Alcohol Treatment Centers Types

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

With the increasing number of people getting trapped in alcohol addiction, different types of alcohol treatment centers have come up. Each of these centers caters to different needs of addicts and make sure that they have a comfortable transition period.

Outpatient and residential alcohol treatment centers

This is the most common type of alcohol treatment center. Most of the time an outpatient or residential alcohol treatment center provides treatment for mild dependence issues. This type of program is suitable for individuals who have recognized that they have a problem controlling their behavior and require behavior modifications to gain control over their drinking habits rather than eliminating the habit of drinking altogether. The treatment program mostly focuses on support groups and counseling sessions to help the individual moderate his behavior, so he can go back to having a normal social life.

In such centers, there are places where addicts do not need to stay till they have recovered. They need to visit these treatment centers and participate for sessions lasting up to 6 hours a day on a regular basis to be a part of counseling sessions, therapies and other activities for their recovery. One of the benefits of enrolling in an outpatient treatment center is that it is flexible and lets the alcoholics work while his treatment is on; however the only downside is that recovery is slow as compared to inpatient treatment center.

Teen alcohol treatment centers

Teenagers who have taken up drinking and have been subject to addiction are on the rise. This is a very dangerous trend as teenagers who have undergone treatment programs may still continue to have underlying psychological and physical disabilities as a result of the scars left by alcoholism at an impressionable age. To help these young people come out of the pit of addiction, teen alcohol treatment centers have been set up. They offer various programs and medications so that the victim can break free from alcohol addiction and take their lives in the right direction. These treatments centers give a lot of emphasis on family involvement therapies as well as issues that influence lives of these young people. These treatment centers provide education options to let these teens stay in touch with their studies while they are getting treated.

Luxury alcohol treatment center

As the name suggests, luxury treatment centers are built keeping the comfort of addicts in mind. These treatment centers allow the addicts to enjoy five star comfort, breathtaking locale, in-house chefs and great cuisines. If money is not a problem, you can go for luxury treatment centers that offer complete privacy without compromising on your comfort.

Holistic alcohol treatment centers

One of the upcoming and fast growing alcohol treatment centers is the holistic treatment center that helps an alcoholic have a physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. Meditation, yoga and conventional eastern practices form an integral component of the treatment at such centers. The main aim of these treatment centers is to help alcoholics to get stronger mentally and physically so that they can face the world with courage.

Women treatment centers

The gender specific alcohol treatment center aim at gender specific treatment. In women centers, women who have fallen into the trap of alcohol addiction can get their treatment done. They can gain their lost confidence and rebuild their personal and professional life by getting proper treatment.

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Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Aside from the detoxification facilities which are seen to be standard in rehabilitation (as well as individual and group therapies), there are a variety of facilities found in Christian alcohol rehabilitation centers which make them unique from other treatment methods. Some of these facilities include Bible study groups, religion-based subgroups and visits to Churches which are local to the center.

It has been said that the approach taken by some rehabilitation facilities complements the state-of-the-art treatments which are available for drug addicts, with many experts who represent religious healing centers emphasizing the need for there to be a balance between faith and medicine on the road to recovery from drug dependency.

With the ambition to help as many people as possible, most religious rehab centers welcome people from all walks of life through their doors. These centers preach the fact that it is only God who can help control the temptations to have drugs and alcohol that addicts have, meaning that it could be said Christian methods of rehabilitation are a better choice than other alternatives available to addicts who are looking to reform.

All of this said, some of the most common facilities which are found in religiously-focused rehabilitation centers include:

1. Personal Counseling

Personal counseling can be a way for addicts to become psychologically motivated, with the aim for addicts to have an understanding of the causes of alcohol addiction. This helps victims to find out the root cause that leads them to alcoholism in the hope that their addictions can be eliminated.

2. Group Counseling

Group counseling sessions are regularly conducted in most centers. These sessions can help the addicts to interact with others who are experiencing the same difficulties, resulting in the assurance that addicts are not alone. Such sessions can also teach recovering addicts to express their emotions openly to others and to build up trust.

3. Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is another fundamental element of the road to sobriety which has been proven to help addicts to acknowledge how Christianity can help them in their efforts to eliminate their addictions.

4. Church Visits

Most Christian alcohol rehabilitation facilities also encourage regular church visits for patients in order to help them get closer to God. These visits can help build a sense of trust and faith in the fact that God can help them recover.

5. Education in Chemical Dependency

In these classes, many addicts learn more about the science elements of alcohol addiction, how it affects the body physically and the best ways to recover and stay sober. The sessions teach about the harmful effects caused by alcohol to a person’s body as well affirming that sobriety can lead to a better life.

The peaceful environment of solidarity that these centers provide can be extremely useful for those who want to focus solely on their recovery. As some buildings are built in isolated peaceful environments, some can find that they are far away from the things that cause alcohol and drug dependency in the first place.

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Florida Christian Drug Rehab

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Drug rehab programs are not all the same and neither are the treatment methods. However, most rehab facilities share one common goal, to help a substance abuser stop using drugs. While rehab facilities work towards the same goal, the methods used can vary according to several factors such as; severity of abuse, type of addiction, age and overall health of the addict.

Many rehab programs focus on the detoxification process, which some experts believe can be the most difficult part of treatment. A Florida Christian drug rehab center offers detoxing services, as well as Christian based principles and Biblical teachings to help the addict all phases of recovery.

Once the detoxification portion of treatment has been completed, a person needs to receive ongoing, continued treatment to reduce the risk of the substance abuser relapsing back into drug abuse. Studies show that people who receive intensive, personalized drug rehab have the best chance of beating addiction for the long-term. Without proper treatment, the cycle of addiction is perpetuated and worsens over time.

A Florida Christian drug rehab center knows that in order for a substance abuser to permanently beat drugs, the treatment plan must include medical modalities and proven counseling and therapies. Going one step further, a faith-based treatment program also makes sure the substance abuser receives adequate emotional and spiritual support as well.

Faith-based drug treatment is an important asset to the world of addiction. Studies have shown that Christian based treatment facilities enjoy a high success rate, which some attribute to the strong faith foundation and the incorporation of God as the center force. Knowing God is always there to help and forgives us all our mistakes is the reason most cited for a substance abuser experiencing renewed strength and holding out hope for a better tomorrow.

A Florida Christian drug rehab program can be the answer for anyone from any walk of life or faith. The warmth and compassion within the Christian community allows a substance abuser to experience inner peace and satisfaction with having made the choice to seek help. There is no shame or stigma attached to drug rehabilitation when enrolled in a faith-based program, only acceptance and compassion. Treating drug addiction requires a facility that is able to address the needs of each patient as the unique individual they are. A Florida Christian drug rehab center knows in order to better reach a patient, having a strong foundation and belief in God can be a uniting force.

While enrolled in a Florida Christian drug rehab program a substance abuser will be given the time and devotion needed to break the bonds of drug addiction. During times of doubt or weakness, a patient can rely on the power of prayer, fellow patients and pastoral guidance to see them through. With God all things are possible and substance abuser can turn away from drugs and work towards a better life. A Christian drug treatment center is a reliable asset and strives to help heal the substance abuser from the damages of drug addiction.

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Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Intensive Out Patient Drug Treatment

There are many different drug treatment programs. The type of drug treatment that you choose to help you overcome your addiction might not work for others. The truth is that who you are as a person should play just as big a part in choosing your addiction recovery program as the type of drug you are addicted to or what kind of treatment you can afford. No two drug treatment programs are exactly alike. In-patient drug treatment programs offer something different than out-patient drug treatment programs. Intensive out patient drug treatment is different than medication based or other types of out patient drug treatment programs.

What is intensive out patient drug treatment?

An out patient drug treatment plan is a plan for someone who cannot or does not wish to enter into an in-patient drug addiction program. When you enroll in an out patient drug treatment program you will live at home and will attend scheduled meetings and sessions according to the program that you are a part of. Out patient programs work will for people who already have a system of social support in place and who do not need the constant supervision and medical attention that is offered at an in-patient addiction recovery program.

An intensive out patient drug treatment program will last longer than other types of drug addiction treatment programs because the addict needs more time and specialized attention than he or she will get in other types of out patient programs. Often the patient will have a busy schedule of required activities including individual and group therapy sessions, educational classes and skill building workshops.

Before a person can enter an intensive out patient drug treatment program he or she will need to find a way to safely wean themselves off of the drug. While there are some drugs that can be stopped immediately, there are other drugs (especially prescription drugs) that a person needs to be gradually weaned off of in order to prevent further medical problems. Before the patient can start all of the programs offered by intensive out patient drug treatment he or she usually checks into a hospital or other medical facility that can help the person safely work through the withdrawal symptoms that accompany drug recovery.

Some intensive out patient drug treatment programs offer medications that can help a person overcome his physical addiction to drugs. Some of these addiction treatment programs, like methadone clinics, will have medication on hand that can help curb the physical cravings to a drug as well as help the person ease through the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

Once the physical withdrawal symptoms have passed, the patient can choose the intensive out patient drug treatment that is right for him or her. Once enrolled in the drug addiction treatment program, the patient will meet with professionals who will put together a schedule of the aforementioned counseling, classes and workshops. Some patients will be required to submit to regular drug tests to make sure that he or she has not started abusing drugs again. This schedule is often strict. While the patient lives at home and is free to do as he pleases during his free time, he is usually required to attend classes, etc. Some intensive outpatient drug treatment programs will expel patients who do not make it to required appointments and classes. Make sure you understand exactly what is required of you when you enter one of these programs.

The fact is that intensive out patient drug treatment is becoming very popular. While the “typical” twenty eight day stay in rehab used to be popular among celebrities and other trend setters, many people are finding that out patient rehab is just as effective! According to a recent article on, three times as many drug addicts choose out patient recovery programs as choose in patient recovery programs. There are a number of reasons for this among them: time, scheduling demands, cost and personal freedom.

Personal freedom is the major reason that intensive out patient drug treatment is so popular. Certainly there are out patient programs that are offered for lower fees (or even for free) but it is the freedom to live at home and surround themselves with things that offer comfort that allow people to find success in out patient recovery programs even after in patient treatments have failed.

It is important to remember; however, that intensive out patient drug treatment is not for everyone. If you do not already have a strong system of social support in place, opting for an out patient drug rehab program could be more harmful than beneficial. If you already have a busy schedule and cannot take a lot of time off of work or away from your family, you might opt for an out patient program that offers more flexibility. The important thing is that you get the treatment you need to stay sober!

When you are choosing a drug addiction treatment program you need to ask yourself what kind of person you truly are and what stimuli you are more likely to respond to. If you need to have a lot of freedom, an in-patient facility won’t be helpful. If you want to live at home but still need the structure of required appointments and classes, the intensive out patient drug treatment program will be your best option. Good luck!

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