Integrity Way Transitional Housing and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Integrity Way Transitional Housing has partnered with Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in order to provide much more than luxury housing for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Integrity Way and Transformations offer a three phase step down or day night program which is designed for individuals who are needing intense substance abuse treatment and who are in need of supportive housing while in substance abuse treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is provided as well for those coming out Transformations day night program, leaving another inpatient treatment center, or those who are in a halfway house and need additional support.

The Relapse Prevention track is designed to assist individuals who were clean at one point and perhaps in a halfway house or sober living environment but relapsed and need to get back on track. This program is two weeks of intensive relapse group and individual counseling.

The highly recommended Christian drug treatment program which caters to individuals looking to heighten their relationship with God or perhaps get a better understanding of God to help them in their recovery.

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Alcohol Recovery

Monday, October 31st, 2011

A recovering alcoholic can attend alcoholics meetings which are major part in the recovery process. In the alcoholic meetings one can have a discussion about the bad times and good times and share experiences with the other recovering alcoholics. What is alcohol recovery? An alcoholic is a lost and lonely soul drowning in the sea of disaster created by himself through not being able to control his addiction. Alcohol recovery entails the process of getting a helpline to this drowning person and rescuing him from disaster and giving him a new lease of life free of the clutches of alcohol.

One person may split the chains of alcoholism through sheer will power and determination, while others may need to be supported, cajoled, encouraged, praised and pushed towards recovery. Alcoholism can lead to psychological damage that may take a lot of time and effort to heal.

Medical experts, psychiatrists and sociologists have their own opinions about alcoholism. While the arguments go on what matters to an alcoholic is to give up his existing life, get back all what he has lost and recover his life.

Processes involved in alcohol recovery?
The recovery process initiates with a person determining or confessing to having a difficulty with alcohol and drugs. He admits he cannot control his addiction and needs treatment as he wishes to come out of it and live a life free of such substances. This is the starting point for a treatment process which results in a recovery where the individual is no longer subjected to alcohol and having it control his life.

Alcohol recovery is a state of being free of alcohol. This is not a permanent phase but needs sustained efforts on the part of the recovered person and counselors to help maintain it through life. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing and prayer empower him to sustain this state of wellness that is recovery.

Recovery is way of life and changes where alcoholics learn new skills to manage himself effectively. Alcohol Recovery is attained through various means, one of which is the 12 step program developed by alcoholics anonymous. Other systems are holistic remedies, nature cures, homeopathic treatments, psychosomatic counseling and plain self determination. Whichever path he takes, he arrived at the junction known as alcohol recovery and from then onwards he is on his own where he will need to consciously control his being to never ever think of relapsing. Counseling and treatments will have prepared him as to how to handle this.

Alcohol recovery has several steps which are popular, such as the alcoholics sharing their experiences, receiving support and helping out each other. Recovery takes care of family reconciliations and re-establishing social ties that were once severed. Recovery means a person becomes fit and capable of taking on gainful employment and shouldering responsibilities. Recovery means being able to smile again and give people happiness.

Sometimes the recovery path leads to the temperance and renovation of wisdom. The path you take is a new direction to your life where the journey begins

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Alcoholism in Oklahoma: Types of Treatments

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

The two major problems that Oklahoma is facing today are drug abuse and alcoholism. With the rise in the number of alcohol addicts in the state, crime and violence are also on the rise. Poverty is considered to be the most prominent factor behind increase in addiction cases and crime rate. As per the federal law that applies to all the states in the country, the minimum drinking age is 21. But it allows anyone who is 18 or above to work in a bar as a bartender, or transportation of alcohol, or as a waiter in any restaurant which serves alcohol. This has given the people an opportunity to camouflage themselves and deceive the law.
A survey conducted in 2005 states that there was only a small percentage of alcohol addicts in the state which chose to enroll themselves for alcohol treatment in Oklahoma. It clearly shows that there is a desperate need of more awareness and more rehabilitation centers in the state. The government in this state is trying its level best to control alcoholism in Oklahoma. They have come up with penalties for people who assist in providing beer and other alcoholic substances to youth. They have also come up with suspension notices which can extend to a period of 30 days for those retailers who sell alcohol to youth below 21.
When a person is unable to stop his drinking habits and starts craving for more and more alcohol, it is certain that he has become an addict. When he tries to stop himself, withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety sweating and nausea start to appear.

Alcohol treatment in Oklahoma offers complete withdrawal programs that help a patient restore his both physical as well as mental health. They offer a number of treatment programs including inpatient, residential, holistic approach programs as well as teen programs. One must choose the right kind of treatment that suits his needs and help him recover faster.

Inpatient alcohol treatment in Oklahoma suits the severe cases of addiction. Patients are treated while staying in the medical facility unit. The inpatient process can be a 12 step program or an alternative concept and the duration of treatment varies accordingly. A short term treatment lasts for about 30-90 days and a long term one can extend up to 6 or 9 months.

Holistic alcohol treatment in Oklahoma uses a combination of traditional, medical, spiritual and psychological approach. They also have an array of non traditional methods, which replace the traditional approach, depending on the individuals needs.

Apart from these there are tailor made programs for teen, adolescents and women addicts. You can find these centers through web resources and local directories. Most of them have hotlines which are effective 24 * 7 and provides necessary support to the person in need.

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Alcohol Treatment in New Jersey: Various Approaches

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

The abuse of drugs is quite common in New Jersey. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy this state had more than 40,000 drug arrests in 2008 for drug use or possession. In today’s fast paced life where each day has become a struggle, not everyone is strong enough to handle it. This is especially true among young people who have a tendency to turn to alcohol when they face the harsh problems of life. However, as mentioned earlier, it just makes things worse instead of solving any problem.

Fortunately, now world’s finest treatment centers have come up in New Jersey. They help addicts to come out of addiction on a permanent basis. They try to make them realize that alcohol cannot be a solution to any of life’s problems. But to ascertain that you get all the facilities in an alcohol treatment center, it is important to do your research and select the best one.

When you are troubled with the problem of addiction and you are unable to get rid of it, the best solution is to join an addiction treatment center or a rehab. The treatments offered by each of these addiction centers are focused towards complete sobriety. Most of them design the treatment module based on the need of every patient. But at the same time they have some methods which are considered as the general methods of treatment. These are counseling sessions, detox treatment, group therapy, medications and others.

Counseling helps a patient speak how they feel and how and why they are into alcohol abuse. Counselors aim at trying to understand the patients and analyzing the whole situation. Counseling sessions are very important and make addicts positive and determined. Detox sessions remove the toxins from the body of the addict. These are important in advanced cases and are followed by withdrawal symptoms. With the help of specialists addicts are able to cope with it.

Generally you are likely to find different kinds of persons in a rehab. There are some who have enrolled into the center voluntarily while there are some who have been put into the treatment centers by force. Talking to different people and listening to their life stories can give you strength to fight the problems of your life. This is what happens in group counseling sessions.

There are faith-based alcohol treatments in New Jersey as well. Here the focus is on God and helping the addicts build a strong bond with the Supreme Being. This makes the addicts derive strength to get rid of addiction and face life with courage.

Professionals at alcohol treatment centers in New Jersey commonly use hypnotism in the treatment process. In cases where patients are reluctant to take the treatment, the method of hypnotism has proved to be of great help. But at the same time it should be remembered that it may take some time before hypnotism becomes a widely accepted practice.

There are various other ways to treat addiction as well like music therapy, natural therapy, meditation and so on.

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Alcoholism Treatment in New Mexico is Diverse Yet Effective

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

It is unfortunate that the menace of addiction not only harms the patients but also their family members and loved ones in many ways. This is the reason why alcohol treatment in New Mexico gives much importance to the comprehensive recovery of patients from this curse.

Whenever a patient decides to seek professional help for gaining freedom from the addiction, it is a very mature and necessary decision. A patient or a loved one trying to locate an alcohol addiction treatment center will not have a hard time at all in New Mexico. Many centers for the treatment of alcoholic patients have boomed up across the country.

The alcohol treatment centers in the country offer various kinds of treatment options for the patients such as outpatient programs or in-patient programs. Some addiction cases may require an ongoing observation and medical attention, while some cases may be taken care of while the patient is living a normal life with frequent visits to the recovery center. There are many private as well as government-run treatment centers offering medical help for the alcohol addiction problems. The most popular centers are those, which use the twelve step programs, offer religion as a base for the recovery, or give importance to the medical aspect of treating the problem.

The twelve-step program for recovery from alcohol addiction was originally designed in the USA. It provides the addict with the experience of a sequence of developments. The first development is the patient’s acceptance of his dependence on the alcohol. It is by far the most popular and widely employed method used for alcohol treatment in New Mexico. It gives the patients internal motivation and zeal to rise above the challenges, curbing their dependence on the substance.

The treatment centers for alcohol rehabilitation share some common features. The efficacy of these features lie in the approach towards the treatment styles that are based on the psychological aspect as well as the internal healing of the patients. These centers treat the problem as a disease or ailment that greatly affects the brain of the patients as well. Appropriate programs are employed for the recovery of the patients from this disease and they are implemented through administering proper medication, diet, detoxification and maintenance of the abstinence from alcohol through various alternative therapies.

Generally, these programs last for one or two months. If the severity of some case is high then the recovery program may last for more than three months. In addition, patients in New Mexico can opt to be treated right in the comfort of their homes. Extensive research has also shown that patients seeking a therapy from their homes have quick recovery that is more successful. At the same time, residential programs for alcohol treatment in New Mexico also solve their purpose that is effective recovery and long-term abstinence from alcohol.

Many patients in the country select private facilities for the treatment of their addiction problems for inpatient as well as outpatient programs. A few luxury treatment centers that maintain the privacy of the patients are also offering the same programs.

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Information About a Lexington, KY Mescaline Detox

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Mescaline is a lesser known drug to most people, but to drug addicts it’s one of the best substances they can use to achieve the euphoria they constantly crave. While the mescaline substance is one of the most effective drugs one can take, and an illegal one at that, it is also one of the most destructive. The substance is a naturally occurring hallucinogen that is found in particular species of cacti. The drug is taken directly from the plant, but because of its unpleasant taste it is usually ground up into a powder and sold in this form.

What’s interesting also is that the drug is also produced synthetically by a lot of drug dealers out there, and is sometime used to make what’s known as ‘psychedelic tea’. Users of this particular substance tend to take between four and twenty doses of the drug (either in capsules or ‘buttons’ which are a certain part of the cactus plant) which accounts for up to twelve hours of euphoria.

Mescaline is a unique drug in the sense that the hallucinations it creates produce a particularly dreamy state of mind, as well as visible and audible hallucinations which have been said to be incredibly enjoyable. But despite what people might think of the effects of the drug, the fact remains that it is incredibly destructive and bad for people as a whole.

As well has having a hallucinogenic effect, users of the mescaline substance will also experience other dangerous side effects. It’s at this point where Lexington, Kentucky mescaline detox services should be implemented. The Lexington, Kentucky mescaline detox services which can be provided these days can reverse the side effects of the drug and put the body back into its former healthy state.

It sometimes seems off to think that a drug addict would want to undergo Lexington, Kentucky mescaline detox treatment when they enjoy the drug so much, but this can be put into perspective. Any good effects that might occur to the individual will be incredibly short lived. The first few times they take the drug they will experience the high that they want, enjoy it and then experience a crash. This crash is often eliminated by taking more drugs, and more drugs, and more drugs – and when this process continues the user begins to become addicted. This addiction, or dependence, is the point whereby the mescaline drug begins to have less of an effect on the individual.

As soon as the drug begins to lose its effect with the same dosage, the addict will resort to using more of the drug to achieve the desired effect and at this point the body will begin to experience unpleasant side effects. Often the addict will then realize that the addiction is destroying their quality of life and restricting them on a day to day basis – and it’s here when they begin to realize how much better their life could be if they underwent Lexington, Kentucky mescaline detox treatment.

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Alcohol Addiction: Causes, Effects and Remedies

Friday, July 30th, 2010

By the term alcohol addiction, one would refer to the compulsive requirement of alcohol such as beer, whiskey, wine and other hard alcohols. The intake of alcohol begins as a mere act of pleasure; but as the level of this intake keeps on increasing, the cravings for alcohol by the consumer rise to such as extent that it goes beyond the control of the individual. Soon consumption of alcohol takes the shape of addiction. When an individual goes through nausea, shakiness, anxiety, perspiration in the absence of alcohol or urging increased amount of alcohol, then it is a case of chronic alcoholism.

The causes are:

• Genetic factors may trigger this practice. Having someone in the family who is into alcoholism may lead to this habit in an individual. Seeing a family member taking alcohol over a period of time can highly infuse the habit in some other member of the family and the practice triggers off.
• Alcoholism can arise from issues like personal failure, work pressure, depression, financial crisis, break ups in relationships and even some major catastrophes. When such circumstances disturb an individual, the one might prefer to numb one’s senses so as to forget the pain and stay in a state of trance. Alcoholism is a very likely way out.
• Environment too has to contribute much in the development of alcoholism. Factors like family, peer group, culture and living standard can drive an individual towards alcoholism.

The effects are:

• Alcoholism affects the brain adversely sometimes to the extent of damaging it. The structure and functions of the central nervous system get disrupted so much so that the ability to process information, retrieve and consolidate get badly affected.
• Too much of alcohol consumption can hinder the supply of oxygen in the brain and can even cause a blackout when a person gets heavily drunk.
• Inflammation or esophagus, stomach, mouth, irregular heart beats, heart attacks, high blood pressure are all the effects of alcoholism.
• Alcohol addiction can even damage vision, water retention, sexual activities and even lead to weakening of muscles, bones and immunity.


• The strong desire stop alcoholism is the biggest step towards remedy. Dedication, commitment, focus and perseverance will lead an individual to arrest the cravings and thus alcohol consumption.
• The initiative to identify one’s alcoholism and its associated behavior contribute significantly to the remedial measures. Whether out of trauma, depression or any other reason, the individual’s ability to let go of it can help one to come off alcoholism. Interested individuals can even seek professional assistance and attend counseling sessions.
• Once the individuals identify their alcoholic tendencies and realize the need to rid themselves of the crisis, only then can they decide to join a rehab. The rehabs have various recovery programs designed as per the needs of the addicts based on their history and intensity of addiction.

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease and a major threat to the human society when it comes to healthy and happy living. Being a responsible citizen, each and every individual trapped in alcoholism or having friends or near ones trapped in it should take serious step and free the society from the shackles of this vicious circle.

You can join Transformation Treatment Center for successful recovery. Here they follow both traditional and faith-based treatment approach for best results. Browse through for more information on alcohol abuse treatment.

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Alcohol Recovery Involves Many Techniques

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Are you on the lookout for an effective alcohol recovery rehab that works wonders but does not cost the earth? Then log on to and get to know more about our alcohol recovery program. This is the most comprehensive and effective revolutionary program available. A team of experienced professionals have put in tremendous effort in devising the treatment plan which will help you in alcohol recovery with the minimum effort and cost.
We believe alcoholism stems from some personal reason such as failure, fear, depression, inability to cope, etc. which leads a person to seek relief or solace in alcohol. Excessive and frequent consumption leads to addiction. Addiction results in that person feeling alienated, lost, depressed, guilty, ashamed and a host of all other negative thoughts. We believe even the worst alcoholic can change because change comes from within and the desire for change exists within all human beings. Just take the first step. Make a decision today that you wish to put a stop and live a better life free of alcohol. This is the most important step. Everything else flows from this.
The next thing to do is step into an alcohol recovery center and register for a program where the staff will take over and put you through a detox stage followed by therapies aimed at building motivation and arming you with goals. To assist in this you will have to lead a disciplined and healthy life through exercise, regular hours and good food. Support is always available from counselors.
The alcohol recovery program is structured in such a manner that defines as well as addresses the issues of the individual. This is done in different stages in the rehab. The staff in the rehab reviews all the cases daily and at the same time has different strategies for each individual. Progress is monitored and programs reviewed and altered if need be.
The first steps might be strong and purposeful or faltering but do not lose heart if you totter. We understand full well that it is not easy to give up on drinking after being accustomed to it for years. It is normal. Not every individual has that strong resolution. So just return to the program and go through with it. It is the first step in the right direction which will eventually lead you to your destination.
Know more about what we can do to help you in alcohol recovery. Simply visit our website or write to us at

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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Christian rehabilitation centers provide treatment to addicts of drugs and alcohol through various spiritual methods of treatment that allow them to get closer to God. From there, they can begin to turn their lives around. The treatments followed at these Christian drug rehabs are very different to the initiatives offered by normal drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, with religious centers specializing in providing faith-based rehabilitation for drug abuse victims. These rehabs preach Christian faith whilst accepting people of all faiths and welcoming anyone who wants to work towards curing their drug addiction. Unlike other rehabs, denominational centers endorse belief in Jesus and emphasize the point that God alone has the power to relieve the addicts from their addictions. Many Christian drug treatment centers say that the combination of the power of the Holy Spirit and a faith-based treatment plan can help many people of faith to kick their addictions a lot more easily.

Also, Christian drug rehab centers offer moral support to the addicts they support. They make them realize that the addiction is not unique to them and that many others suffer from similar problems. Group counseling sessions are the official term for these sessions and allow people to talk to each other and to learn about the different experiences that people have endured.

On conclusion of a rehabilitation course, sobriety clubs allow addicts to continue to have support which can enable them to remain clean and unaffected by their former addictions. Some of these associations are based in religious organizations like churches, with many addicts being encouraged to attend church services and to study Bible readings to help you strength be regained.

The Christian drug rehabs help the addict reinstall their faith in God, allowing them to understand that God accepts anyone who wants to do the right thing. Christian drug rehabs also treat all addicts, irrespective of their religion and belief. Christian rehabs tell the addicts that asking for forgiveness can help them to connect with God and can give them the opportunity to create an individual bond.

Christian drug rehabs are well known for their healing procedures and have enjoyed a surge in popularity due to the increasing levels of support that is provided to reformed alcoholics beyond the conclusion of a rehabilitation course. Some of the additional services that some religious organizations provide include sobriety sessions that allow addicts to obtain a sense of security and protection once they leave the rehabilitation center and return to their normal lives.

Religious treatments help addicts to be cured in a religious and a spiritual way. The personal counseling and other programs conducted as a part of this treatment process helps the victims not only recover from their addictions but also to emerge as a wonderful and caring person, with these new valued allowing a person to lead a spiritual, sober and peaceful life. This opportunity can mark a new chapter in a person’s life, with the second chance that can be provided by sobriety being invaluable to some.

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Using a Christian Alcohol Treatment Center and God as a Weapon to Treat Alcoholism

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

There is a specific demand for Christian alcohol treatment centers for both men and women who find comfort in the word of God. A faith-based treatment center meets the needs of each client using the latest and most innovative and aggressive treatment methods possible, coupled with Christian principles and Biblical scripture. The approach is unique in that a client’s needs are met in all ways and the staff of caring professionals helps the person build a stronger and closer relationship with God.

A Christian-based alcohol treatment center helps Christians and people of no particular faith alike. Nobody seeking help is discriminated against or judged because of their faith or because of not practicing the Christian faith. Each person is accepted into the fold of Christian fellowship and helped to mend the lives broken by chronic alcoholism.

Along with spiritual fulfillment, a Christian alcohol treatment program offers traditional treatment methods and modalities such as relapse prevention, alcohol education, one-on-one counseling and group therapy. The life skills classes offered at a faith-based alcohol treatment center are designed to help each client learn to turn away from alcohol and focus on God for healing and recovery.

A Christian-based alcohol rehabilitation program focuses on using the power of God to help heal. A faith-based treatment center shows the client the new life that is waiting when they stop drinking. The program offers Bible study, spiritual workshops, recovery meetings and an alcohol aftercare treatment program. Through time and with the proper treatment program, even a person with chronic alcoholism can recover and experience a miracle.

The journey to recovery is never an easy task, but one that is better facilitated with the help and care that comes from a faith-based alcohol treatment center. By embracing God and allowing his healing powers to come into the equation, many people have found a way to resist the temptations and allure of alcohol and become sober for the first time in their life. The healing and recovery that can come from knowing and accepting God allows for amazing things to happen and anyone can be healed.

In order to sustain an ongoing commitment to sobriety, a Christian alcohol treatment center works diligently to provide the highest level of care possible for each client. By ensuring the person has received every advantage in fighting back against chronic alcoholism, a faith-based treatment center helps each client achieve the best outcome upon conclusion of treatment by providing a tailor-made aftercare program to prevent relapse.

Giving up alcohol is difficult and can be impossible even for the strongest-willed person to accomplish alone. When the alcoholic is ready to reach out and ask for help it is important to support and encourage them each and every step along the journey. Finding the path to sobriety is possible for anyone, as long as the desire is genuine and heartfelt. Remembering that it is a journey one does not have to face alone allows a person to fully understand the complexities of alcoholism and become the sober person they are meant to be.

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