freedom and hope.

Christian Rehab: How do they treat addicts?

Some of the significant treatment methods used in the course of the faith-based treatment are:

  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Detox Programs
  • Prayer Groups
  • Group Therapy
  • Studying of the scriptures and teachings from the Bible
  • Meditation & Yoga

Often the alcoholics believe that God has rejected them and that is why they have faced difficult times in life. Some other believe that by resorting to addiction they have gone against his will. They believe that their addiction and failures have made them lose his merciful watch and love. One of the greatest services that the Christian Rehabilitation programs provide is that they reassure the patients to turn the situation over to Him; and that he is the shepherd who never abandons any of his sheep. The faith based program plays an instrumental role in reinstating the faith in the entity of the Almighty and start believing in his powers and the powers of spirituality once again. This helps the addicts along with their families to reconcile with the Almighty and let go of denial in every form. A positive thought process is encouraged that plays a key role in permanent recovery.

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