Christian Rehab – Understanding Efficacy of Spiritual Rehab

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Christian rehab believes that spiritual healing is the best way to counter the growing addiction in the country. According to believers, spiritual void encourages dependency on drugs and alcohol. Spiritual healing focuses on filling this void and purification of body and mind. It believes change of heart, emotional strength, and holistic life style are the most effective means to treat addicts and inculcate sobriety.

Personalized Care and Attention

Christian rehabilitation believes efficacy of personalized care and attention. There is no role of coercion of any kind. Passion and love forms the two essential pillars of treatment. The holistic approach not only assists in starting a new life, but also ensures hassle-free community life. It believes positive help and encouraging development of healthy body and mind.

Constructive Intervention

Spiritual healing is constructive in its approach. It encourages patients to closely look at their past mistakes, but does not let them brood over these troubles. Rehab programs ensure that addicts learn from these mistakes and start afresh. It encourages positive thinking and assists patients in self-development. Natural and holistic therapies replace medication. The focus remains on change of mind and strengthening the inner strength through self-discipline and prayers.

Focus on Purification of Body and Mind

Christian rehab believes healthy body and mind act as a buffer against addiction. While a drug-free and religious environment creates physical distance from drugs, a spiritually inclined mindset encourages holistic lifestyle. It encourages to seek divine forgiveness and recourse to religious activities. Development of spiritual sense inculcates sobriety, thinking power, and moral values that prohibit drugs in life.

Effective Spiritual Healing

Christian rehabilitation centers make patients attend many faith-based therapies. The programs are structured to rekindle believe in divine blessing, power of prayers, and Christian principles. The most common spiritual therapies include

• Church attendance
• Pastoral counseling
• Bible study and religious sessions
• Spiritual discourse
• 12-step program
• Meetings of prayer group

Pastoral counseling encourages a sober lifestyle. It also restores belief in faith and inspires a religious way of life. Regular church attendance brings patients closer to spiritual life and makes feel the urge for distancing themselves from unethical and immoral lifestyle. The 12-step program infuses positive thinking, family values, ethical principles, and sobriety. It teaches to practice holistic living based on the teachings of the Christ. Closer to spiritual life helps gain control over body and mind and denounce temptations.

Holistic and Supporting Therapies

Christian rehabilitation also provides other holistic and supporting therapies to help addicts recover fast and practice sobriety. Spiritual rehab incorporates the following innovative programs with faith-based programs.

• Physical therapies include acupuncture, strength training, and cardiovascular exercises
• Wellness programs include recreation and other activities, such as sports, art classes
• Communication, skill, and behavioral coaching

Education Against Addiction and Chemical Dependency

Education and counseling against help patients learn against the negative impact of addiction. Starting from the pastoral counseling to prayer group meetings, everywhere patients are counseled about importance of addiction-free life. They are showed the positive side of life and the importance of spiritual living. Stress on purification and good conduct also encourages distance from alcohol and drug addiction.

Thrust on Self-Understanding and Self-Development

Christian spiritual rehab emphasizes on self-understanding. It makes patients realize their past mistakes and encourages them not to repeat them. The objective is to develop healthy physique and mental strength to negate temptation for drugs. It inculcates discipline, self-belief, moral attitude, and spiritual way of life.

Robust Relapse Prevention

Christian rehab provides robust relapse prevention measures. Purification of body and mind prevents return to drug or alcohol addiction. Spiritual sense and religious way of life prohibits people from doing wrong deeds. Hope for life, positive thinking, and obedience to faith help to lead a decent life based on moral conduct. Such a strong physical and mental combination keeps one away from addiction and its evil effects.

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Drug addiction seems to be getting worse every year, but something we shouldn’t forget is that now there are more people than ever enrolling into Lexington, Kentucky Christian rehabs. This surely shows that we as a society are now more aware of the problems caused by drugs, and those who are stuck with this life-threatening, damaging and destructive drug habit are finally stepping up to their responsibility of dealing with it once and for all.

Years ago, this rise in drug abuse might have been a bigger problem that what it would be now. There were less facilities, Christian rehabs weren’t as popular and children weren’t educated about the dangers of drugs. Nowadays we should be thankful that there are so many facilities and so many options that young people simply cannot get away with sticking to drugs for the rest of their life – either because they’ll lose their job, their family, their friends or their livelihood.

If you have found yourself to any kind of substance, whether it’s legal, illegal or an alcoholic drug then the first thing any sane person would tell you to do is enroll in drug rehab –and perhaps, one of the popular Lexington, Kentucky Christian rehabs. At a drug rehab center, there will be a large amount of choices for you (in terms of programs) for you to get your livelihood back and get rid of the destructive addiction for good. You will be able to choose the program that you most prefer and the program that actually fits your circumstances best. If you are a busy career-minded person and your addiction is less severe, you might not even have to stop going to work. You can find all of this at the many Lexington, Kentucky Christian rehabs that are now available.

There are now a large amount of these Lexington, Kentucky Christian rehabs that offer numerous programs for people from different backgrounds, with different financial circumstances and with different lifestyles. It might initially be a bit difficult finding exactly the right facility for you, and choosing the right program for you, but rest assured that by using a resource such as the internet you will easily be able to find the treatment center and Christian program that you need before you finally decide which center to enroll in. As long as you do the research, you can expect a full recovery from a Christian drug rehab.

These Christian rehabs are becoming incredibly prominent today. More people who aren’t even followers of Christianity, or any religion for that matter, are turning up at the doors of the centers and requesting their help with their addiction. Christian rehabs are incredibly significant in modern day rehabilitation, as they do perhaps offer the most intuitive methods of treatment and are able to treat such a diverse kind of people and offer incredibly low relapse rates at the same time. You shouldn’t rule out Christian care, as it’s on your long list of options and might just be able to help you with your problems.

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Christian rehab can be regarded as an extremely viable method of rehabilitation. The main reasons for this include how it can be better for addicts to go through this method than secular rehab – a form of care which does not have a religious denomination running throughout the program. In this article, we are going to go through some of the myths that surround Christian rehab: myths which might have been deterring you from giving this type of care a try.
One of the key myths that surround Christian rehab centers are that you have to be a Christian in order to be admitted to the treatment program. This is one of the most outstanding myths that surround this type of rehabilitation. You can be of any religious denomination in order to take advantage of the service which is being provided by these centers, and there is no objection to those who are atheist or agnostic from getting involved either. Many of these clinics and the staff within them want to help as many people as possible to make a full recovery – and making this decision when choosing the location of your treatment could be worthwhile.
Another falsity which is associated with Christian rehab is that you have to be a devout Christian for the rest of your live as soon as you conclude the treatment program. This can be an exaggeration which can be hard to enforce in real life anyway. Even if you do not decide to become a practicing Christian by going to Church on a weekly basis, you can still gain from the values which are promoted in your spiritual journey through Biblical study classes. Many of the stories which are discussed in length during these sessions can be related back to everyday life – whether you are religious or not.
Again, many myths remain – including the fact that you have to partake in all of the activities which are involved with these centers. Even though prayer sessions are always going to be part of Christian rehab programs, as well as chapel visits and pastoral counseling, you will never be subjected to elements of the care against your will. All the same, it can be worthwhile for you to think about whether or not you could find this elements of care advantageous all the same – as contributing factors along the spiritual journey of development that you are making.
Lastly, some people can believe that Christian clinics do not have the same medical facilities as their secular counterparts, which means that many people do not get the medical treatment that they need when contending with things such as withdrawal symptoms. This could not be further from the truth, and most if not all Christian rehab centers are equipped with the latest medication and professional medical staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week – aiding your recovery. There is plenty more to learn about Christian rehab, something which can change the way you approach drugs forever.

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Thursday, June 24th, 2010

If you are on the lookout for a rehabilitation center for you or for someone you love, there can be such competition in the market that you might not know where to turn. Christian drug rehab centers have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and this article is going to give you five reasons as to why they are popular in particular.
The first reason why you should choose Christian drug rehab centers is because on average, they have a far higher success rate than other methods of rehabilitation do. This is because of how many clinics use spiritual care in order to ensure that a person can get all of the support that they need in a way which is different to what you might have been expecting. You can enquire in more depth about the statistics and success rates surrounding clinics in your area by getting into contact with them usually.
The second reason why you should opt for faith-based treatment is because they allow for people from all walks of life to come through the door and take advantage of the care which is on offer – irrespective of the person’s religious denomination, or even if they have no faith whatsoever. This can be excellent if you are not too confident on the other clinics which are in your area, and you are looking for something which is refreshingly different.
Another reason why you should go for Christian drug rehab centers is because you can get the opportunity to have more individual counseling than you might have received in another organization. This is because you also get pastoral counseling, where you have the chance to discuss your faith and increasing your spirituality in a way which can improve the opportunity that you will have to believe in God.
The fourth reason can be because it can give you a better chance of success if you have already been through rehabilitation once and relapsed. This can be a saddening experience which can lower the morale and self-confidence that a recovering addict who was finding their feet may endure. Christian drug rehab centers offer a new approach to care which is completely different from what would have been experienced before, and bearing this in mind when you are looking through the exhaustive list of options available to you could be worthwhile.
The last reason is how you can be assured that you will constantly kept busy whilst you are in rehabilitative care – something which means that you will always have something to distract you from the withdrawal symptoms you might experience, such as Biblical study classes and church visits. In addition to this, you also get the opportunity to receive all of the medical care which you might have expected in a secular center.
These clinics can provide you with a service which is just as good as any other – the only difference is that you get that little bit extra.

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Detoxification and Christian Addiction Treatment

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Detoxification forms an integral part of the Christian addiction treatment. Detoxification is the process where the patient’s body is rid of the traces of the substance that he/she is addicted to. Detox forms the initial step of almost all addiction treatments and is therefore most crucial as well as complicated.

This initial period of detoxification is indeed very crucial to the recovery of the addict and therefore requires the safest of hands. It is therefore very important for a rehab to be well equipped in terms of trained staff as well as provisions that are required in dealing with the detox treatment, chosen for the patient.

Detoxification Christian addiction treatment will depend on the substance of addiction. In cases like cocaine and marijuana, a medical detox treatment is not required. While these cases do have intense withdrawal symptoms and will demand therapy and careful monitoring of the patient, medicines will not be given in order to detox the patient.

In cases of alcohol, prescription drugs and heroin, it is very likely that the patient will be given medications to help to detoxify the system. Where the addiction is severe, ignoring the medical detox can even turn out to be fatal. It is important that the detox process is conducted by the experienced hands of a doctor who knows exactly what medicines are to be administered and in what quantities.

While it is true that detoxification helps control and even get a person rid of the physically dependence on the substance of addiction, it does absolutely nothing for the mind. The Christian addiction treatment will cater to this aspect right from the very first step of rehabilitation. Along with the medical detox process, the patient will be encouraged to fight the physical withdrawal symptoms by keeping faith in the Almighty. Distracting oneself from the physical discomfort by praying and reading the Bible will help control the irritation tremendously. It is believed that those who went through the detox program with a faith in Christ and his teachings were able to deal with the symptoms of the process with greater ease.

The Christian addiction treatment is seen as a holistic treatment of the body, mind and spirit. While these treatments do not ignore the healing process adopted by regular rehabs, they do not stop their healing at the physical level only. Understanding the need to heal all aspects of the addict helps these Christian rehabs to achieve a much better success rate when compared to traditional rehabs. Once you have completed treatment be sure to find a halfway house or sober home you can get extra needed support from.

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