Recovery from Addiction Starts by Entering Integrity Way Recovery Center

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Addiction is a disease that is on the rise around the world and is running rampant and destroying lives. Recognizing when a person needs help is crucial in winning the battle against chemical dependency, because without being treated, addiction can cut a life short. Integrity Way Recovery Center is dedicated to helping people live a sober life again, and by using a unique and innovative approach to rehab, we help changes lives each day.

The most common symptom of addiction is denial, and those who are struggling with substance abuse often do not realize how bad their addiction has become. Abusing alcohol or drugs becomes the most important thing in their life and nothing else matters. The compulsion to use is so strong that many will do anything to feed an addiction, regardless of the consequences. Many find themselves engaging in risky behavior that they may otherwise never do if they were sober. A person that is caught up in the cycle of addiction and does not receive help will ultimately wind up dead.

Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such, instead of disregarding the person as weak willed, damaged or flawed. Many that have never had an addiction problem do not understand why the person cannot just quit using the substance on their own. If that were the case, there would be no need for treatment programs that specialize in alcoholism and drug addiction like the programs at Integrity Way Recovery Center.

Once a person begins to abuse a substance on a regular basis, the body becomes addicted and will go through withdrawal if the substance is not used daily. In some severe cases of addiction the person may have to use repeatedly during the day to stave of withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are headaches, body aches, vomiting, nausea, profuse sweating and diarrhea. Because these symptoms can become so overwhelming the person will do whatever it takes to acquire the alcohol or drug, to stop the pain of withdrawal.

Sometimes when a person knows a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction they will help them hide it from others. Family will sometimes make excuses for the addict, give the person money to buy the substance or take them to purchase the drug or alcohol. This does not help the addict and will make it almost impossible for them to enter into a treatment program. Enabling someone that has a substance abuse problem is only making the problem worse and instead of doing this, friends and family should strongly encourage the person to get professional treatment.

Some people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol may show no signs of addiction to those around them. They maintain a job and meet all of their family, social and financial obligations without anyone suspecting there is a substance abuse problem. These types of people are considered functioning addicts. Many times those that are closest to them are usually shocked when they find out that the person is struggling with the disease of addiction and do not know what to do to help the individual.

Once a person is ready to admit that they have an addiction problem and need help, the next step is to enter into Integrity Way Recovery Center for treatment. The caring and professional staff is here to help the person recover with dignity and provides the programs and treatment services needed to help the individual become strong and able to live a clean and sober life again.

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Drug Rehab New Haven CT: The First Step Towards Recovery

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The adult population in United States faces a serious problem with drug addiction. Once someone begins the abuse of drugs, addiction takes its toll and it becomes a disease that its not easily cured. Then comes a time when they just cannot quit and if they wish to recover the best option is a drug rehab treatment. This is a very vital issue that is taken into account by the state authority of CT. This has led to establishments of centers for drug rehab New Haven CT where the drug addicted patients can face their problems along with proper treatment. New Haven is the second largest municipality in CT. Its total population is about 123,000 people. Often New Haven is termed as Greater New Haven which consists of about 600,000 people. The drug addiction problem affects men as well as women. Thus number of centers for drug rehab New Haven CT specializes in treatment of different addictions and there are also centers focusing on treating women only addicts.

For the treatment to be successful an addict must show a willingness and commitment to recover. Then he is admitted to the New Haven CT drug rehab. Here a diagnosis is carried out and a treatment plan prepared based on reports of the diagnosis. The first process to be initiated is the detox process. An addict is deprived of drugs and this causes severe withdrawal symptoms. Medical supervision along with sedatives contains the pain and discomfort and an addict passes through this stage successfully and heaves a sigh of relief. It is during this stage that most addicts feel like dropping out and going back to drugs again. Family support and encouragement from staff are essential to keep him committed. He has to learn to take one day at a time and tolerate the temporary discomfort. After detox he will no longer have the cravings that troubled him. Now he is cured but is not yet out of danger. He will need extensive training through counseling to make him strong and make this recovery permanent. As soon as detox is started he is put on a special diet which has properties to revitalize him and also flush out toxins.

Apart from this, the patient is given utmost care while treating his mental condition. Individual or group therapy provides great benefit to the patients as they get the opportunity to confront the reasons behind the addiction. This make them feel free from the burden of disease. The application of this therapy is little difficult but it helps the medical expert to dig out the root causes of the addiction within the person and remove them.

In New Haven CT Drug Rehab, the patients are often encouraged to take up a new hobby which will give them a sense of reward and fulfillment in their life. The patients also spends time in meditation as well as yoga. They are asked to think positive which will make their recovery fast. Even the rehab centers allow the patients to spend some time with their family members and friends within the rehab premises. However, the patients are not allowed to move out from the rehab center. Proper protection facility is also available to the patients within the rehab centers.

Outpatient facility is also offered in the rehab centers, where the patient suffering from minor drug addiction problem, can visit the rehab centers and can get exact solutions from doctor.

There is extensive follow up of the addict even after he leaves. He has access to after care and support and this continues until he has totally recovered from the shadow of drugs.

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How is a Drug Treatment Center at Minnesota the Best Option for You?

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Minnesota is a West North Central state of the US and has numerous dairy and agricultural industries making it the bread and butter state. Food processing is the main industry of this state. It has wildernesses, rocky shores and lakes and is a place of natural scenic beauty too. However, like the other states it is also beset by problems that accompany progress, one of which is drug addiction. Today it has become essential requirement to overcome the problem of drug addiction because this has also affected the youth of various countries. So a step towards eradication of addiction shall be a step for improving the society as a whole.

If you are willing to get the solution over this addiction then drug treatment center at Minnesota is the best place for you. The professionals of Minnesota dealing with the treatment of drug addiction after an extended research have developed various treatments that are required to be done to help a person get rid of the problem of addiction. This therefore provides you the best way to come out from drug addiction. It has been proved that addiction is basically a disease that affects the body and the brain. So make sure you consult a good medical professional prior to beginning the treatment.

Once you apply for the drug treatment center at Minnesota you need to first explain all your symptoms of addiction before the doctor begins with the treatment. The reason behind this is that, these symptoms provide the basis to select the best and the most appropriate program for you that can make your life as meaningful and happy as before.
The next step for your treatment is getting rid from all the toxins present in your body through a process known as detox. This will make you stable and after that it shall be the beginning for your treatment. It is then you need to start with the therapies to increase your stability in life without drugs. This procedure might vary as per the selection of your drug treatment center at Minnesota.

Detox is the beginning of the recovery process. After detox an addict will undergo counseling and restorative therapy. He will work in close coordination with a personal counselor assigned to him whose job is to motivate and help the addict find a new direction, meaning and purpose in life through suitable motivation. The addict will usually open up to the counselor and discuss all mental and physical problems he has and find ways and means to overcome all his fears and doubts and get on with life and the counselor helps a great deal. Once this stage is completed which will also include socializing and outings and intermingling with people, he will learn how to communicate effectively, personal management techniques to control his mind and thoughts and reactions and integrating with society so that when he emerges he is fully able to handle himself competently without having to turn to drugs.

Thus there are various options available for people to come out of the problem of drug addiction. The only thing required from the patient is willingness and urge to live a normal life full of self respect and happiness. So go for the right rehabilitation center and lead a normal life

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Obstacles That Come Before a Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Monday, January 11th, 2010

There are millions of people who suffer from the deadly cocktail of addiction that comprises of illicit drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol. For every one person who checks into a drug and alcohol treatment rehab center, there are four who are equally in need of being admitted to one, but cannot do so due to reasons like finances, denial behavior or neglect from friends.

Considering that there are a number of governments sponsored and NGO based drug and alcohol treatment centers springing up, arranging for finances should not be much of a problem. The reason why drug addiction or alcohol abuse is of a higher magnitude than other forms of sickness is because in this case, not just the person but even his family is suffering or bearing the brunt of the addiction.

Self denial or resistance of an addict to join a rehab center can also be one of the biggest hurdles. The person may just not have any inclination to visit the rehab because he is not ‘mentally prepared’ for it. In fact, his mind is totally attuned to his addiction and his brain becomes programmed to avoid anything that comes in the way of his addiction. So as a well –meaning friend or family member, you have to give your all in making the person realize in his sober state, if possible, about how his addiction is causing unending problems to himself as well as his family. Reason out to him; carry out a healthy two-sided conversation about drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Neglect, from family or friends, is the saddest thing that can happen to an addict. The person is actually sick and wants help, so it is your duty as family or friend to take him to a rehabilitation center and make him alright once again. If you are reading this, and you know of a friend or relative who is suffering from addictive behavior or substance abuse, please do not hesitate to take him to a drug and alcohol treatment. Your good natured help can save his life.

Do not neglect the person, and wait for the person to become ‘really addicted’. There are many people who do that; they take the addiction of their friend or family member lightly thinking that they would eventually come out of it, or that just a mere ‘interest’ in alcohol or drugs does not mean that person needs to be rehabilitated. One who thinks this way is actually being erroneous is his or her thoughts. So, when you become aware of a person’s habitual visits to a bar or his special interest in consuming drugs, go ahead and stop him. Let him realize that he is just harming his life.

Though you may be able to dissuade the person from taking drugs or alcohol momentarily, you may not be with him all the time. So the best way to get out of addiction is to make sure that the person benefits from the best drug and alcohol treatment in his area.

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A drug and alcohol treatment program to help

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

There are many people that have been misguided by the suggestion and procedures that are involved with their addiction and feel like there is really no hope for them. However, a drug and alcohol treatment program offers programs that are structured, organized and disciplined to ensure that the process is straightforward and easier than is first realized.

The path to recovery is smoother when there is structure because the addict resents the idea of having to be accountable and responsible for their own actions. So the drug and alcohol treatment has to incorporate structure into the treatment plan to give them the option to do what is necessary to become sober and clean.

Most addicts spend their lives only to get the next drink or the next stash of drugs. They love the momentary pleasure that the alcohol and drugs give. They build up such an acceptance for the substance that they will begin to do more and more until everything gets out of control.

When someone is addictive to any form of substance, their lives become dependent upon it. They are unable to shake off the urge to get deeper and deeper into their addiction so they will rob, lie and hurt their very own family members to fund their habitual use of drugs and alcohol. This person has no kind of conscience when it comes to their addiction. They don’t care about keeping a job or being loyal to anyone or anything.

There are some individuals that get so worried about their addictive habit that they will always be concerned about where they will get their next hit. It gets worse that they will use the needle of another drug addict go that next high. The drunkard will spend his entire pay check before taking it home to his family. He will think about the consequences of having an angry wife later when he faces that situation. The addict lives in the moment. That is all that they think they have.

The drug addict does not think about contracting HIV from sharing someone else’s needle. They don’t think about dying from over dose. All they want is to fix their habit by any means necessary. The drug and alcohol treatment program will teach them how dangerous and destructive their behavior had been and finds ways for them to deal with it in a wise and conscientious way.

Getting the addict into a drug and alcohol treatment program sooner rather than later is very significant to their future existence. Force will not work and neither will coercion. The person has to willingly offer to go and accept treatment. However, you can offer to provide the relevant information that the addict needs to grasp the ensuing results of the addiction and abuse. Even when this information is given, the addict will sometimes dismiss it and not take it that seriously.

Sometimes, intrusion into the addictive behavior is the only way that you can get a loved one to give in to the practice of their abuse and get the help that they need. Intervention is the insistent state of getting your loved one into treatment despite any conflict. It is a time when the interventionist from the drug and alcohol treatment center will visit the home of one of the family members and perform a pre-intervention segment to find out more about the addict. This segment is significant because it helps the family members to come together in one place and talk about in more intensity how they are going to deal with getting the addict to come to the place without giving them any idea what it is all about. After treatment sober living or a halfway house is suggested.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center:Substance Abuse Intervention

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Intervening in the life of an addict is what most family members have to resort to especially if their loved one is far gone and does not see the need for treatment. The intervention process is quite intensive and may rely on the help of all the family members in order for it to be successful. The place where the intervention will take place is the key to getting the person there. It has to be a location that is safe and secure for the addict. It has to be somewhere familiar or they will suspect the worse. The drug and alcohol treatment is administered later, but the interventionist has to be able to convince the addict that unless they get help, their life is over.

Some interventionist use extreme tactics and threats, which usually does work, but can scare the addict out of their mind. The family also has to be involved and actively participate in the process to make it work. If the family is not involved in the intervention, it will not work because the addict has to be lured to the location by a family member that they trust.

A drug and alcohol treatment center has an interventionist who is trained in getting the addict to treatment. If the addict refuses to go, the interventionist is unable to physically remove that person. However, the family members can be convincing enough and show how much the addiction is hurting the entire family for the addict to relinquish their unwillingness and accept the offer of recovery.

Each family member will read a script that they prepared after the pre-intervention phase where the interventionist meets with all the family members at one time and brief them on what will transpire the next day, which is usually the day of the intervention. A lot of these script are well thought out and written from the heart. Each family member will tell exactly what the person’s addiction has done in their lives. It can be heart wrenching to hear the words read to the addict, who will show some type of emotion whether it is tears, sadness, anger, guilt or shame.

The love that each family member has for the addict will be revealed in those words and in that moment. It is what is said that may spark anger, resentment or sadness. Sometimes, the addict will blame a specific family member for their problems. In most cases, the parents are usually the ones that get the first attack from the addict. However, the interventionist from the drug and alcohol treatment center is generally able to put things back into perspective and get everyone to be more controlled.

The enabler or enablers will be pointed out during the pre-intervention phase and will be asked to relinquish their role as enablers. They will ask for forgiveness of the addict into being enablers and will let the addict know that they no longer will fund their habit. It is a startling revelation to the addict and this new information will ignite some kind of response into accepting the call for help.

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Get your loved one into a drug and alcohol treatment center

Friday, January 8th, 2010

When you have to deal with someone who is abusing different substances and using it heavily, you will have the right information on how to help that individual to make the choice to give up their bad habit. If you find yourself in that situation, then it will easier for you to understand when someone is on drugs and alcohol. Your compassion will be displayed with how you react to them and in most cases, if you understand; you will have empathy towards that person. Finding a good drug and alcohol treatment center will be easier because you are equipped with enough information about the problem to get help for your loved one.

It had been an ever ending battle for one father who could just not stay away from alcohol. This father was alienated from his family because of his addiction to alcohol. He tried many times to quit his bad habit on his own, but to no avail. His alcoholism began years ago and kept getting progressively worse. His family members saw the need for him to see a therapist, but they did not understand that he needed help from a drug and alcohol treatment center, which was equipped with more than a therapist.

He had to be detoxed first and then seen by an in-house physician to find out exactly how the alcohol affected his physical body. A doctor determines the need for prescribed medication and will help the individual to get back to optimal health. A counselor is also essential to provide reassurance and aid to the person while in the treatment program. The therapist in a drug and alcohol treatment center is different from any ordinary therapist. This person has to understand the full effects of drug and alcohol use to be able to provide assistance.

The therapist will help the individual to find out the reason for taking the destructive path that they chose. They will be able to identify with their past and change a lot of things that had previously affected them. The therapist is instrumental in getting that individual to a place of hope, safety and realization that they can get back on to a path of normalcy.

Family members and friends are also important in the journey to recovery. The support and encouragement will help the addict to see that they are not alone and will make the journey much easier and the goals of getting sober much more realistic.

The alcoholic father is the one that has to make the decision to accept the help that has been offered. Once this is done, then the drug and alcohol treatment program becomes more real. The father can adapt to the idea of living a day without taking up that bottle. He can look forward to seeing his family once he gets out. He can envision a life that provides productivity and hope. The family will be elated to see a new man emerge from the drug and alcohol treatment program.

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Medication for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Drug and Alcohol Treatment is a must considering this twin addiction is the biggest health menace in America. Apart from the US, there are more than 50 countries that have reported alcohol and drug addiction as a major health problem. However, the sad state of affairs is that only a small fraction of people actually bother to take drug and alcohol treatment while the rest languish sadly in depths of despair and pain.

Here are some of the popular medication and drugs that are prescribed for drug and alcohol treatment

  • 1. Chlormethiazole (Heminevrin); Used as a medication for alcohol detoxification. It helps in calming the nervous system and dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Side effects that happen during the process of detoxification include headache, skin irritation and drowsiness
  • 2. Neurontin (gabapentin) :This medication is developed to cure chronic pain conditions, epilepsy, mood disorders and drug withdrawal symptoms.
  • 3. Naltrexone Hydrochloride (Nalorex or ReVia): Helps to prevent relapse. It is very good to treat the effects caused by opiate drugs. Side effects include upset stomach and irritability
  • 4. Disulfiram(Antabuse): This is a power alcohol addiction medication that prevents relapse.
  • 5. Acamprostate Calcium (Campral EC): Reduces alcohol craving considerably
  • 6. Chlordiazepoxide (Librium): Very effective for alcohol detoxification. It calms the nervous system and gets rid of the worst withdrawal symptoms. The most common side effects include light-headiness, muscle weakness and memory problems
  • 7. Ondansetron: This can have a good influence on serotonin neurotransmission and the medication is known to reduce the activity of serotonin receptor (5-HT3) on which alcohol is believed to create an effect. In short, ondansetron reduces alcohol dependency significantly.

Here are common medications particularly used in the treatment of drug addiction:

  • 1. Immunotherapy: This involves treating drug related problems with antibodies like vaccines. There are cocaine vaccines being used in clinical trials
  • 2. Baclofen(Kemstro, Lioresal) is a medication that treats muscle spasms, restricts dopamine release and reduces the craving for cocaine. Baclofen has been used very successfully in treating cocaine addiction
  • 3. Nalmefine: It is a popular opoid antagonist that counters the effects of opiates. It has been found to reduce drug cravings and even prevent relapse in people who are dependent on alcohol
  • 4. Topiramate or Topamax: This is an anticonvulsant that prevents relapse in people who suffer from cocaine and opiate addiction. It has been used with success in people who are addicted to nicotine as well

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER SELF-MEDICATE. The drugs mentioned in this post is just to make your familiarize with various medications that are used for drug and alcohol treatment. One of these medications may be prescribed by the doctor as a part of successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Additionally doctors may ask you the addict to do a blood test, so they can understand what medication will work best without straining the liver.

Along with the medication, suitable diet must be taken to boost the immunity and strength of the person. A comprehensive approach can go a long way in curing your addiction, be it alcohol or drug relocated. A good drug or alcohol treatment center with its set of therapies and medication help an addict make alcohol or drug addiction a thing of past.

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Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

When you are admitted into an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, it is an ideal situation especially for those relatives who experience the effects of your habit. It is very compelling and extremely appealing to know that the drug addict is off the streets and receiving treatment for their addiction. For those individuals who are heavily addicted, the outpatient program is not as intense as it should be for full recovery.

There is so much temptation on the streets to get drugs and alcohol. At every corner store, there is a liquor store and a drug dealer is at every street corner. Someone who does not have self control and discipline in maintaining sobriety is not likely to be able to reject any instances of indulging in their bad habit again. Therefore, a person like that should take part in an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program.

The drug addicts and alcoholics who are not extremely addictive participate in outpatient treatment that is not as intensive as the inpatient treatment is. The individual is allowed to stay in their familiar environment and still live with their family while undergoing treatment. An outpatient program is for someone who has decided and agreed that they have a problem, disciplined enough to make the change and wise enough to know that this will change their lives.

The individual participating in the outpatient care program will have to visit the treatment facility daily to get treatment. They can go to work and then schedule evening hours to accept treatment. The drug and alcohol treatment center is flexible and will work with any individual that is eligible for outpatient care.

In addition to outpatient treatment, addicts may need to attend an after care program to follow up treatment and make sure that they stay sober and clean. This after care process is vital to the overall individual’s ability to maintain a sober existence and lead a normal life.

In a drug and alcohol treatment facility, the addict learns ways to deal with normal issues that confront all of us in life. They are taught life skills and methods to use when things and people trigger their abusive behavior and make them resort to their old ways. Encouragement and support is also useful when it comes from family members, other outpatient and inpatient clients as well as from the therapist and counselor.

Individual therapy is also offered to an outpatient client as well as group therapy sessions. In these therapy sessions, the individual gets to see first hand that there are other individuals with drug and alcohol problems. They can use the experiences of others as a stepping stone to getting better especially when they see someone making progress.

Therapy is very effective if the addict is able to embrace it and learn why their destructive behavior must not continue. They are also able to confide in the therapist and counselor who will not judge them, but offer compassion, empathy and help for complete recovery.

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Understanding effects of drug and alcohol treatment

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

It is evident that most people do not understand the effects of drug and alcohol treatment as it stands to show how many of them see their loved ones as failures even before they attempt to complete the program. This happens especially when an addict relapses and gives cause to suspicion and distrust by the family members. It is obvious that is hard to blame these family members and friends for feeling this way because of the inconsistency that their loved one has shown over a period of time.

However, family members have to consider that it took years to become an addict, so treatment will not change things overnight. It will remedy the problem and even provide a quick fix, but the effort of all those involved, including the addict is necessary to make it work. With determination and persistence, the addict can get to the point of beating their addiction. It will, however, take the effort of family members along with encouragement and support on their part to see some kind of results that will give them enough to know that their loved one is trying to make progress.

Addiction can be very painful and frustrating. The pain comes from the process of doing drugs or over drinking and using that to steal money from a loved one or lying to them. The pain is also a result of past experiences that may have triggered the addiction. Abuse, alcoholism, drug use and domestic violence are some of the things that drive an individual to continue these same tendencies.

Going through the program in a drug and alcohol treatment center will allow the individual to receive more support as well as get an understanding of why their behavior resulted in an addiction. The trigger points for relapse will be realized and something can be done about it before it happens.

In a drug and alcohol treatment facility, the effects of addiction are constantly portrayed as individuals who are recovering see their counterparts engaging in group therapy. It is a time of reflection as they too understand that they are not alone in this addiction. They are given an opportunity to see things clearly and defining them by what they hear and see their colleagues share with them during group therapy session.

It is evident that drug and alcohol treatment is not the only recourse for change. It will take spiritual maturity, willingness to accept responsibility, compromise and surrender in order to find peace in the actions that are taken. Instead of the negativity that addiction brings, the individual can now focus on positive things to improve their lives.

Their level of maturity will be inspired by the Word of God that is provided to those who attend a faith based rehab center. For those who go through the traditional rehab process, maturity can be experienced by the things that they learn and share with their counterparts.

The journey will never be an easy one, but the effects of what is learned during the journey will give a tell tale sign whether this person really wants to change or not.

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