Recovery from Addiction Starts by Entering Integrity Way Recovery Center

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Addiction is a disease that is on the rise around the world and is running rampant and destroying lives. Recognizing when a person needs help is crucial in winning the battle against chemical dependency, because without being treated, addiction can cut a life short. Integrity Way Recovery Center is dedicated to helping people live a sober life again, and by using a unique and innovative approach to rehab, we help changes lives each day.

The most common symptom of addiction is denial, and those who are struggling with substance abuse often do not realize how bad their addiction has become. Abusing alcohol or drugs becomes the most important thing in their life and nothing else matters. The compulsion to use is so strong that many will do anything to feed an addiction, regardless of the consequences. Many find themselves engaging in risky behavior that they may otherwise never do if they were sober. A person that is caught up in the cycle of addiction and does not receive help will ultimately wind up dead.

Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such, instead of disregarding the person as weak willed, damaged or flawed. Many that have never had an addiction problem do not understand why the person cannot just quit using the substance on their own. If that were the case, there would be no need for treatment programs that specialize in alcoholism and drug addiction like the programs at Integrity Way Recovery Center.

Once a person begins to abuse a substance on a regular basis, the body becomes addicted and will go through withdrawal if the substance is not used daily. In some severe cases of addiction the person may have to use repeatedly during the day to stave of withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are headaches, body aches, vomiting, nausea, profuse sweating and diarrhea. Because these symptoms can become so overwhelming the person will do whatever it takes to acquire the alcohol or drug, to stop the pain of withdrawal.

Sometimes when a person knows a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction they will help them hide it from others. Family will sometimes make excuses for the addict, give the person money to buy the substance or take them to purchase the drug or alcohol. This does not help the addict and will make it almost impossible for them to enter into a treatment program. Enabling someone that has a substance abuse problem is only making the problem worse and instead of doing this, friends and family should strongly encourage the person to get professional treatment.

Some people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol may show no signs of addiction to those around them. They maintain a job and meet all of their family, social and financial obligations without anyone suspecting there is a substance abuse problem. These types of people are considered functioning addicts. Many times those that are closest to them are usually shocked when they find out that the person is struggling with the disease of addiction and do not know what to do to help the individual.

Once a person is ready to admit that they have an addiction problem and need help, the next step is to enter into Integrity Way Recovery Center for treatment. The caring and professional staff is here to help the person recover with dignity and provides the programs and treatment services needed to help the individual become strong and able to live a clean and sober life again.

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Sobriety Can Be Achieved by Entering into Integrity Way Recovery

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Everyday lives end due to the disease of addiction and alcoholism and it is very sad. Many people abuse drugs and alcohol for various reasons. For some, it may be to feel more relaxed when dealing with stress, while others may use them to feel livelier or less inhibited. Whatever the reasons are behind a person abusing a substance, they soon find themselves addicted and are not sure if they will ever be able to live a sober life again. At Integrity Way Recovery, a person can learn to live a life without the ill effects of alcohol or drugs and become clean and sober again.

There is a lot of stigma that is attached to addiction. Many people feel that if they receive professional help for an addiction, that they will be perceived as weak or a failure by society. For this reason many feel ashamed, and hide the substance abuse so well, that those closest to the person do not even know about the addiction until months or even years later. The fact is that addiction is a disease and should be treated as such and many treatment programs are just now realizing this fact.

There are two kinds of chemical dependency, psychological dependency and physical dependency. Psychological dependency is when an individual feels that they need the substance to function or feel comfortable. Many will use only during social functions to feel more relaxed, while others may use to numb emotional or physical pain or to escape from trauma or stress. Physical dependency occurs when the body becomes addicted to the drug. This means, a tolerance to the substance has developed and the person has to use more of the drug or alcohol to get the same effect as they did in the beginning stages of the dependency. With this being said, most people do not think that a psychological addiction is as bad as a physical addiction, and this is a myth.

Cocaine, for instance, does not cause a physical dependency in the body like alcohol or heroin does. Instead, cocaine causes a severe psychological addiction and is considered to be one of the easiest chemical substances to get hooked on. The body will also not go through a physical withdrawal, once the person stops using cocaine, unlike other chemical substances. This does not mean that when a person has a psychological dependency, they can stop using on their own. One has to remember that addiction is a disease and needs to be treated by medical professionals such as those at Integrity Way Recovery.

When a person begins to use a substance, the immediate effects of the chemical substance are generally positive. The person may feel good for a time and forget about personal problems, which is why it is so appealing and what makes substance abuse so alluring. The reality is that after the effects of a substance have worn off, the problem is still there and before they know it, they are caught up in the vicious cycle of addiction.

Deciding to get treatment at Integrity Way Recovery is the beginning of the recovery process. Through treatment by a professional and caring staff, an addict can begin the initial phases of recovery and finally know how good it feels to become clean and sober. If you or someone you love is dealing with a drug and/or alcohol problem, the time to get help is now and by reaching out to a treatment center is the answer.

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Integrity Way Recovery Center is the Beginning to Living a Sober Life

Friday, May 20th, 2011

When a person is caught up in a chemical addiction they are not sure where to turn for help. Entering into Integrity Way Recovery Center is the beginning to living a sober life without the ill effects of a chemical dependency. Through their recovery program, a person can learn to take back control of their life, with the help of the caring and professional staff, innovative treatment and proven treatment protocols, miracles can happen.

There are many reasons why a person begins to abuse a chemical substance. The break down of a relationship, peer pressure, financial hardships, loss of a loved one or to relieve stress after a hard day at work, can just be a few of the reasons. Unfortunately, many people do not see themselves as addicts, until it is too late. The next thing the person knows is that they have become a slave to addiction and see no way of ever living a sober life again. The only way to obtain a sober life is too admit that there is an addiction problem and to enter into a reputable treatment center such as Integrity Way Recovery Center.

At Integrity Way Recovery, there are no one size fits all treatment programs; instead, each treatment program is tailored to suit each client’s individual needs. The professional staff will make sure that each part of the program is designed to help the person to achieve the goal of sobriety for the long term. By having this type of treatment program, it sets Integrity Way apart from more traditional rehab programs.

Instead of having a clinical or hospital-type of atmosphere, Integrity Way is designed to make the entire clientele feel at ease. The home-like setting is tastefully decorated to help the patient feel relaxed and at peace. The facility contains a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and pool table that can be utilized in the patient’s free time. By offering deluxe accommodations in a serene setting, it helps many people adjust to a sober environment more easily.

The treatment services that are offered at Integrity Way during the recovery process are group therapy, individual counseling, coping skills, addiction education, life skills, life coaching, faith-based treatment (optional), hypnotherapy, massage therapy, Yoga, Tai Chi and acupuncture. They also offer therapists that speak Spanish and Creole, for those clients that do not speak or articulate in the English language.

Integrity Way Recovery Center wants a client to succeed in beating chemical dependency for a lifetime. For those individuals that have successfully completed a 90-day treatment program and have also completed the aftercare program, the facility also offers a free of charge relapse treatment option, if it is needed anytime within the first year of concluding treatment.

Many addicts are scared to ask for help and feel that they are a failure if they do so. This is not true; it takes a braver person to ask for help and to make the life long commitment to stay sober, than it does to keep perpetuating an addiction through living in denial. For some, they are not sure if they can ever recover from a chemical addiction. One should never give up hope. By completing the recovery program at Integrity Way Recovery Center and with the support of family and friends, one can succeed at leading a sober life once again.

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Drug Rehab Plano, TX- A Step Forward To Help Society Get Rid of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Plano is the ninth largest city in Texas, USA and the population of the city is more than 222,030. The city was elected to as one of the best place to live in, yet one of the major problem seen in the city is drug addiction. The location of the city makes for easy availability of drugs and it is because of this reason that a large number of the population has become addicted to drugs or suffer from drug abuse. This in turn has also given rise crimes in the city and simply ruined the peace. For this reason new treatment centers are opening offering help to those suffering because of drugs.

Several measures are being taken by the government towards the development and improvement of the city and one of the major steps is the development of centers for drug rehab Plano, TX. This is, in fact, a great measure adapted by the government here in collaboration with several private and non-profitable organizations. These rehabs are designed with a different approach but of course with the same goal: to provide adequate treatment to the addicts and help them recover. Every year, billions of dollars from the economy are used to sponsor law enforcement and judicial as well as health costs related to drugs. The government also provides sponsorship to different centers for drug rehab Plano, TX so that the addicts and their family member who are not able to afford the expenditure for the treatment can seek the right treatment facilities in these rehabs and get recovered soon by paying nominal fees or even be treated free of cost.

The centers for drug rehab Plano, TX are quite reputed throughout Texas. You might be a resident of either Plano or anywhere within Texas but if you are looking for adequate treatment for drug addiction for anyone known to you, you can definitely approach any of these rehabs here. Attempts are being taken to increase the number of rehabs as well as the facilities provided in these rehabs so that recovery can be attained fast.

As a part of the drive to eradicate drug usage, these centers are also conducting public awareness programs. These are in the form of TV shows and short seminars lasting a couple of hours at the center. Public are welcome to walk in and get acquainted with all aspects of drug addiction. Schools are the target of these drives since educating children of the harm that drugs carry can forewarn then and keep them on their guard. Such active preventive measures will go a long way in minimizing drug usage in the future and hopefully we should see a day when there will be very little hazard to society from drugs.

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Drug Rehab in Olathe Kansas Embraces Those Suffering from Addiction

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

At the center for KS drug rehab Olathe Kansas addicts are treated with great patience and care. There are numerous rehab centers around the city. Each rehab tries to provide the most effective treatment for their patients. Normal treatment at a Drug Rehab Olathe Kansas includes not only medical treatment which is physical in nature, but also the patient is provided the most essential psychological guidance for his future life. This involves treatment in 12 steps and Harm Reduction.

Detoxification method allows for the readjustment of the body to a state of natural living without drug dependency. Drug rehab Olathe Kansas makes provisions for special drug rehab facilities through dual diagnosis too.

KS drug rehab Olathe deals with the codependency issue at the rehabs. At the rehabs people are drawn out of their anger against the family members, some special person or community in general. Codependency is when a person is living a false life, trying hard to live up to their expectations. When they withdraw from this false state, they end up taking help of abusive substances. Drug rehab Olathe Kansas programs provide a way for getting the drug abuser out of this angry state of mind which is corroding his whole life. Rehab centers try to understand not only the patient but also the people who are associated with him. During the recovery process, help is given through extended communication approaches. There are no preachings and/or lectures involved. It is an honest approach by the rehab towards the affected parties. There are many areas in which codependency plays a big role in drug abuse. The staffs at the centers makes efforts and treat this aspect accordingly.

Intense care is taken where the outpatients are concerned. Special questionnaires are provided to know the people involved with the patient and the patient himself. The after-treatment after the patient gets well is of utmost importance, and the drug rehabs pay special attention that the patient does not have a relapse. Counseling is combined for the drug abuser. It involves individual counseling, community counseling, group counseling and other therapies. KS drug rehab Olathe Kansas goes all out to understand and treat the patients more through psycho analysis and counseling rather than through medicines.

Rehabs in Olathe are reasonable. But their treatment is comprehensive. One can opt for residential medically monitored detoxification, day or partial care, family programs, residential inpatient, outpatient or continuing care as may be recommended. Treatment at the center is provided for the person to rebuild his life. Rehabilitation programs are based on correctional treatment based residential program and therapeutic community discovery program. There are supervised probation services and classes, therapeutic community immersion training, transitional housing units and many others which have specific applications depending on the type of addiction.

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Drug Rehab New Haven CT: The First Step Towards Recovery

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The adult population in United States faces a serious problem with drug addiction. Once someone begins the abuse of drugs, addiction takes its toll and it becomes a disease that its not easily cured. Then comes a time when they just cannot quit and if they wish to recover the best option is a drug rehab treatment. This is a very vital issue that is taken into account by the state authority of CT. This has led to establishments of centers for drug rehab New Haven CT where the drug addicted patients can face their problems along with proper treatment. New Haven is the second largest municipality in CT. Its total population is about 123,000 people. Often New Haven is termed as Greater New Haven which consists of about 600,000 people. The drug addiction problem affects men as well as women. Thus number of centers for drug rehab New Haven CT specializes in treatment of different addictions and there are also centers focusing on treating women only addicts.

For the treatment to be successful an addict must show a willingness and commitment to recover. Then he is admitted to the New Haven CT drug rehab. Here a diagnosis is carried out and a treatment plan prepared based on reports of the diagnosis. The first process to be initiated is the detox process. An addict is deprived of drugs and this causes severe withdrawal symptoms. Medical supervision along with sedatives contains the pain and discomfort and an addict passes through this stage successfully and heaves a sigh of relief. It is during this stage that most addicts feel like dropping out and going back to drugs again. Family support and encouragement from staff are essential to keep him committed. He has to learn to take one day at a time and tolerate the temporary discomfort. After detox he will no longer have the cravings that troubled him. Now he is cured but is not yet out of danger. He will need extensive training through counseling to make him strong and make this recovery permanent. As soon as detox is started he is put on a special diet which has properties to revitalize him and also flush out toxins.

Apart from this, the patient is given utmost care while treating his mental condition. Individual or group therapy provides great benefit to the patients as they get the opportunity to confront the reasons behind the addiction. This make them feel free from the burden of disease. The application of this therapy is little difficult but it helps the medical expert to dig out the root causes of the addiction within the person and remove them.

In New Haven CT Drug Rehab, the patients are often encouraged to take up a new hobby which will give them a sense of reward and fulfillment in their life. The patients also spends time in meditation as well as yoga. They are asked to think positive which will make their recovery fast. Even the rehab centers allow the patients to spend some time with their family members and friends within the rehab premises. However, the patients are not allowed to move out from the rehab center. Proper protection facility is also available to the patients within the rehab centers.

Outpatient facility is also offered in the rehab centers, where the patient suffering from minor drug addiction problem, can visit the rehab centers and can get exact solutions from doctor.

There is extensive follow up of the addict even after he leaves. He has access to after care and support and this continues until he has totally recovered from the shadow of drugs.

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Drug Rehab in Akron OH Can Help You Deal With The Problems Caused By Addiction

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Powdered cocaine and crack cocaine are the main drugs that are causing addiction in the people of the Ohio. Most of the crimes are related to the distribution of the drugs in the city. One more reason for the spread of addiction is the availability of the pure cocaine at low cost. This is making the addicts physical dependent on the drug. In the north region of Ohio two types of heroin are very common. They are Mexican black tar and South American cocaine. Marijuana is also one of the most abused drugs in Ohio. In urban areas of Ohio, club drugs are becoming popular. Manufacturing of methamphetamine is also increasing in the state.

All the above factors are enough to make you think that the problem of drug addiction is very severe in Ohio. This is the reason that there are numbers of centers for drug rehab Akron OH which are doing their best to make the addicts live a life free of drug addiction. Many types of facilities are provided to the addicts in drug rehab Akron OH. All the rehab centers have different types of the treatment programs that are very effective in making the addicts recover from the addiction habit.

There are some addicts who think that they can alone make the recovery from the addiction habit. You should not try this as the chances are very few in this case. This is because drugs induce a dependency and cravings which are hard to control and sooner or later a relapse is inevitable. A treatment at a rehab is the only solution.

At the center the addict is first of all put through a detox. He is totally deprived of drugs. This will induce withdrawal symptoms and cravings which are difficult to manage. However medical supervision ensures that this is controlled and the addict can go through with this process.

Next he will undergo counseling and therapy at the center for drug rehab Akron OH. There is a team of experts who provide treatment that makes you drug free. Counselors will give individual advice and guidance on the practical aspects of life and on how to follow a path that will prove more rewarding and beneficial in the long run. They do not give just advice. They also help the addict implement it and practice it.

Drug rehab Akron OH teaches addicts that the life is more beautiful when they live it without using drugs. Group sessions are conducted to help the addicts regain social interaction skills and also as a means of catharsis so they purge themselves of guilt and other negative feelings. This is followed by relapse handling course so an addict can always retain control of himself and never succumbs to temptations or pressures.

Drug rehab Akron OH provides total care and dedication in helping the addict move towards a life of sustainable recovery.

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Drug Rehab in Rochester NY – For Those Who Want to Be Drug Free

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Throughout the world the problem of drug addiction is spreading at a rapid rate. Addiction is something that indirectly becomes an obstacle to the growth of the country. This is evidenced from the fact that high crime rates occur in areas where there are a large number of drug addicts. Addicts are considered as a threat to society and to the country.

In New York the number of drug addicts is increasing day by day. Thanks to the drug rehab Rochester NY, addicts can get treated and overcome addictions. If you are suffering from the same problem, then there is no need to worry further. It is so because if you want to get rid of the addiction habit, then you can also take admission in the center for drug rehab Rochester NY.

Drug rehab Rochester NY provides many facilities to you for the treatment of drug addiction. If you want an effective treatment center then you will have to work on it as there are numbers of rehab centers in the city. The rehab centers provide different types of the recovery programs. Age factor is the most important thing that should be considered both by the addicts and by the centers. It is important to note that adults have different symptoms of addiction whereas the teens have different ones. As a result, they need to be treated in a different way. This means different recovery programs are required for different purposes. If the level of addiction is higher, then the inpatient treatment method is implemented while if the level is found low an outpatient treatment course is a good option.

Outpatient and inpatient are the two types of programs which form the base of the addiction treatment. Addicts will have to choose from the two programs according to the symptoms. Also the team of the drug rehab Rochester NY will help addicts in selecting the right program. Addicts are made comfortable in the rehab centers so that they don’t have any problem in case they have to stay in the rehab center. Several facilities are provided to them such as a private room, all basic services and much more. Also the addict can choose the rehab center according to the budget. Many centers are so versatile that they provide private facilities but the rate is a bit higher than that of the normal ones.

The process of rehabilitation is never easy. It is difficult to give up on years of taking drugs. Some parts of the treatment may be unbearable but with proper determination, an addict can get through and arrive at a stage where he is completely free of addiction and can lead a normal life.

You should be aware of the fact that the addiction habit of yours can even take your life. It is not just a saying rather many people have lost their lives because of drug addiction. So take admission in the right rehab center now and live a long life that is happy and fulfilled.

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Drug rehab Gilbert AZ: We Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Are you suffering from Drug Addiction? Do you really want to get rid of the addiction habit and make your life happier? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are not required to worry anymore as there are many centers for drug rehab Gilbert AZ which are available for you and are waiting for you to offer their services.

An addict faces several problems in life and also becomes the root cause of many problems. Not only does an addict create problems for himself, but also for the family members and their loved ones. Do you also want to fall in the same category? It is sure that you will say no, but only saying no will not work. If you are really desperate and want to regain the respect in society then you will have to take a step forward towards the recovery program. This is possible only by making a resolve to give up addiction and get treatments from a rehab.

Earlier there were not many options available for recovering from the addiction. But they are available now and that is too in large numbers. So then why are you not taking advantage of such programs? Drug rehab Gilbert AZ provides you everything which will help you to recover. Professionals are there who understand the level of addiction and accordingly provide the right treatment. It is for you to make the decision now, take active interest in your own rehabilitation and start to make enough inquiries and take the admission in drug rehab Gilbert AZ.
There are many centers of drug rehab Gilbert AZ that provides you the perfect location such as a lovely natural surroundings which will soothe you and put you at ease and you will start participating in the drug rehab with more interest and dedication. You should be aware of the fact that success of recovery depends more on you than on anyone else. It is so because if you are strong enough then only you will be able to complete the process of the recovery, otherwise you will quit in between. There are some programs which are little tougher so you will have to be strong. Once you clear such treatment programs, you will be able to complete the process. After completing the process you will find that the life is much better than the previous one where you were dependent on drugs. While undergoing rehab the entire process or parts may have seemed very painful and uncomfortable but when you look back, it was only for a short time and you are glad you went through the suffering and have recovered.

Drug rehab Gilbert AZ is very effective among all the other facilities available for you in the recovery process. When you take admission in the drug rehab Gilbert AZ which is surrounded by the natural beauty, you will be able to focus more on your mind and soul in making them stronger. Your interest in a normal life is re-awakened and you will find yourself taking positive and serious interest in the normal things of life, in relationships, in work and in society.

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Drug Rehab Laredo TX – An optimistic approach towards life

Monday, December 27th, 2010

The approach of treating an addict at a center for Drug Rehab in Laredo TX is a faith driven one. Such a treatment treats the person as a whole, meaning his body and soul. Each addict coming in to the center is examined thoroughly and provided with a specialized plan of treatment. Any type of drug addiction or alcoholism can be treated successfully at this center. This center guides the person coming for treatment in improving his self esteem, worth and learning about life skills. The focus of the treatment at Drug Rehab in Laredo TX lies in restoring a healthy, successful and drug free life to the addict.

The first step to treatment is removing the toxins of the drug that have accumulated in the body and which stimulate cravings for the drug. Initially the patient is uncomfortable when the drug is stopped suddenly. So the process of detoxification is carried out in three stages.

Foremost is the medical detoxification in which a doctor is required to monitor the withdrawal symptoms under his supervision. It takes many days.

Next comes the role of a nutritionist who helps to improve the physical health through a properly planned diet with supplements, right from initiation of the program. An addict is often malnourished and a proper diet not only restores physical health, it also helps in detoxification.

For restoration of emotional and mental health an experienced psychotherapist is arranged who will guide the patient to attain peace of mind that had been disturbed due to drug abuse.

The importance of counseling must be understood by every individual. The aim of counseling at center for Drug Rehab Laredo TX is in making the concerned person realize the dangers and harms of addiction, the necessity of abstaining from drugs and to recover from the addiction at the earliest and carry on a normal life.

Another program that is run by the Drug Rehab Laredo TX is drug intervention. Rehab can only be initiated with the addict’s cooperation and his choice. There are cases when an addict simply refuses to acknowledge his condition and flatly refuses to seek any help. This is where an intervention enters the picture and eventually brings the addict around to the idea of undergoing treatment. The interventionist is a specialist and in the process he also involves family members and friends of the addict. Their combined efforts prove successful in convincing the addict of his condition. The situation should be handled with care and love.

There are many supporting organizations of this center that are helping it in combating the problem of drug addiction. Meetings are organized at regular intervals where any sort of problems are discussed. Contrary to popular belief addictions can be overcome. Only thing that is required is strong and positive motivation from professionals at the center combined with firm determination on the part of the patient.

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