Drug Rehab Laredo TX – An optimistic approach towards life

Monday, December 27th, 2010

The approach of treating an addict at a center for Drug Rehab in Laredo TX is a faith driven one. Such a treatment treats the person as a whole, meaning his body and soul. Each addict coming in to the center is examined thoroughly and provided with a specialized plan of treatment. Any type of drug addiction or alcoholism can be treated successfully at this center. This center guides the person coming for treatment in improving his self esteem, worth and learning about life skills. The focus of the treatment at Drug Rehab in Laredo TX lies in restoring a healthy, successful and drug free life to the addict.

The first step to treatment is removing the toxins of the drug that have accumulated in the body and which stimulate cravings for the drug. Initially the patient is uncomfortable when the drug is stopped suddenly. So the process of detoxification is carried out in three stages.

Foremost is the medical detoxification in which a doctor is required to monitor the withdrawal symptoms under his supervision. It takes many days.

Next comes the role of a nutritionist who helps to improve the physical health through a properly planned diet with supplements, right from initiation of the program. An addict is often malnourished and a proper diet not only restores physical health, it also helps in detoxification.

For restoration of emotional and mental health an experienced psychotherapist is arranged who will guide the patient to attain peace of mind that had been disturbed due to drug abuse.

The importance of counseling must be understood by every individual. The aim of counseling at center for Drug Rehab Laredo TX is in making the concerned person realize the dangers and harms of addiction, the necessity of abstaining from drugs and to recover from the addiction at the earliest and carry on a normal life.

Another program that is run by the Drug Rehab Laredo TX is drug intervention. Rehab can only be initiated with the addict’s cooperation and his choice. There are cases when an addict simply refuses to acknowledge his condition and flatly refuses to seek any help. This is where an intervention enters the picture and eventually brings the addict around to the idea of undergoing treatment. The interventionist is a specialist and in the process he also involves family members and friends of the addict. Their combined efforts prove successful in convincing the addict of his condition. The situation should be handled with care and love.

There are many supporting organizations of this center that are helping it in combating the problem of drug addiction. Meetings are organized at regular intervals where any sort of problems are discussed. Contrary to popular belief addictions can be overcome. Only thing that is required is strong and positive motivation from professionals at the center combined with firm determination on the part of the patient.

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Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Since the 1980s, there has been a rapid increase the amount of rehabilitation programs that are available to those who present with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Now – there are more specialized centers than ever before that are trying to help the millions of people who are fighting with a dependency each and every year. In this article, we are going to look at Christian drug rehab centers and the other types of specialized care available.
Faith-based treatment centers welcome those from all religious denominations, even if their views do not align to the values which are conveyed by the clinic in question. For many of these centers, the objective is to simply help as many people as possible, because the values which are taught through the Biblical study classes offered at these centers can be used in a variety of circumstances for those who don’t believe in God as well as do. More than anything, it can be important to maintain focus and work hard to make the most of rehab, because the cost of privatized care can high and difficult to duplicate if things do not go to plan the first time round.
Another type of rehabilitation method which has surfaced onto the market extensively is treatment which is geared towards different age groups – such as teenagers. Because these younger people have not got bodies that are fully developed yet because of puberty, the impact which drugs can have on their bodies can be high and can stunt the development which is meant to take place as they transition into adulthood. As such, these tailored programs allow teenagers to receive specialized treatment which involves extensive liaison with parents and extensive education on why drugs are so dangerous in the first instance – something which can be very important to bear in mind. These centers are high in demand, with 8,000 young people trying alcohol for the first time each and every day, with a further 4,000 sampling marijuana on a daily basis. This, when combined with other addictive substances, spans a figure into tens of thousands – with many of these young people also having misconstrued ideas over when it is and isn’t safe to drive after consuming an addictive substance.
The last type of care which we are going to focus on are rehab centers which only treat addiction to alcohol exclusively, or one drug on its own. This is because such centers believe that more knowledgeable care can be provided this way, as well as more advanced medical equipment and an intrinsic knowledge of all of the different reactions that a person can have to drugs. This is important because of no two cases of addiction are the same.
Rehabilitation is changing, and this is because of how it has never been more important to get treatment as soon as possible before permanent damage can be caused to the body – something which can be a lasting reminder of an addict’s foolishness.

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Christian rehabilitation – stay sober for life

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

There are many de-addiction clinics which are very effective too. But the true effectiveness lies in transforming an alcoholic for life; there is no point if he/ she turns sober but has a relapse sooner or later. The truth is that most of the cure-places meant for addicts do not have the capability to instill enduring abstinence. Christian rehabilitation is different though – it has proved to work wonders in the near as well as the far future. This is because it has an underlying current of spirituality which acts as a valuable addition to the conventional cure procedures that are being followed.

For an addict who has been used to abusing substances it is quite natural that his body should be in bad shape. After all alcohol and drugs have a very harmful effect on the internal organs of the body – brain and nerve damage, rupture of respiratory and digestive systems are all very common. Next a person typically takes to drinking or abusing drugs usually because they are weak minded and do not have the determination to tackle issues. Sometimes it also happens that they are tempted to try drinks as a playful past-time but before they know where they are, they end up as addicts. Once a person comes under the thumb of alcohol and/ or drugs they can no longer take charge of their lives. All their actions are governed by a single need – that of drinking. Their personal lives and professional lives go for a toss; they are wrecked sooner or later.

Still there is hope to regain a clean, free life and stay sober for life with Christian rehabilitation. What are the conventional cure procedures and how the faith- based component helps more is some thing we are going to see here. As the body and psyche of a person is damaged due to addiction, caring for them and healing them is the focus of any de-addiction treatment plan. How is the physical system healed? By first cleaning it, medicating it and then slowly rebuilding the health. Detoxifiers are agents that are introduced into your system to push out all the toxicity that has built up over time. Medication is given to reduce the craving for drinks (because all substances that you might abuse are withheld from you) and also to prevent/ bring down the withdrawal symptoms. By eating well and exercising you will also be able to bounce back to great health.

Next is the healing of the scarred psyche. Usually it is found that when you share your troubles or grief with an understanding person, their burden seems to come down drastically. That is the principle followed during the treatment of addicts; you are assigned to professional counselors who lend a willing ear to your real or perceived problems. You have multiple sessions with them and can open up your heart to vent out your feelings and fears. You will be surprised to find that alternative solutions do exist to all your troublesome situations and that you need not cower behind a bottle of wine or take refugee with unsafe drugs. Group therapy is also very much relevant in effecting a psychological cure. What happens when you meet people who are like you? You realize that you are not the only one facing difficulties – there are scores of others too. This reassures you that you are not alone in this fight. Next you get to exchange better ideas and answers and have the satisfaction of give and take.

Now comes the question of faith/ trust and how it acts as a catalyst in speeding up the recovery and preventing relapses. First it has to be clarified that Christian rehabilitation means a place of de-addiction with a warm and caring atmosphere which is open to people from all walks of life, from any religion. There is no forcing whatsoever to convert to Christianity. All you are coaxed to do is place your belief in a power that is beyond our comprehension. You typically find that you can act with more confidence and with more freedom when the onus is placed on someone else and the same principle comes into play here. You leave the result to the “power on top” and just act to resolve or face your troubles. Through prayers and sermons you can get a clear mind which can think positively. By involving in community service you get self satisfaction because you are helping others in sorry conditions – your own troubles begin to seem trivial. You become brave enough to fight it out and no longer feel the need for a peg to calm you down.

To transform into an abstemious individual all you require is a strong desire and a concrete determination to achieve it along with the best rehab program.

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Faith Based Rehabilitation Program In Florida

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Faith based rehabilitation programs mean true business – the programs here are designed to make you abstemious – and remain in that state so till your last breath. Thanks to a triple sided healing concept which heals your outside, inside and your core being, this is made possible. Translated, you’ll undergo a treatment that impacts on you physically, mentally and spiritually. Though conventional methods are known to work too, they fall short of one critical result. They almost always fail in the long run. As long as the recovered addict stays in a controlled environment away from temptations they stay sober. But once they jump into the band wagon of real life, they have relapses. Relapses become harder than ever to eradicate.

A person who is in the grip of alcohol or substance abuse is seldom himself. Therefore an addict typically has a life that is falling apart; there are no career prospects; there are no meaningful and mutually enriching relationships. Quitting their addictions is the only way to regain the lost glory. A strong drive to kick the habit is enough for de-addiction – with the right kind of professional and understanding support.

The faith based rehabilitation programs are effective because by making you spiritually strong they endow you with those secret tools that give you the determination needed to stay in the “clean” path whatever trials and tribulations rock your life. By involving you in spiritually oriented activities and giving you the opportunity to continue them even after you come out of the treatment center, they ensure abstinence for life.

Now to take a look at what a typical faith based rehabilitation program will have on offer for clients:

  • Center welcomes all manner of addicts with open arms. There is no need for a person to be a Christian. There is no force to convert to Christianity religion either.
  • Comfortable, luxurious and private rooms for staying
  • Sports facility, gym
  • Internet service keeps you connected with the outside world
  • Picnic spots which let you spend time outdoors in peace and quiet, in tune with nature where you can feel your stress washing away
  • Tasty and healthy meals
  • Considerate, qualified staff
  • Professional care
  • A compassionate atmosphere where caring and sharing are the guiding principles

Here are the physical cure steps that are undertaken:

  • Trained medicos round the clock to handle any emergency situation
  • Monitored environment where you have no chance to reach out to substances that are harmful and addictive
  • Cleansing of the body from the inside is carried out using detoxifying agents injected into your system
  • Exercise regimen to build fitness and energy levels
  • Medication to reduce side effects due to withdrawal and craving for alcohol/ drugs

Here are the psychological healing steps being followed:

  • One on one counseling sessions
  • Professional counselors who are objective and non judgmental
  • You can speak all your troubles to them – past, present and future
  • You are gently lead to analyze them one by one
  • Find the problem that triggered the addiction and work out alternative solutions
  • Next time you face a similar difficulty you learn to implement the solution rather than reaching out for a bottle of alcohol
  • Group sessions where you meet other addicts undergoing de-addiction treatment and those who have successfully quit
  • From these meetings you gain moral support to continue your battle against alcoholism
  • Sharing of experiences and challenges in the path to sobriety
  • Better ideas and answers to overcome any hurdles

Spiritual curing is carried out through some of the following steps:

  • You are asked to place your trust in a higher power
  • You can get infinite vigor from that source
  • By connecting with that “power” your burdens are reduced

Typically people take to boozing or abusing substances because they are weak minded and simply want to escape from everyday pressures of life by reaching out to the nearest bottle of booze. They try to hide from issues and are stressed out easily. How does faith based treatment change all this?

  • Prayers help you to find inner peace and easily connect with the force above
  • Sermons clarify your thought processes and bring order to a cluttered mind
  • Community service activities keep you busy
  • They also improve your sense of self esteem injecting the much needed courage to face up to your troubles
  • You can pursue these actively even after you complete your tenure in the treatment center
  • You help others and ultimately help yourself – this helps you stay focused in the path of sobriety

You can rest assured that with a strong urge to become a teetotaler and the right assistance from an effective rehab plan, you can transform from a helpless alcoholic to a bold, free, independent individual.

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