Integrity Way Recovery Center is the Beginning to Living a Sober Life

Friday, May 20th, 2011

When a person is caught up in a chemical addiction they are not sure where to turn for help. Entering into Integrity Way Recovery Center is the beginning to living a sober life without the ill effects of a chemical dependency. Through their recovery program, a person can learn to take back control of their life, with the help of the caring and professional staff, innovative treatment and proven treatment protocols, miracles can happen.

There are many reasons why a person begins to abuse a chemical substance. The break down of a relationship, peer pressure, financial hardships, loss of a loved one or to relieve stress after a hard day at work, can just be a few of the reasons. Unfortunately, many people do not see themselves as addicts, until it is too late. The next thing the person knows is that they have become a slave to addiction and see no way of ever living a sober life again. The only way to obtain a sober life is too admit that there is an addiction problem and to enter into a reputable treatment center such as Integrity Way Recovery Center.

At Integrity Way Recovery, there are no one size fits all treatment programs; instead, each treatment program is tailored to suit each client’s individual needs. The professional staff will make sure that each part of the program is designed to help the person to achieve the goal of sobriety for the long term. By having this type of treatment program, it sets Integrity Way apart from more traditional rehab programs.

Instead of having a clinical or hospital-type of atmosphere, Integrity Way is designed to make the entire clientele feel at ease. The home-like setting is tastefully decorated to help the patient feel relaxed and at peace. The facility contains a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and pool table that can be utilized in the patient’s free time. By offering deluxe accommodations in a serene setting, it helps many people adjust to a sober environment more easily.

The treatment services that are offered at Integrity Way during the recovery process are group therapy, individual counseling, coping skills, addiction education, life skills, life coaching, faith-based treatment (optional), hypnotherapy, massage therapy, Yoga, Tai Chi and acupuncture. They also offer therapists that speak Spanish and Creole, for those clients that do not speak or articulate in the English language.

Integrity Way Recovery Center wants a client to succeed in beating chemical dependency for a lifetime. For those individuals that have successfully completed a 90-day treatment program and have also completed the aftercare program, the facility also offers a free of charge relapse treatment option, if it is needed anytime within the first year of concluding treatment.

Many addicts are scared to ask for help and feel that they are a failure if they do so. This is not true; it takes a braver person to ask for help and to make the life long commitment to stay sober, than it does to keep perpetuating an addiction through living in denial. For some, they are not sure if they can ever recover from a chemical addiction. One should never give up hope. By completing the recovery program at Integrity Way Recovery Center and with the support of family and friends, one can succeed at leading a sober life once again.

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Integrity Way Recovery Helps Many Beat Addiction

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Living in a world of chemical addiction and engaging in substance abuse quickly becomes a life-threatening situation. Many start off abusing a substances and think that they will never become addicted, because they are “different” than the traditional perception of what an addict is thought to be. Unfortunately, once a person has become an addict, they think that there is no chance to live a life free of drugs and alcohol, but this is not true when someone agrees to enter into a Integrity Way Recovery program.

There are many reasons why a person can begin to abuse drugs and alcohol. For some it may be due to the death of a loved one or due to a past trauma, while others may begin to use to due to peer pressure or to feel more relaxed during a stressful situation. Before the person realizes it, they are soon thrust into a life filled with the pain and misery of addiction and see no way out of the situation.

Integrity Way Recovery offers a different and vast variety of treatment services and options for each client. They offer individual counseling 3- 4 times a week and group therapy, to help the person to get to the root of an addiction problem. Coping skills are taught, to help the person to avoid negative behaviors that can lead them to experience a relapse. Faith-based treatment is available for those that want to renew their commitment to spirituality. Addictive disease education, life skills and life coaching are also included in the treatment program to help the addict adjust to a new and healthier lifestyle.

There is still a stigma attached to substance abuse, even though the medical community recognizes it as a disease. Many fear that they will be seen as weak-will and will feel ashamed about their addiction problem. For these reasons and many others, some hide their addiction from their family and close friends, at all costs. People that are closest to the addict are often shocked when they realize that there is a substance abuse problem.

Those that have been through a detox center, generally think that they do not need to go to a rehab facility after finishing treatment in a detox. Despite popular belief, alcohol and drug detox does not help a person to stop a substance abuse problem. The goal of detox is to help the person rid the body of drugs and alcohol and to become stable. A detox facility does not deal with the root reasons why a person uses, nor does it teach the addict how to live a life without the negative effects of alcohol or drugs, this is only done through entering into rehab and going through the entire program.

After one has completed a detox program, the next step is to enter into a drug or alcohol program. Studies have shown those that go through a detox program and then enter into a drug or alcohol rehab program have a greater chance of beating an addiction. When these to two forms of treatment are combined, the person is not only sober, but is also equipped with the knowledge on how to stay sober for a lifetime.

Integrity Way Recovery offers every client a tailored treatment plan to meet his or her individual needs. Many find this to be an advantage over more traditional rehab programs that have a cookie cutter approach to treatment. Even if one has been through another treatment program before and failed there is still hope for leading a sober life again and by contacting Welling Way, you can start a brand new beginning.

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Information About the Choice of an Alcohol Rehab in Lexington, Kentucky

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Alcohol addiction in the United States is a growing problem, much like in many parts of the world. It affects a much wider section of people than you might actually think, and is one of the most destructive addictions out there. Local government in Lexington, Kentucky spends millions of dollars in an attempt to fix the damage caused by alcohol addiction in the area. As well as the local government trying its best to deal with the problem, you will also find that Alcohol rehab in Lexington, Kentucky has become one very powerful, influential and effective method of treating the condition.

When people hear the word addiction, they then either connect it to the drug, substance or alcohol – though there are many addictions out there. Alcohol is incredibly prominent because it’s so socially acceptable, and accessible to nearly anybody. Even young people can get away with buying alcohol these days, meaning that it’s perhaps one of the most accessible addictive substances apart from caffeine. When you feel that you can no longer control how much alcohol you consume, and your life is being consume by alcohol, you can be assured that an alcohol rehab in Lexington, Kentucky will be able to deal with your new alcohol addiction problem.

People often compare alcoholism to a disease in that it affects the health of an individual and can potentially cause their death. Treatment, just like you would have for a disease, is available from an alcohol rehab in Lexington, Kentucky – as long as you’re willing to accept their help and their advice. You must be totally dedicated to getting help and getting over your problem for good.

There are now more alcoholism treatment facilities in Lexington, Kentucky than before and so, you can rest assured that should you have a problem then there are hundreds of experts in your area who will be able to help you, as well as tens of facilities surrounding you which can all offer you different services.

If an alcohol addict actually realizes that they have a problem, that’s great. That’s something that many addicts don’t actually do, and so it makes the process of rehab so much easier if the addict is ready to admit there is a problem and ready to admit that they actually do need help. This is quite lucky for them, and their family, as it means they will be able to get to a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism much quicker and hence come out of the facility sooner than they would have if they had spent time in denial.

Family are quickly realizing that if their loved one had been through a period of denial, it really would have been up to them to convince them there was a problem and that they need to seek some kind of help. This is known as intervention, and without intervention so many people would be going without help and the problem of alcoholism in Lexington, Kentucky would be much worse than what it is today.

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Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts: Why is it so Effective?

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Massachusetts is also known as the Old Bay State having two bays Massachusetts Bay and Buzzards Bay bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It has a good industrial base and the historic city of Boston is well known for its charm and culture. When one thinks of Boston the Boston tea party comes to mind, which was linked to the struggle to gain independence from the British more than two hundred years ago. However nowadays people are having quite a different party with alcohol at the center. Alcohol is not just for parties; it is consumed for any reason to the extent that quite a lot of people have turned to chronic alcoholics.

Alcoholism is like ripples in a pool affecting not only the person at the center but also those around him just like the ripple effect. The alcoholic suffers and those around him suffer as well. He has to be helped out of this problem and brought back to a normal life. Alcohol rehab in Massachusetts is available to address this problem. So if you are searching for effective alcohol rehab then without any second thought then you can go for treatment at these rehab centers. This rehab provides you with various facilities that make your treatment effective, easier and most important– long lasting. It is important to note that alcohol rehab programs vary from person to person to suit idiosyncrasies. The basic motto and objective of these programs is to help the individual return to a normal life.

There are various reasons why rehabs are the best solution for alcoholics. These factors are as follows:

• Extended care: Alcohol rehab in Massachusetts provides you the utmost care. They specifically address each and every issue that is connected with the alcoholic and his alcoholism and try to root out the causes and effects through extended care.
• Residential treatment programs: These treatment programs offer you the best quality of treatments. They provide you with the complete package comprising detox, nutritious diet, psychotherapy, exercise, massage, yoga and skills in self control, societal skills and communication skills. Together these combine to empower an individual to stay recovered through life.
• Intensive outpatient rehab programs: These are intensive planned programs where the patients do not have to be admitted to the rehab and simply visit the center for counseling and guidance and acquisition of skills needed to handle themselves and their lives. One benefit is that the normal routine of the individual is not disrupted and he can continue with work and other activities.
• Aftercare programs: Once the patients are done with alcohol rehab program then they need to undergo the aftercare programs. Doubts and fears that may have been left over after the intensive inpatient treatments are taken care of, problems are addressed as they arise and adjustments made in guiding the recovered individual to handle situations and emotions.
• Dual diagnosis programs: Alcoholism results due to a variety of causes and also gives birth to some ill effects and in this program the concomitant health and mental problems are taken care of
• Treatment programs for women: This program basically emphasizes on the requirements of women in the process of recovery and thus makes it easier for them to be back to a normal and happy life again.
• Trauma and stress program: Alcohol rehab in Massachusetts provides various programs that particularly focus upon traumatic and stressful incidents in the lives of the people so that they can remove addiction from the root. There are various alternatives being made available to make the process of recovery easy for them.

Along with all these programs Alcohol rehab in Massachusetts gives importance to introduce new methodologies designed to make the process easier and safer.

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Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT

Monday, September 27th, 2010

For many, the occasional alcoholic beverage when socializing with a group of friends or over a nice meal does no harm; in fact, it’s often quite relaxing and enjoyable. Some people, however, have a tendency to go overboard – be it caused by their personality or life troubles at the time – and may become addicted to the recreational depressant drug. It’s at this stage when they may require admission to a treatment center, where they can deal with the triggers of their alcohol addiction and move on with their lives following a positive pathway.

It’s true for most cities in the United States, and even Utah’s capital isn’t exempt from this statement: alcohol is the most widely abused drug – for young and old people alike. For something that is legal, this can be difficult to understand. Why can the substance be accessed and misused so easily if it affects so many people’s lives in a bad way?

The answer to this isn’t well known, but it would arguably be unfair to rule alcohol as illegal for those who manage to control their intake sensibly, as well as those who don’t. Seeing as it accounts for around 34% of Salt Lake City drug rehab admissions in the typical year, though, it’s blatantly clear that something needs to be done.

Achieving a city completely free from the burden of alcohol is never going to be an easy task, but Salt Lake City, Utah Alcoholism Treatment Center locations take a step towards achieving just this. By using an expert blend of therapy, medication, withdrawal, and general support, many addicts are given the chance to transform their lives in a way previously thought impossible.

Already, good outcomes are evident. Recent figures show us that alcohol treatment admissions in Salt Lake are 7% below the national average, and 2% under Utah’s average, too. A definite sign that people in the city are generally less affected by alcohol addiction than those elsewhere, this fact hints that more improvements are set to come.

Of those admitted in the area with an addiction to alcohol only, around 80% are male, with just 20% being of the opposite sex. The peak age at which an individual is likely to require admission can be anywhere between 36-50 years, with 40 as the most probable moment in one’s lifetime. Over 80% of clients of the city’s drug rehabs are white, with American Indian or Alaskan origins being the second most likely before those of Black or African American descent.

Statistics like this tell us only of general trends, but what’s more important is that all of these people – regardless of their gender, age, nationality or religion – can be presented with the opportunity of overcoming an addiction to alcohol. Salt Lake City, Utah Alcoholism Treatment center admissions may well be on the up, but this is hopefully a good omen rather than bad. If this is the case, it could surely mean only one thing: more people are battling addiction to live a conventional, socially acceptable lifestyle in a state of sobriety.

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Lexington, KY Alcohol Rehabs

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Lexington, Kentucky alcohol rehabs are now so abundant that you really have no excuse not to get help for your alcohol addiction – though, the sheer choice that you have when it comes to deciding what kind of alcohol rehab you want to go to can sometimes be something of a harsh task. Do you want to go to a Christian rehab? Do you want holistic treatment? Do you want outpatient care?

One of the methods of alcohol treatment that is becoming more popular amongst people who want specialized care, is natural Lexington, Kentucky alcohol rehabs which specialize in ensuring that all rehabilitation and detox techniques are totally natural for the patients. Below you will be able to see some of the natural therapies and programs that are used at natural Lexington, Kentucky alcohol rehabs in order to cleanse an individual’s body of the toxins they have been ingesting, and in this case the alcohol that they have been consuming for extended periods of time.

These kind of natural therapies have actually also been proven to be effective in getting an addict to remain in a prolonged state of sobriety, even after they have been to one of the natural Lexington, Kentucky alcohol rehabs. Natural therapies have an interesting ability to allow addicts to stay sober, as well as bring about an effective detox program for addicts that can help an addict get their normal health back once more.

One of the first things that you will undergo when you go to one of the natural Lexington, Kentucky alcohol rehabs is a total change to your diet. This is the very first step to the all important detox program, that gets rid of alcohol from the patient’s system altogether. As soon as the patient stops consuming alcohol, then this process will begin to expedite any effect of other programs for healing. By stopping any other consumption of alcohol, the facility will be able to get the addict to instead focus on consuming a thoroughly healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. This kind of food is good for detox as it aids in getting rid of toxins in the body. Equally, a limit to the amount of sugar the body can ingest will be provided in order to balance blood sugar.

Another thing that occurs in a natural facility for alcohol addiction rehabilitation is physical exercise, including Pilate and Yoga exercises. This is so that the patient can remain in top shape and top health, during the removal of alcohol toxins from the body. This kind of exercise also aids in connecting body and mind, so that the patient begins to realize the effects on the body that their destructive drinking habits can have.

The facility will also ensure that the body is given enough water and given the proper vitamins and minerals, in the form of tablets and products that can be bought at most health shops. The general aim of this is to ensure that the body remains in top shape while the healing process begins.

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Alcohol Treatment in Arizona Targets the Youth

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Arizona is one of those states in the US that faces a huge amount of threat from drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, there are a good number of alcohol users in this state, which has become a cause of concern. Alcohol addiction is perhaps one of the massive threats that Arizona is facing in the contemporary era. One of the main reasons for drug abuse in Arizona is its geographic location. Arizona is bordered by Mexico which is a cause of alcohol infiltration.

With the emergence of globalization, the lifestyle and the very outlook of the masses have seen a drastic upheaval. Nowadays, most of the youths are leading an extravagant life, further worsening the entire scenario. Henceforth, it has become mandatory to adapt necessary steps to improve this cataclysmic condition. Especially in the states of USA the condition is even worse.

However, with the advancement of technology, an innumerable number of treatments are now available to take appropriate measures in order to mitigate this devastation. DUI is a major issue in the state of Arizona. Thus, the best method to deal with an alcoholic is to find the treatment program that works best with that individual. Often, it appears that not every program works well for every individual. Thus, the most important attribute of the treatment program is the keenness of the alcoholic to recover.

Nowadays, most of the countries have become cautious about the various detrimental aspects of alcohols and drugs. Arizona is certainly not an exception in this regard. Alcohol treatment in Arizona has also attained a new vigor and momentum since decades. Although the government has often taken active and pretty harsh steps while dealing with this nuisance, still illegal trading and consumption has been continuing in a active manner.

Hereby, the alcohol treatment in Arizona played an initiative role while dealing with this serious aspect. A huge number of rehabilitation centers have been organized by the government to provide proper treatments to the addicted ones. However, the authorities didn’t circumscribe themselves by only arranging for the rehabilitation facilities, but also adapted necessary steps in the further enhancement of the alcohol treatment in Arizona. Several awareness campaigns, advertisements are often being organized with a fervent zeal and enthusiasm. It has been found in a survey that lot of the Arizona students have been caught in charge of consuming alcohol. Hence it has become necessary to stop the students from getting hooked to alcohol because they have the responsibility of the coming years.

The methods adopted by the treatment centers in Arizona are more or less the same to the treatment methodologies of the other states. In the first place they begin with the process of detoxification whereby all the alcohol parts are removed from the body of the addict so that they can adequately respond to the treatment process. After detoxification is over the staffs present in the center try to provide psychological counseling to the addicts.

In the counseling process the counselors try to understand the root cause of the addiction and once the proper cause is understood it becomes very easy for them to help the addict come out of the addiction. The addicts are made to realize that alcohol can have dire consequences in their life. Most importantly it can take a severe toll physically as well as mentally. The situation might be such that the patient may lose the support of his family as well his/her job. Sometimes due to alcoholism of a person the family may also suffer financially so it is wise to quit alcohol when there is still time.

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All About a Lexington, KY Seconal Detox

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Lexington, Kentucky Seconal detox centers might not be world famous, but they’re certainly effective. There’s absolutely no reason why somebody would choose not to use their services these days as they can solve many of the problems that you have when you’re addicted. It might not seem that there are many people in Lexington, Kentucky who are addicted to seconal – and indeed, you might not even have heard of the substance. The problem does however exist and is being treated at a large scale by the Lexington, Kentucky seconal detox facilities in the area.

These facilities provide a valuable service, and can provide you with the same high quality service should you feel like you require this kind of treatment. Some people in this area are even involved with the illegal transshipment of drugs and the drug trade, so more and more people are being sucked into this kind of destructive behavior through people selling the drugs to people on the streets. Illegal cartels and drug organizations are having a disastrous effect on the health of people even in this area.

So what is the drug rehab service that is offered by Lexington, Kentucky seconal detox facilities? Well, the term ‘rehab’ refers to the psycho-therapeutic and medical treatment of people who have an addiction to drugs (in this case seconal). The process is performed by initially detoxifying the patient from the toxins that have been put into their bodies over a long period of time. This detox is usually painful but this can be dealt with by the staff at the center.

The reason why so many rehabilitation centers are established here (and indeed, there is a large number of facilities that have been established) is to allow the population of people who have become addicted to substances like seconal to stop ingesting dangerous toxins, stop being unpleasant to friends and families and finally get back their sense of perspective and ability to prioritize. Essentially, rehabs are able to give people a new lease of life and stop them from completing their journey down the road of despair.

By enrolling in treatment that is relevant to their addiction, and making sure the staff are capable of dealing with their problems effectively then an individual can ensure that they are able to leave drugs behind. Though of course, it must be true that the patient has a large amount of willpower to be able to complete their endeavor.

Rehabs are able to help people live their lives without any pressure, either from legalities, from the family or even social and moral difficulties as these often occur to a person during their life when they are struggling with an addiction. They seem to forget everything that’s important and learn a whole new set of priorities in their life – which on the most part involve drugs somehow.

The message is this: you don’t need to look any further than Lexington, Kentucky in order to be able to start living a life you can be proud of. Nor is any hope lost if you are addicted to drugs. You can get help because it is openly available to you.

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Why You Need a Lexington, KY Quaalude Detox

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Thousands of people in Kentucky suffer from some kind of addiction, but in the Lexington area of Kentucky there is a growing population of people who are addicted to the Quaalude substance. The substance seems fairly unknown but the problem exists nonetheless, as addicts are turning to totally new drugs in order to bypass dependency and find the high that they once got with another drug.

Lexington, Kentucky Quaalude detox facilities are hence incredibly popular as we now have a rather health-conscious population of people in Lexington. As people are realizing that their addiction is destructive, they are turning to Lexington, Kentucky Quaalude detox facilities in order to get rid of their addictions for the sake of themselves and the sake of their families. The rehab services provided by these facilities are not only helpful to those who are addicted to drugs, but to society at large. This is because there are many societal costs involved with addictions like that of Quaalude dependency.

Drug dealing on the streets is just one problem, as it provokes illegal activity in public and has the potential of leading people (and children) astray. Furthermore, this addiction causes the breakdown of relationships between the addict and friends and family, and can sometimes produce the violent behavior that becomes the start of domestic abuse.

For those who are perhaps younger and addicted, who take drugs outside with friends, there arises the problem of vandalism which causes a financial pressure on local government to keep order – requiring clean up operations, counseling programs at schools and putting more police on the streets.

These are just some of the best reasons why addiction rehabs like that of the Lexington, Kentucky Quaalude detox facilities are so beneficial. But these are only the reasons they are beneficial for those surrounding the addict. One must not overlook the necessity of treating a patient so much so that they can become a part of the society that doesn’t want the effects of drug abuse in their streets.

Addicts need help as much as other people need order, and so these facilities provide the necessary treatment in order to stop the abuse and help them get back on track with their lives. By enrolling in a drug rehabilitation facility a person can get their health (both physical and mental) back in order and start building relationships with the family again (though, this is assuming the family had failed at intervening and hence had to stay away from the addicts).

The numerous kinds of addiction facility these days, and hence the many varying programs that are implemented, are able to help nearly anybody who has a drug addiction. Through the use of inpatient and outpatient services, any kind of addict can be helped through both psychological and physical treatment used to combat addictions of all kinds – even the severe addictions involved with the Quaalude substance.

This really provides a lifeline for people who want to change. As long as you are willing you will be able to start leading a brand new life without drugs.

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