Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Alcohol can slowly develop from a relatively harmless social pleasure to a last resort for soothing emotional trauma, with some people using alcohol to fill an insatiable void in their lives. In some cases, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to alcoholism, alcohol abuse and what is ultimately defined as an alcohol addiction. This chemical dependency can result in dire health risks for those who do not get their issue addressed by a Florida rehab as soon as possible. This article focuses on some of the consequences that an alcohol addiction can bring.

One of the key organs that can be affected by an alcohol addiction is the liver. The liver is one of the most versatile organs of the body, in some cases having the opportunity to heal itself over time. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol to excess can damage a liver’s mechanism which allows the body to conduct such functions, leaving the possibility of liver diseases in its path.

First of all, it can be important to review the role that the liver has in the body, which can include giving the body the opportunity to digest any medicines you make take because of an illness (what would you do without this function?); eliminating any dangerous liquids and poisons from the body (which can include alcohol); and storing and processing different enzymes and foods in the body.

Drinking alcohol excessively can deny your body the opportunity to take advantage of a liver’s capabilities fully. Instead, a significant amount of people who do drink excessively are left with liver diseases like hepatitis and cirrhosis, which in some instances can leave the body irreparably damaged. In severe cases, alcoholic hepatitis can result in a yellowing of the skin because of a liver’s inability to process chemicals as normal, in addition to severe internal bleeding which can result in fatalities if left untreated.

Meanwhile, the alcoholic deviant of cirrhosis can damage the strong liver tissue by replacing it with the more fragile scar tissue, meaning that a liver can lose its ability to function. If a disease isn’t too advanced, some people can have the opportunity to make a recovery and to lessen the symptoms that are associated with a liver disease by stopping drinking.

A Florida rehab center can help with this daunting and seemingly impossible task, giving medical care and treatment to those who need it and eliminating the withdrawal symptoms which can be associated with alcohol leaving the bloodstream in the detoxification process. Drinking within the recommended parameters which are set by medical professionals (having all things in moderation!), listening to medical advice and stopping drinking if you believe that your health is at risk can all lower the risk of obtaining an illness which could ruin your life.

Your body is the most valuable instrument that you own, and it is important that you do not abuse it. An alarming statistic is that more than 10% of those who are heavy drinkers over a period of 10 years will get cirrhosis or hepatitis, with that level higher in alcoholics. Action needs to be taken and soon.

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Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers: A Brighter Future is Waiting

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Drug and alcohol abuse is a treatable disease and there are many types of treatment programs that are available to those who decide to make the important decision to seek treatment. Recognizing that one has an addiction problem is the first step in leading a sober life. Rehabs provide the proper environment to help treat and beat these addictions so one can start the healing process.

Many people decide to seek treatment for alcohol and drugs when a series of negative consequences occur due to substance abuse. This can be anything from a drunken driving accident to being arrested and charged for a crime involving drugs or alcohol. Whatever leads up to one deciding to enter one of the many Florida drug and alcohol treatment centers is irrelevant; the decision to seek treatment is the most important thing. In a treatment center many find the help that they need to regain control of their life once again.

The overall goal of an alcohol and drug treatment facility is to help the individual find ways to beat their addiction. Many of the services that are offered at the Florida drug and alcohol treatment centers are therapy sessions, counseling, group sessions and 12-step programs. These services provide the proper methods to cater to the individual needs of each person seeking treatment. Through participation in the programs many find the help that is need to beat their addictions.

There are many complicated mental and physical issues that surround drug and alcohol addictions. A good rehab facility is very knowledgeable in many of the most productive approaches in treating substance abuse. Many can help most addicts no matter how severe the addiction may be. Florida Rehab treatment center can use many approaches. Some are faith-based rehabs, while others use a more holistic program. All of these programs are designed with the same goal in mind, which is helping the individual to lead a sober life again. Whichever methods are used, they are all designed to help the individual succeed in beating an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

When an individual enters counseling and therapy in a treatment center, they are encouraged to share experiences and stories to help better the understanding of the reasons for an addiction. Every facet of addiction is discussed in a nurturing environment, and by doing this, many find others that understand their struggles and goals in obtaining sober life skills. Florida drug and alcohol treatment centers have licensed and skilled counselors and therapists to help one go about finding effective ways to handle the stresses and triggers that lead to substance abuse and how to live a clean and sober life.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers not only help beat addictions, they help people rebuild lives. The staff in a rehab facility understands how hard this process can be, only by admitting that there is a person going to be able to succeed at substance abuse treatment and get clean and sober. A skilled staff is on hand to help individuals achieve this. When choosing to learn how to live without drugs and alcohol, a new way of life filled with meaning and purpose can finally happen and a person can become whole once again.

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Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Aside from the detoxification facilities which are seen to be standard in rehabilitation (as well as individual and group therapies), there are a variety of facilities found in Christian alcohol rehabilitation centers which make them unique from other treatment methods. Some of these facilities include Bible study groups, religion-based subgroups and visits to Churches which are local to the center.

It has been said that the approach taken by some rehabilitation facilities complements the state-of-the-art treatments which are available for drug addicts, with many experts who represent religious healing centers emphasizing the need for there to be a balance between faith and medicine on the road to recovery from drug dependency.

With the ambition to help as many people as possible, most religious rehab centers welcome people from all walks of life through their doors. These centers preach the fact that it is only God who can help control the temptations to have drugs and alcohol that addicts have, meaning that it could be said Christian methods of rehabilitation are a better choice than other alternatives available to addicts who are looking to reform.

All of this said, some of the most common facilities which are found in religiously-focused rehabilitation centers include:

1. Personal Counseling

Personal counseling can be a way for addicts to become psychologically motivated, with the aim for addicts to have an understanding of the causes of alcohol addiction. This helps victims to find out the root cause that leads them to alcoholism in the hope that their addictions can be eliminated.

2. Group Counseling

Group counseling sessions are regularly conducted in most centers. These sessions can help the addicts to interact with others who are experiencing the same difficulties, resulting in the assurance that addicts are not alone. Such sessions can also teach recovering addicts to express their emotions openly to others and to build up trust.

3. Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is another fundamental element of the road to sobriety which has been proven to help addicts to acknowledge how Christianity can help them in their efforts to eliminate their addictions.

4. Church Visits

Most Christian alcohol rehabilitation facilities also encourage regular church visits for patients in order to help them get closer to God. These visits can help build a sense of trust and faith in the fact that God can help them recover.

5. Education in Chemical Dependency

In these classes, many addicts learn more about the science elements of alcohol addiction, how it affects the body physically and the best ways to recover and stay sober. The sessions teach about the harmful effects caused by alcohol to a person’s body as well affirming that sobriety can lead to a better life.

The peaceful environment of solidarity that these centers provide can be extremely useful for those who want to focus solely on their recovery. As some buildings are built in isolated peaceful environments, some can find that they are far away from the things that cause alcohol and drug dependency in the first place.

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Florida Drug Treatment Center

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Addiction to a controlled substance can be an extremely difficult problem to overcome. The damage to one’s self can be devastating. Amid the confusion, the shame, the destruction, there is a path to recovery. A Florida drug treatment center can provide a safe and friendly place for those who suffer with continual controlled substance abuse to overcome their addiction. The spacious facilities provide the mixture of privacy with optional interaction with others who are themselves overcoming addictions. Throughout the complexes are amenities that will make the individual feel at ease and comfortable during their treatment while still allowing them the independence expected in day to day living.

A well trained medical staff is made available at regular intervals to monitor the physical health of each patient. A medication regimen is tailored to each individual according to their addiction recovery and medical needs. Withdrawal can be the most intimidating hurdle to overcome in any addiction. All attempts are made to avoid the pains of withdrawal symptoms common with addiction reversal. Psychological staff and counselors are also made available for individual and group therapy sessions to ensure all mental steps can be made securely in a path leading away from substance abuse. Peer therapy sessions are made available for the individual to take part in if he or she chooses. AA and NA resources are provided and attendance to meetings is warmly encouraged.

In addition to the medical and psychological recovery from substance addiction is the spiritual rebuilding each individual will eventually face. A Florida drug treatment center offers non-denominational support for each individual to reclaim their lives through spiritual growth. Resources are provided for individuals that wish to take advantage of this service provided in a group setting.

The support staff is readily available to answer any questions and assist the patient with what ever they might need. Controlled substance addiction can be embarrassing as well as physically damaging. At a Florida drug treatment center great care is taken to ensure each patient is treated with dignity and understanding. These organizations understand that the path to addiction recovery is one that entails rebuilding of many facets of one’s life. They try and provide the sound foundation that each individual needs to continue on the path to rebuilding a clean and sober life.

Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction can take on many forms. In addition to the medical, psychological, and spiritual rebuilding that a rehab center supports, each individual is given the time and space needed to begin rebuilding the ties with loved ones that may have been damaged along the way. Phones and stationary are provided to keep in contact with those close to you. Monitored visiting is available throughout most of the day. Just as important as individual recovery, is the re-establishment of a sober world once the patient leaves the facility. A rehab wants to make sure that the path of recovery is filled with security and maintenance outside the program once a patient is ready to live a sober life again.

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