Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

One of the latest methods which are being used in order to try and reduce the amount of people who are battling with an addiction is a relationship between churches and rehab centers. This method is mainly used through clinics which provide faith-based treatments which are statistically likelier to give more success than those that are from a center without a religious denomination. In this article, we are going to look at the different things which churches are doing to help those with a drug addiction in the local community.
During an addict’s stay at a Christian rehab clinic, there are frequent church visits which allow them to worship in a service which is special to them. Here, they can sing songs which allow them to praise the Lord, take Communion in remembering what Jesus did for them, and listening to Biblical readings which are directly related to the battle which they are undertaking in order to remove the addiction from their bodies slowly but surely. These churches can be a cornerstone in allowing a person to gain faith which can remain with them for the rest of their lives, throughout all of the challenges which they might be faced with. Those who are a part of the religious organizations that try to help see this as a magical opportunity, a chance to help others, and a chance to do what God wants them to do.
Churches also allow people to master the art of prayer – something which can rebuild communication skills that an addict has to God once He has been let into the lives and their hearts. It can be a trying process, but one which can be rewarding when it is completed. After all, it can allow a person to fully realize what they want and to ask for it in His name.
Many Christian clinics have connections with churches because they can act as a post-rehabilitation method for those addicts who want to continue to follow the way of the Lord, with the Sunday worship routine acting as something which they can rely on each week to give them strength. It can be an amazing feeling being welcomed into a congregation because you soon become part of a family that cares for one another – a community which is extended from your own. You can receive support in times of difficulty, get prayers which are dedicated to you sent to God, and the opportunity to get involved with a number of activities and forms of voluntary work which can keep you busy and focused.
The picture which is painted through churches and rehab centers could be one which is far more fulfilling than when compared to what can be achieved through a secular rehab. Even though it can be ideal for solving a drug addiction, it might not provide a person with the development that they need if they are going to move on with their lives once and for all.

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Christian Rehab – Understanding Efficacy of Spiritual Rehab

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Christian rehab believes that spiritual healing is the best way to counter the growing addiction in the country. According to believers, spiritual void encourages dependency on drugs and alcohol. Spiritual healing focuses on filling this void and purification of body and mind. It believes change of heart, emotional strength, and holistic life style are the most effective means to treat addicts and inculcate sobriety.

Personalized Care and Attention

Christian rehabilitation believes efficacy of personalized care and attention. There is no role of coercion of any kind. Passion and love forms the two essential pillars of treatment. The holistic approach not only assists in starting a new life, but also ensures hassle-free community life. It believes positive help and encouraging development of healthy body and mind.

Constructive Intervention

Spiritual healing is constructive in its approach. It encourages patients to closely look at their past mistakes, but does not let them brood over these troubles. Rehab programs ensure that addicts learn from these mistakes and start afresh. It encourages positive thinking and assists patients in self-development. Natural and holistic therapies replace medication. The focus remains on change of mind and strengthening the inner strength through self-discipline and prayers.

Focus on Purification of Body and Mind

Christian rehab believes healthy body and mind act as a buffer against addiction. While a drug-free and religious environment creates physical distance from drugs, a spiritually inclined mindset encourages holistic lifestyle. It encourages to seek divine forgiveness and recourse to religious activities. Development of spiritual sense inculcates sobriety, thinking power, and moral values that prohibit drugs in life.

Effective Spiritual Healing

Christian rehabilitation centers make patients attend many faith-based therapies. The programs are structured to rekindle believe in divine blessing, power of prayers, and Christian principles. The most common spiritual therapies include

• Church attendance
• Pastoral counseling
• Bible study and religious sessions
• Spiritual discourse
• 12-step program
• Meetings of prayer group

Pastoral counseling encourages a sober lifestyle. It also restores belief in faith and inspires a religious way of life. Regular church attendance brings patients closer to spiritual life and makes feel the urge for distancing themselves from unethical and immoral lifestyle. The 12-step program infuses positive thinking, family values, ethical principles, and sobriety. It teaches to practice holistic living based on the teachings of the Christ. Closer to spiritual life helps gain control over body and mind and denounce temptations.

Holistic and Supporting Therapies

Christian rehabilitation also provides other holistic and supporting therapies to help addicts recover fast and practice sobriety. Spiritual rehab incorporates the following innovative programs with faith-based programs.

• Physical therapies include acupuncture, strength training, and cardiovascular exercises
• Wellness programs include recreation and other activities, such as sports, art classes
• Communication, skill, and behavioral coaching

Education Against Addiction and Chemical Dependency

Education and counseling against help patients learn against the negative impact of addiction. Starting from the pastoral counseling to prayer group meetings, everywhere patients are counseled about importance of addiction-free life. They are showed the positive side of life and the importance of spiritual living. Stress on purification and good conduct also encourages distance from alcohol and drug addiction.

Thrust on Self-Understanding and Self-Development

Christian spiritual rehab emphasizes on self-understanding. It makes patients realize their past mistakes and encourages them not to repeat them. The objective is to develop healthy physique and mental strength to negate temptation for drugs. It inculcates discipline, self-belief, moral attitude, and spiritual way of life.

Robust Relapse Prevention

Christian rehab provides robust relapse prevention measures. Purification of body and mind prevents return to drug or alcohol addiction. Spiritual sense and religious way of life prohibits people from doing wrong deeds. Hope for life, positive thinking, and obedience to faith help to lead a decent life based on moral conduct. Such a strong physical and mental combination keeps one away from addiction and its evil effects.

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Monday, December 13th, 2010

Whenever somebody starts considering getting some kind of help, or therapy for their condition after they have undergone drug detox, they might see themselves lay on a couch telling an old man stories about their life, and the problems they think they might currently be having. Christian therapy at a Lexington, Kentucky Christian treatment center is really quite different to what people usually assume therapy is. Many people who have been to a drug detox facility, without receiving rehabilitation (perhaps because they thought they couldn’t afford it) will instead seek different counseling and different therapy after their treatment.

This is kind of an aftercare treatment option, where people will continue to see a therapist to overcome emotional problems they might be having since they left their drug addiction behind. Christian therapy at a Lexington, Kentucky Christian treatment center is usually used by patients who are struggling to come to terms with the fact they are no longer addicted, and want to know ways in which they can deal with their problems without resorting to the drug they were once addicted to. Christian therapy in this sense is able to benefit the patient in different ways than a normal therapist, in that they can talk about the recovering addict’s relationship with the savior Jesus Christ, themselves and indeed with other people in their life.

Two things that a former addict might be struggling with in their life are their emotional and spiritual health, and it’s a Christian therapist who is able to deal with this kind of issue. When you enroll into Christian therapy, you will be placed into the professional hands of somebody who is close to God, understands God and understands how you can remain close to God and stay away from drugs. Quite like in normal therapy sessions, the former addict will be given an opportunity to talk about what problems they are having, what’s going wrong in their life and why they think they are going to continue to turn back to the drugs time and time again.

Do be aware before you enroll, however, that this kind of therapy isn’t exactly for those of the faint-hearted. Many people are made aware of issues in their life that they might not have thought of, that might have been causing their drug addiction tendencies, and this can be tough. Professional counselors and therapists will know what’s going on in somebody’s life – and as much as they might identify problems, they are just as good at helping people get over those problems and find away they can avoid them for the rest of their life. Of course, this will involve faith in God.

Not only can this kind of Christian therapist help you get closer to God, but they will be able to guide you down a spiritual journey, where you will learn more and more about God and learn how to live a good and respectable Christian life from here onwards.

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Recent drug abuse statistics relating to the number of addictions in Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, show an uprising trend. This can be traced down to imported heroin from Mexico being sold cheaply, marijuana becoming a drug of choice amongst young people in full time education, and access to some illicit substances being generally easier than in the past. Christian rehabilitation is just one approach used to combat the threat posed by these drug-related problems, but what exactly is it, and how does it work?

Drugs make their user a manipulative individual, who will try their utmost to access the substance they yearn for – even if it means hurting others in the process. It is for this reason that serious addictions should be dealt with in a controlled environment such as that offered by Salt Lake City, Utah christian drug rehab.

In these locations, trained staff members who know all of the tricks and techniques used by addicts and abusers are employed to help the affected individual in coming clean. Psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, pharmacists and other medical staff make up the cohesive team, who work together to achieve good outcomes for each and every client who is admitted.

Christian rehabs are different from conventional secular hospitals due to the nature of treatment administered. As well as various therapies and medications, daily prayer and masses are held to explore how spirituality and faith can help in overcoming a serious drug difficulty. This encompasses self-reflection and group discussions.

One of the greatest elements of Salt Lake City, Utah christian drug rehab is the diversity of the service offered. Approximately 10,700 people were admitted to substance abuse treatment centers in Salt Lake during 2008, with 70% of these being male and the remaining 30% female. These figures imply that drug abuse in the region is heavily weighted towards the male population, but the city’s most effective Christian centers adapt their treatment approaches depending on the patient in question – not simply what their age or gender suggests about them.

This means christian drug rehabilitation centers in Utah’s ski resort capital do not pre-judge their customers. Instead, they create a patient-centered care regime that fits the individual’s needs and preferences. Stereotyping isn’t permitted, and all clients are treated with the integrity and respect they merit as human beings. Everyone is different, and accommodating this is one of the secret ingredients in a successful recovery from an addiction or abuse problem.

The flexible approach offered by many locations for Salt Lake City, Utah christian drug rehab isn’t the only aspect of treatment that gets positive results. As well as this, it’s been clinically proven that patients dealt with by professionals rather than loved ones are far more likely to recover from their difficulties. Emotional attachment can make it hard to refuse an addict what they really want – usually drugs – but this must happen for recovery to take place.

It’s also worth remembering that drug withdrawal is a dangerous process if not carried out under medical supervision – yet another reason to choose christian rehab over home-based treatments. Get in touch to learn more about the power of religion in beating drug problems and the avoidance of relapse. Salt Lake’s Christian rehabs are prepared to give that extra bit of support.

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Drug addiction seems to be getting worse every year, but something we shouldn’t forget is that now there are more people than ever enrolling into Lexington, Kentucky Christian rehabs. This surely shows that we as a society are now more aware of the problems caused by drugs, and those who are stuck with this life-threatening, damaging and destructive drug habit are finally stepping up to their responsibility of dealing with it once and for all.

Years ago, this rise in drug abuse might have been a bigger problem that what it would be now. There were less facilities, Christian rehabs weren’t as popular and children weren’t educated about the dangers of drugs. Nowadays we should be thankful that there are so many facilities and so many options that young people simply cannot get away with sticking to drugs for the rest of their life – either because they’ll lose their job, their family, their friends or their livelihood.

If you have found yourself to any kind of substance, whether it’s legal, illegal or an alcoholic drug then the first thing any sane person would tell you to do is enroll in drug rehab –and perhaps, one of the popular Lexington, Kentucky Christian rehabs. At a drug rehab center, there will be a large amount of choices for you (in terms of programs) for you to get your livelihood back and get rid of the destructive addiction for good. You will be able to choose the program that you most prefer and the program that actually fits your circumstances best. If you are a busy career-minded person and your addiction is less severe, you might not even have to stop going to work. You can find all of this at the many Lexington, Kentucky Christian rehabs that are now available.

There are now a large amount of these Lexington, Kentucky Christian rehabs that offer numerous programs for people from different backgrounds, with different financial circumstances and with different lifestyles. It might initially be a bit difficult finding exactly the right facility for you, and choosing the right program for you, but rest assured that by using a resource such as the internet you will easily be able to find the treatment center and Christian program that you need before you finally decide which center to enroll in. As long as you do the research, you can expect a full recovery from a Christian drug rehab.

These Christian rehabs are becoming incredibly prominent today. More people who aren’t even followers of Christianity, or any religion for that matter, are turning up at the doors of the centers and requesting their help with their addiction. Christian rehabs are incredibly significant in modern day rehabilitation, as they do perhaps offer the most intuitive methods of treatment and are able to treat such a diverse kind of people and offer incredibly low relapse rates at the same time. You shouldn’t rule out Christian care, as it’s on your long list of options and might just be able to help you with your problems.

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Christian Drug Rehab- Why Choose One?

Friday, April 16th, 2010

In case you need treatment to overcome addiction check out the program at Christian drug rehab centers that are highly effective. For a lot of individuals, these centers can act as the first pathway towards recovery from drug or substance abuse. In fact, these centers can effectively act as the first step towards your recovery from addiction. Faith-based addiction recovery can alter a person from within, irrespective of whether the patient takes cocaine or meth, or devil’s candy, total healing is possible.

Programs running at Christian drug rehab centers complement therapeutic processes along with the teachings of Christ as well as traditional services of drug rehab. This is a combination that offers individuals a potential foundation to stand on and get cured of his addiction. The proponents of this rehabilitation process believe that in the absence of these treatments, the abusers can easily relapse to their addictive lives. A long term program based on effective treatments of the body and mind can be the key to complete and total recovery. Long term plans help you change your everyday habits including services like attending church, living in healthy and new arrangements, having a Christian counselor or mentor, engaging in 12 Step Programs and Groups and making new friends.

Generally, the person who requires drug addiction treatment is unable to analyze and understand the gravity of his situation as he is constantly in a drug induced haze. Addicts admit they are wrong but cannot resist the lure and get tempted. The substance abuser may not see the frailties of addiction, but seeking faith based support can help direct their life towards health and happiness. The treatment is based on the fact that God does not want to see you in pain and He has put you on this Earth to live a much fulfilling life. The addict is encouraged to surrender to God’s will and aim for a clean and sober life. Christian programs help put an end to the addiction cycle by putting an end to bad temptation through an all-healing faith based program based on Christian principles.

The Christian drug rehab programs help you not to fall back on temptation. They help addicts overcome their difficulty by educating them and encouraging them to make changes in their lifestyle. Long term aftercare plans are important to stay purged of their addictive habits. Quitting addiction can be the hardest task an individual can face. These highly successful programs empower the individual to successfully withstand temptation with a strong will power.

What the programs intend to tell you is that all it needs is a little bit of extra effort to reform your life and get it back on track. Teachings of the gospels combined with rehab programs pave the way to a brighter future. When one leaves drugs after having a self-realization the chances of relapse are minimal. Christian Florida treatment Center helps addicts attain complete sobriety bringing smiles to their loved ones and making their own life meaningful.

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Adolescent Christian Drug Rehab Assistance

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

It is vital for school administrators, teachers and parents to pay close attention to teenagers and detect the signs of their abuse of drugs. When teenagers have to be accountable to more than one person, it makes them more responsible towards drug use. If you leave them on their own to be infiltrated with false information by their peers, it is a dangerous situation and can lead to worse things.

Understanding the signs of drug abuse among teenagers is possible for those who are closely related or connected to the abusers. Initiating an intervention plan is important for those who are heavy drug users. It can be done at the stage where there is no other recourse and parents don’t know what to do. A Christian drug rehab treatment program can be of assistance because of the valuable resources available.

Heavy involvement in drugs can make a teenager change his or her attitude to become irritable and angry especially when they are unable to get the drugs. Their outlook on life will also be different and they will seek out the wrong crowd. Parents have to stay involved in the teenager’s life more than ever and offer any type of support that the teenager needs to get better.

Adolescent drug abuse can be very hard for parents to accept, but once it is accepted and a plan is set in place for treatment, the journey can be a rewarding one as parents and children get to learn more about each other. Sometimes, teenagers will resort to drug abuse and other destructive behavior because they are seeking attention. They use the drugs to get their parents attention because they find communicating their feelings very difficult to do.

If parents find that their teenagers are losing weight, being isolated in their room, getting low grades, being angry all the time and keeping friends that are influential in their decisions, then parents need to take drastic action to get help from a Christian drug rehab treatment program.

Adolescent teens usually start out with smoking marijuana and then graduate to harder drugs such as cocaine, crack or heroin. Some even go as far as taking drugs that are easier to get over the counter. It does not matter what kind of drugs a teenager resorts to, the fact still remains that they are all bad for their health and well being.

Monitoring those teenagers is difficult because of the busy society that we all live in. Single family homes causes a lot of mothers to work over time to make ends meet and don’t have enough time to spend with their children. The television and peers become their teachers. No wonder the statistics point to an increase in drug use among teens.

Once parents suspect drug abuse by their teenagers, they should immediately intervene and find them help so that they can stop their destructive behavior and enjoy their adolescent years being drug free. Some teenagers can be defiant, but parents need to “put their feet down,” and insist on getting help for their drug addict teenagers.

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Choosing the Right Christian Drug Rehab Center

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

There are so many drug rehab center advertisements available online, on television, phone directory and newspapers that it may become confusing to know which one is really the best. Needless to say, one should always go for a drug rehab center that is well-known, registered and accredited. Find out from patients who have been treated in these centers to know if they have really been treated, and not gone back into relapse mode.

Faith based drug addiction treatments have always been popular. Not only are they reasonably priced, but the therapy is really effective. For instance, Christian drug rehab is known for its holistic and spiritual approach towards drug addiction. It has hardly any patients going into relapse mode, due to its comprehensive therapy, which conditions the patient’s mind against substance abuse.

Holistic treatments make you less dependent on medication and are focused on helping a person heal naturally. Spiritual treatments help a person develop a strong resolve to not touch drugs again. The person begins to experience a mental detoxification where he or she comes to know about how life can be very beautiful without drugs or any other form of addiction.

Faith based treatments including regular Bible reading, prayers, inspirational teachings and actions, activities that make a person work to the best of his or her ability as an individual and as a team. Regular counseling is done and the family and friends are also given advice and support on how to deal with a recovering addict.

Most people take to drugs due to an underlying problem like depression, soured relationship, financial problems etc. Spiritual oriented drug rehabs address this root cause of the problem and suggest measures to avoid this tension and live a joyous life. Thus, the withdrawal symptoms and relapse for drugs is less, because the individual become strong from within. The chances of relapse are simply not there, because the person is able to fight his inner demons without resorting to drugs or such other form of addiction.

Among things that are taught in faith based drug rehabs, there are behavioral theory, individual therapy, group therapy, motivational speeches, nutritional advice, somatic experiencing, social responsibility, communicational skills, games, addiction controlling therapies, workshops, spiritual exercises etc. The length of the faith based program for drug addiction depends on the intensity of the addiction, the progress level of the person and the overall health of the person.

It is a very good move to go for a holistic, spiritual method for drug addiction. It not only cleanses your spirit but you are able to connect well with your family, friends, people in general and particularly within yourself. Our minds are the most powerful thing in the world and if we focus and channel our mind in breaking out of the toughest addictions, we can do so. Drug addiction is a curable disease and rehabilitation like Christian drug rehab can be very helpful and useful in helping an addict live a happy and prosperous life again.

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Christian Drug Rehab for a Friend

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

There are many things that you cannot tell your family but you can confide in a close friend. A good friend who understands you and helps you in every step of life is the most precious thing in the world. There are also so-called friends who are out there to spoil you and influence you negatively. A person who becomes a drug addict due to wrong company of friends becomes socially alienated and has no choice but to hang out with other drug addicts. Either he will hang out with this thankless group of drug addicts or he will be all to himself.

You can imagine how much a drug addict wishes subconsciously that he could be cured off this habit. If your friend becomes a drug addict, you have to help him and make sure that he shirks off this bad habit and opportunistic friends. Instead of running away from him, extend a helping hand and give him moral support. A drug addict sadly, does not have help even from his family at times, who may have lost their hopes on him. So as a friend, you can show him how he can get his life back on track.

If your friend has just acquired the habit, it may not be so tough to help him avoid taking drugs. You should explain to him the harmful effects of taking drugs on your health. Most people who take to drugs do so due to some problem, which may be due to a relationship gone bad, failed careers, bankruptcy, job loss etc. Explain to him the consequences of taking the drugs and how his actions would spoil things more than they are at present. Show your friend how he can focus on solving the problem and finding other options in life. Give him the much-needed emotional anchor and support to sail through this hardship and tell him firmly to stay off drugs.

You can even take him to the doctor, who should be able to give him medication that can help him quit drugs. However, if this does not happen and he is too far into drugs, you definitely need to take him to rehabilitation. There are many good rehabilitation centers that can really help the cause of your friend; the most notable one being Christian drug rehab. This drug center is known to adopt a spiritual way of treatment to break drug addiction. Regular counseling is done; group therapies are organized and daily Bible reading hels a person in looking at life through spiritual eyes. Activities that are organized to foster the creativity of people in the Christian drug rehab center channels the minds of people towards joyous and self-fulfilling activities.

As a friend, help your friend in this difficult phase of life; help him lead a healthy life by advising him on the right kind of health and exercises. Your contribution towards helping him lead a drug-free lifestyle will be one of the greatest things that you will be doing for someone.

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The Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction and Getting Help from a Christian Rehab

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

There are many different types of drug addiction, and people who are in the throes of addiction are a slave and victim of a serious problem. It is not the drugs themselves that get a person hooked, but rather the way the drugs make a person feel that is responsible for an addiction forming. The signs of addiction will vary from person to person and can sometimes be masked by mental illness or because the person abuses other drugs or alcohol. To receive the right help a person must undergo a medical evaluation and intake interview with the rehab specialists and skilled staff of a professional Christian rehab.

There are common behavioral signs that will highlight whether or not someone has a genuine addiction to drugs. When confronted, a person with a drug addiction will often react with fear and anger, lashing out at those who are trying to help them. This is common and can result in the addict refusing to seek the help of a professional drug treatment center.

Most people dealing with a drug addiction will go to great lengths to hide the problem from friends, family and others. It is normal for the person to isolate themselves and do whatever is necessary to be able to do the drug of choice. When a person is ready to break the cycle of addiction and reaches out for help it is an important revelation that can lead to healing and recovery. There are some who believe they can beat a drug addiction alone, this is foolish thinking and stalls the person from getting the right professional help.

Breaking the cycle of addiction is necessary if the person is to become the clean and sober person they are meant to be. However, most addicts react with shame; feel humiliated and guilty about the situation which means that some might not get the help truly needed. With a professional Christian rehab a person is given the ability to handle the various components of addiction and finally learns how to break negative behavior patterns that led to the drug addiction. Healing and recovery are entirely possible when the person asks for and embraces the help of a professional treatment facility and is willing to work diligently to become clean.

While drug addiction can seem like a lost and lonely world, there is hope and help ready and available. Reaching out and making the first step is the most difficult, but a person does not ever have to do it alone. There are others out there who understand what is going on and want to help in the struggle and will walk along the journey to sobriety with the addict.

Picking up the phone and contacting a professional Christian rehab is oftentimes the only way a person can find the road back to happiness and fulfillment again. Battling drugs is a difficult prospect and one of the most difficult trails in life, but with help and enough time even the most severe addiction can be combated and a person can learn to live again.

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