Christian Rehab Best Way To Ensure Complete Purification of Body and Mind

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Christian rehab focuses on nourishment of body and mind. Spiritual healing believes in inner purification and change as defense against drug and alcohol addiction. The programs are structured to ensure healing touch with care, development of inner strength, belief in prayers, and inculcation of spiritual values while keeping patients physically away from banned substances. Christian rehabilitation inculcates urge in addicts to change their lifestyle and take part in religious activities. The synthesis of healthy body and contended mind acts as a check against relapse of patients.

Rehab Strategy Caters to Physical and Mental Strength

Christian rehab is multi pronged in approach and seeks to strengthen both physical and emotional state. It uses faith-based therapies to fill the spiritual void and encourages self-control and discipline in life. Regeneration of spiritual sense ensures freedom from temptation of alcohol and drugs. While traditional therapies help patients regain health, pastoral counseling and the regular prayer group meets infuse sobriety and initiate change of heart.

Healing With Love and Care

Spiritual healing looks after patients with utmost love and care. Assistance in recovery is studded with service motive and compassion. Counseling process is designed to create self-understanding in addicts. It encourages them to forgo past mistakes in life and start afresh with divine blessing. Christian religious principles strengthen belief in faith and power of prayers to face difficulties in life.

Faith-Based Healing Strengthens Body and Mind

Spiritual rehab uses several faith-based therapies to help addicts return to sobriety and integrate with the mainstream life. Prominent among these are:

• Regular church attendance
• Pastoral counseling
• Bible study and devotion sessions
• Spiritual guidance
• 12-step program
• Prayer group meetings

Regular church attendance brings patients closer to spiritualism and strengthens belief in faith. Pastoral counseling help maintain sobriety and physical distance from alcohol and drugs. The 12-step life coaching inculcates discipline in life and self-control and strengthens determination to lead a holistic life. Spiritual guidance encourages positive thinking, moral values, ethical conduct, and drug-free life. Meetings of prayer groups help in developing mutual trust essential to help patients break free from addiction and find gainful employment.

Constructive Intervention

Christian rehabilitation aims at creating a self-understanding negative impact of about drug addiction. It encourages to introspect and find solace in divine forgiveness. Education and counseling during spiritual healing help to regenerate the inner strength and encourages to uphold peace of mind through holistic living practices. It focuses on self-regeneration to counter addiction.

Minimum Medication and Supporting Therapies

Christian rehabilitation blends a number of natural and traditional therapies with spiritual healing to reinforce physical and emotional wellness. These includes:

• Physical therapies, such as acupuncture, strength training exercises
• Wellness therapies, recreation and work activities, including game therapy, art classes
• Individual and family counseling
• Alumni meetings and religious congregations
• Education against addiction and chemical dependency

Purified Body and Mind Reinforce Relapse Prevention

Christian rehab ensures relapse prevention through complete purification of body and mind. It facilitates change of heart and mind while assisting in developing physical distance from drugs and banned substances. Spiritual healing encourages religious activities and holistic living based on positive thinking and self-discipline. Committed physical distance from drugs, purified mind free from allure of temptations, and a lifestyle with emphasis on moral conduct prevent relapse of graduated patients.

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Christian Rehab Helps Drug Addicts Through Their Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Christian rehab programs offer a blend of spiritual, medical, and traditional treatments to help drug addicts return to sobriety. The need for Christian rehabilitation is growing because increasingly numbers of people prefer non-medical treatment for drug and alcohol users. Also such faith-based treatment and rehabilitation boast maximum rate of success in checking the menace of drug and building safer communities. Thrust on purification of body and mind through spiritual healing contributes to the popularity of Christian-centered rehabilitation programs in the United States.

Spiritual Treatment Ensures Complete Recovery

Christian rehab believes in treating drug addiction through medico-religious approach with focus on spiritual healing. It harps on teaching sober lifestyle through self-discipline and holistic methods. It views lack of spiritual sense as the primary reason for physical and emotional attachment to drugs. Addicts joining Christian rehabilitation courses go through various procedures to end spiritual void in them. Religious teachings ensure a change in daily habits and ignite self-consciousness about difference between good and evil. Self-discipline imbibed through faith-based healing helps overcome attachment to drugs and acts as buffer against relapse prevention.

Constructive Faith-Based Intervention

Christian rehabilitation centers offer a number of programs to inculcate religious values and moral attitude in patients. The programs derive their strength from Christian spiritual teachings. Some important faith-based rehab programs are:

• Pastoral counseling
• Regular church attendance
• 12-step Christ-centered program
• Structured holistic life schedule

Pastoral counseling strengthens faith-based conscience. It encourages self-introspection and helps stay calm and sober. Patients can freely discuss their problems and seek religious solace. Regular church attendance ensures that the spiritual void is gradually filled up. It also makes patients to seek divine blessing, learn to lead a pious life, believe in the power of spiritual healing, and stay sober despite temptations of drugs and alcohol. Regular church visits also makes patients find supports from other believers in recovering early, learning social communication, help in finding gainful employment, and ultimately forms safer communities.

The 12-step Christ-centered program is an innovative way to help patients remain clean and sober. It teaches a holistic view of life by enunciating teachings of Jesus and Biblical sermons. The program aims at creating self-discipline in life and encourages patients to incorporate honesty, morality, spiritual living, compassion, and other noble values that Christian religion stands for. Patients undergoing the 12-step holistic life training have greater chance to resist temptations in life. It also keeps them contended and focused on clean life and teaches the ability to withstand stress.

Medical, Support Programs Complement Spiritual Recovery

Both Christian and secular rehabilitation programs incorporate many features of each other. Christian centers offering drug and alcohol rehab programs also include various peripheral medical and traditional healing programs. Detoxification and dual diagnosis treatments are looked after by experts in addiction medicine. Simultaneously these centers provide nutritional and natural therapies, such as balanced diet, acupuncture, reflexology, and regular counseling.

The rehab centers also support patients in learning life skills. Being a member of prayer groups, patients get support from across all social segments. It helps them build their social and economic life and integrate with the society.

Effective Relapse Prevention Measures

Christian rehab acts as an effective deterrent against relapse of patients. It focuses on purifying the body and mind of patients. Healing programs help addicts break free from emotional and physical temptations of drugs. Christian spiritual philosophy promotes self-control and belief in religious activities. This dissuades graduated addicts from returning to banned substances. Christian rehabilitation builds a robust defense against relapse by nourishing mind, body, and spirit. Simultaneously, education on chemical dependency and health nourishment creates awareness against negative impact of drugs and alcohol. Such structured program acts as a deterrent against unhealthy and immoral temptations that may ruin lives of graduated patients.

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Christian Rehab – Understanding Efficacy of Spiritual Rehab

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Christian rehab believes that spiritual healing is the best way to counter the growing addiction in the country. According to believers, spiritual void encourages dependency on drugs and alcohol. Spiritual healing focuses on filling this void and purification of body and mind. It believes change of heart, emotional strength, and holistic life style are the most effective means to treat addicts and inculcate sobriety.

Personalized Care and Attention

Christian rehabilitation believes efficacy of personalized care and attention. There is no role of coercion of any kind. Passion and love forms the two essential pillars of treatment. The holistic approach not only assists in starting a new life, but also ensures hassle-free community life. It believes positive help and encouraging development of healthy body and mind.

Constructive Intervention

Spiritual healing is constructive in its approach. It encourages patients to closely look at their past mistakes, but does not let them brood over these troubles. Rehab programs ensure that addicts learn from these mistakes and start afresh. It encourages positive thinking and assists patients in self-development. Natural and holistic therapies replace medication. The focus remains on change of mind and strengthening the inner strength through self-discipline and prayers.

Focus on Purification of Body and Mind

Christian rehab believes healthy body and mind act as a buffer against addiction. While a drug-free and religious environment creates physical distance from drugs, a spiritually inclined mindset encourages holistic lifestyle. It encourages to seek divine forgiveness and recourse to religious activities. Development of spiritual sense inculcates sobriety, thinking power, and moral values that prohibit drugs in life.

Effective Spiritual Healing

Christian rehabilitation centers make patients attend many faith-based therapies. The programs are structured to rekindle believe in divine blessing, power of prayers, and Christian principles. The most common spiritual therapies include

• Church attendance
• Pastoral counseling
• Bible study and religious sessions
• Spiritual discourse
• 12-step program
• Meetings of prayer group

Pastoral counseling encourages a sober lifestyle. It also restores belief in faith and inspires a religious way of life. Regular church attendance brings patients closer to spiritual life and makes feel the urge for distancing themselves from unethical and immoral lifestyle. The 12-step program infuses positive thinking, family values, ethical principles, and sobriety. It teaches to practice holistic living based on the teachings of the Christ. Closer to spiritual life helps gain control over body and mind and denounce temptations.

Holistic and Supporting Therapies

Christian rehabilitation also provides other holistic and supporting therapies to help addicts recover fast and practice sobriety. Spiritual rehab incorporates the following innovative programs with faith-based programs.

• Physical therapies include acupuncture, strength training, and cardiovascular exercises
• Wellness programs include recreation and other activities, such as sports, art classes
• Communication, skill, and behavioral coaching

Education Against Addiction and Chemical Dependency

Education and counseling against help patients learn against the negative impact of addiction. Starting from the pastoral counseling to prayer group meetings, everywhere patients are counseled about importance of addiction-free life. They are showed the positive side of life and the importance of spiritual living. Stress on purification and good conduct also encourages distance from alcohol and drug addiction.

Thrust on Self-Understanding and Self-Development

Christian spiritual rehab emphasizes on self-understanding. It makes patients realize their past mistakes and encourages them not to repeat them. The objective is to develop healthy physique and mental strength to negate temptation for drugs. It inculcates discipline, self-belief, moral attitude, and spiritual way of life.

Robust Relapse Prevention

Christian rehab provides robust relapse prevention measures. Purification of body and mind prevents return to drug or alcohol addiction. Spiritual sense and religious way of life prohibits people from doing wrong deeds. Hope for life, positive thinking, and obedience to faith help to lead a decent life based on moral conduct. Such a strong physical and mental combination keeps one away from addiction and its evil effects.

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Christian Rehab Programs Focus on Spiritual Healing, Quick Addiction Recovery

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Christian rehab programs have assumed widespread importance because of the rising number of drug and alcohol abuse cases. Promising spiritual healing, this faith-based program is quite effective in filling the spiritual void created by drug or alcohol addiction. Christian rehab centers follow holistic treatment approach and spiritual methods to help their addicted clients overcome addiction.

Offering their clients the opportunity to reconnect with Christ, these faith-based rehab centers use the method of prayers to heal them spiritually. They focus on strengthening the willpower of their clients so that they can overcome any kind of withdrawal symptoms. Through pastoral counseling, Christian rehabilitation centers reach the root cause of their addiction and try to change their mind-set to convince them to continue with their addiction treatment.

The key features of Christian rehabilitation programs are:

• Spiritual healing
• 12-step spiritual recovery program
• Pastoral counseling
• Individual and group counseling
• Bible study groups
• Christ teachings
• Regular church attendance

By following spiritual healing methods and convincing their clients to remain committed to their treatment, rehab centers cleanse their mind and soul. Christian rehabs strengthens their resolve to fight addiction and not to relapse.

Through prayers and biblical principles, addicts receive the power to overcome fear, pain, and withdrawal. Christ teachings show them the path to live a moral life. They derive inspiration from Christ who remained committed to his resolve and bore immense pain but did not bow before his perpetrators. These tenets of Christianity rekindle the hope of a better future. They understand that Christ would never shower His blessings on them if they lead addicted lives, which was an act of immorality for the Lord.

Prayers and meditation bring them closer to the Christ and make them stronger. Regular church attendance shows them how to become disciplined. It also teaches them the value of inculcating discipline in their lives, which is necessary to overcome addiction and triggers. They understand that the world respects disciplined individuals.

The Christ-based approach helps them realize that they are not only ruining their lives, but also that of their families and that it must be fought immediately and patiently. They learn that such life will only drag them into hell, meaning it will take them farther away from their Lord. For a Christian or believer in Christianity, falling in the eyes of Christ is absolutely unbearable. Thus this program helps them realize that their addicted habits will denigrate them in the eyes of Christ and that they must quit addictive practices to be qualified for His blessings.

Like-minded individuals at these rehab centers form support groups and lend courage to each other in times of need. These group meetings show to the patients that they can bank upon somebody in times of need, unlike their addicted lives, where they are dragged into the darkness of isolation. Together they pray to Christ to seek clemency for their addictive habits, which had severely hurt their loved ones.

Christian rehab program is a widely popular treatment option these days. Apart from traditional healing methods, Christian healing methodologies have been instrumental in transforming addicted lives and bringing addicted individuals back to the mainstream. This program is open for people of all faiths, who are ready to seek clemency from the Christ for their wrongdoings. This program is instrumental in helping addicted individuals understand that life is very beautiful without addiction, and they can adorn it by adopting clean, moral, and sober principles and stay away from drugs or alcohol.

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Recent drug abuse statistics relating to the number of addictions in Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, show an uprising trend. This can be traced down to imported heroin from Mexico being sold cheaply, marijuana becoming a drug of choice amongst young people in full time education, and access to some illicit substances being generally easier than in the past. Christian rehabilitation is just one approach used to combat the threat posed by these drug-related problems, but what exactly is it, and how does it work?

Drugs make their user a manipulative individual, who will try their utmost to access the substance they yearn for – even if it means hurting others in the process. It is for this reason that serious addictions should be dealt with in a controlled environment such as that offered by Salt Lake City, Utah christian drug rehab.

In these locations, trained staff members who know all of the tricks and techniques used by addicts and abusers are employed to help the affected individual in coming clean. Psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, pharmacists and other medical staff make up the cohesive team, who work together to achieve good outcomes for each and every client who is admitted.

Christian rehabs are different from conventional secular hospitals due to the nature of treatment administered. As well as various therapies and medications, daily prayer and masses are held to explore how spirituality and faith can help in overcoming a serious drug difficulty. This encompasses self-reflection and group discussions.

One of the greatest elements of Salt Lake City, Utah christian drug rehab is the diversity of the service offered. Approximately 10,700 people were admitted to substance abuse treatment centers in Salt Lake during 2008, with 70% of these being male and the remaining 30% female. These figures imply that drug abuse in the region is heavily weighted towards the male population, but the city’s most effective Christian centers adapt their treatment approaches depending on the patient in question – not simply what their age or gender suggests about them.

This means christian drug rehabilitation centers in Utah’s ski resort capital do not pre-judge their customers. Instead, they create a patient-centered care regime that fits the individual’s needs and preferences. Stereotyping isn’t permitted, and all clients are treated with the integrity and respect they merit as human beings. Everyone is different, and accommodating this is one of the secret ingredients in a successful recovery from an addiction or abuse problem.

The flexible approach offered by many locations for Salt Lake City, Utah christian drug rehab isn’t the only aspect of treatment that gets positive results. As well as this, it’s been clinically proven that patients dealt with by professionals rather than loved ones are far more likely to recover from their difficulties. Emotional attachment can make it hard to refuse an addict what they really want – usually drugs – but this must happen for recovery to take place.

It’s also worth remembering that drug withdrawal is a dangerous process if not carried out under medical supervision – yet another reason to choose christian rehab over home-based treatments. Get in touch to learn more about the power of religion in beating drug problems and the avoidance of relapse. Salt Lake’s Christian rehabs are prepared to give that extra bit of support.

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

It is not a scenario that many people want to think about, and it can be easy for the family and friends of an addict to shrug a problem off, having the mentality that such a bad thing would not happen to them. However, the physical warning signs of an addiction should not be ignored – and it can be important for you to bring into consideration the symptoms listed in this article before thinking about whether you need to start an intervention process.
There could be a multitude of different physical signs that suggest Christian help for a drug addiction is needed – it depends on the drug which a person is abusing, and how it is being abused. For example, those who might be injecting heroin directly into the bloodstream through intravenous injections are likely to have markings around key veins on the arms, and this should always be something that you look out for. Also, those who snort cocaine could be found to sniff excessively and this can be down to how a person can have their nose damaged if their body is exposed to drugs through excessive periods of time with its corrosive nature.
So – what are the other physical signs? Well, everybody needs to eat and sleep in order to survive. Many people who are not under the influence of drugs will eat three square meals a day, while also sleeping eight hours a night rather consistently in a pattern, or a routine. Alarm bells could begin to ring if a person is going for prolonged periods of time without sleep, before crashing and having days at a time where they will be in bed. Additionally, there can be some drugs like marijuana which give people what is known as the ‘munchies’ – that is, the excessive desire to eat. Of course, you need to bring these symptoms into combination with others for it to stand true: those who work shifts might have erratic sleep patterns, but it doesn’t mean that are drug abusers.
You could also find that they might be more careless at work, even gaining warnings or driving offences that are related to being under the influence of an addictive substance such as drugs or alcohol: one of the primary signs that Christian help for drug addiction is vitally needed. On the other hand, a person could also have their personal lives affected through the inability to maintain relationships and a lack of enthusiasm for pastimes and hobbies which they might have once loved. Sadly, relationships can also fall by the wayside too – and this could be one of things that you notice once which lead to you taking action.
If you are in doubt, continue to take action. If you are apprehensive that you are taking things too seriously, there is no reason why you can’t talk to family members and friends to see if they are thinking the same thing – or getting more advice from a charity.

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Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Since the 1980s, there has been a rapid increase the amount of rehabilitation programs that are available to those who present with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Now – there are more specialized centers than ever before that are trying to help the millions of people who are fighting with a dependency each and every year. In this article, we are going to look at Christian drug rehab centers and the other types of specialized care available.
Faith-based treatment centers welcome those from all religious denominations, even if their views do not align to the values which are conveyed by the clinic in question. For many of these centers, the objective is to simply help as many people as possible, because the values which are taught through the Biblical study classes offered at these centers can be used in a variety of circumstances for those who don’t believe in God as well as do. More than anything, it can be important to maintain focus and work hard to make the most of rehab, because the cost of privatized care can high and difficult to duplicate if things do not go to plan the first time round.
Another type of rehabilitation method which has surfaced onto the market extensively is treatment which is geared towards different age groups – such as teenagers. Because these younger people have not got bodies that are fully developed yet because of puberty, the impact which drugs can have on their bodies can be high and can stunt the development which is meant to take place as they transition into adulthood. As such, these tailored programs allow teenagers to receive specialized treatment which involves extensive liaison with parents and extensive education on why drugs are so dangerous in the first instance – something which can be very important to bear in mind. These centers are high in demand, with 8,000 young people trying alcohol for the first time each and every day, with a further 4,000 sampling marijuana on a daily basis. This, when combined with other addictive substances, spans a figure into tens of thousands – with many of these young people also having misconstrued ideas over when it is and isn’t safe to drive after consuming an addictive substance.
The last type of care which we are going to focus on are rehab centers which only treat addiction to alcohol exclusively, or one drug on its own. This is because such centers believe that more knowledgeable care can be provided this way, as well as more advanced medical equipment and an intrinsic knowledge of all of the different reactions that a person can have to drugs. This is important because of no two cases of addiction are the same.
Rehabilitation is changing, and this is because of how it has never been more important to get treatment as soon as possible before permanent damage can be caused to the body – something which can be a lasting reminder of an addict’s foolishness.

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Christian Rehabilitation: Healing Through Love and Education

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Being an alcoholic can be an absolutely miserable experience. When you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, you are under their control and they take over your life. You are no longer able to enjoy a career nor can you be in a happy personal relationship. So how can you make things look up? The only way to do this is by turning sober. With Christian rehabilitation there is complete hope to achieve your objective of giving up substance abuse.

Conventional rehab programs can also be effective but they do not generally prove effective in the long run. Clients who are treated in such clinics tend to be abstemious for a period of time when they are kept under control and vigilance after which temptation takes over and they are back to square one. This is because such treatment-plans do not equip the addicts with enough “tools” that help them to stay away from abusing substances at any given point in time, under any situation. Christian rehabilitation works wonders in the area of long term abstinence. It achieves astounding results by taking recourse to spiritual activities. The best part about this holistic treatment is that it is not restricted to Christians alone. Anyone who is an addict and who has a burning desire to turn “clean” is entitled to undergo therapy with them. The type of addiction or the period of addiction is also not taken into account. All that is given is a sharing and caring environment where de-addiction can happen naturally, happily and without guilt.

Treating the body and mind are very important aspects in breaking addictive habits. So an alcohol or drug treatment center will have to take these two very seriously. Christian Rehabilitation, over and above these two, brings in a third factor – the spiritual one. That is what makes it special and more effective, efficient.

The internal organs of alcoholics are in bad shape; they have accumulated toxins which impairs their functionality. So cleaning the body system using detoxifiers is one of the first things that is done at the cure places. Clients are not allowed to use any alcoholic beverages and/ or drugs and they are constantly watched to ensure compliance. Wholesome food and regular exercises are given to raise the fitness and energy levels. During the healing process especially the initial few weeks there could be a lot of severe signs of withdrawal like shivering, nausea etc. The craving for the substances that have been abused is also pretty high. These tendencies are curbed by resorting to medication like tranquilizers.

Professional counselors or psychologists are assigned to each client to hold long conversations. The intent is to get the client to explore his inner most concerns, why he/ she became an addict and find solutions so that the same thing does not recur. Group therapy is also something that is given in which a group of people undergoing the de-addiction treatment are brought together to discuss the issues they face and how they resolve them. This can effectively bring out good ideas to handle troubles and also acts as a motivating factor for all concerned.

In most clinics a basic awareness is created about the harmful effects the alcoholic and drug substances can have on the body and its functioning. Damages that can be caused to the brain, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system etc are spot lighted so that the clients understand the severity of the consequences. This education serves to keep them off the abuse. Usually these treatments go on for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Many centers help the inmates to utilize their free time in improving some of their inter-personal skills and professional skills. People are also encouraged to look for jobs and fix up something so that when they walk out there is a readymade life style waiting for them.

With a Christian rehab there are soulful activities like prayer meets, sermons and community service camps where clients can immerse themselves. The idea is to coax people into placing their faith in a higher power which can show the way always – especially during trials and tribulations. It not only fills in their free time usefully, it also gives them a sense of purpose and usefulness. This in turn gives them the ability to think through their difficulties and solve them positively instead of forgetting them with drinks. Even after the rehabilitation is over the clients have the option to continue with these endeavors so that there is no chance of a slip-up into addiction. A good de-addiction program can completely transform an alcoholic into a sober person and keep them that way for life. Hence it is important to choose a methodology that works not just in the immediate future but on a permanent basis.

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Christian Drug Treatment Program

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

A Christian drug treatment program can be the answer for the problems and issues associated with substance abuse. Though there is not much of a fundamental difference between traditional versus Christian-based drug treatment in terms of goals and modalities, faith-based treatment puts the focus on healing from addiction with the power and help of God.

A Christian treatment program uses the Christian faith approach to help a substance abuser prevail over the power of drug addiction. There are countless reasons why a faith-based treatment approach works better than traditional treatment. One of the main reasons why Christian treatment works so well is because of the love and support shown to substance abusers before, during and after rehabilitation.

Not only is the recovery patient shown kindness and acceptance, but with an individualized after-care program which includes ongoing support and assistance the chances for succeeding are increased tenfold. Having a plan of action in place once the patient has left rehab, directly affects risks associated with relapsing.

The encouragement a recovery patient receives from a Christian drug treatment program is hands down, the best. Not only does the patient attend group counseling and therapy sessions, but the one-on-one spiritual attention is unique to faith-based treatment programs. When a person feels weak and questions whether or not recovery is possible, consulting and praying with a pastor or deacon can reaffirm the recovery patient’s commitment to getting well.

A common misconception about a Christian program is that staff or counselors will try to convert to Christianity or force someone to accept God. This is not true, while certain modalities and treatments incorporate faith and Biblical principles; other treatments used are exactly the same as what is offered in a secular environment. Nobody in a Christian drug treatment facility will try to coerce or sway a person’s personal religious beliefs or force a recovery patient into doing things they are not comfortable with. The goal of faith-based treatment is to do whatever is in the best interest of the patient, while respecting the person as an individual.

For some who enter a Christian drug treatment program, it can be an eye-opening experience. It can be a place of peace and acceptance and when a person looks inward, they may come to realize God is missing in their life. Some recovery patients have no faith at all before entering into a Christian-based treatment center and others reaffirm a closer relationship with God, a faith-based treatment facility can help combat drug addiction.

The fight back to a healthy life can be a long and arduous process for many people. However, it is important to remember there are others who share the same goals, beliefs and life experiences. Having the support and encouragement of fellow recovery patients can be the wake-up call many addicts need to take sobriety seriously. Drugs can destroy someone’s life and the lives of those they love. The only way to experience true healing and peace is by allowing God to come into your life and spread his healing love.

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