Recovery from Addiction Starts by Entering Integrity Way Recovery Center

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Addiction is a disease that is on the rise around the world and is running rampant and destroying lives. Recognizing when a person needs help is crucial in winning the battle against chemical dependency, because without being treated, addiction can cut a life short. Integrity Way Recovery Center is dedicated to helping people live a sober life again, and by using a unique and innovative approach to rehab, we help changes lives each day.

The most common symptom of addiction is denial, and those who are struggling with substance abuse often do not realize how bad their addiction has become. Abusing alcohol or drugs becomes the most important thing in their life and nothing else matters. The compulsion to use is so strong that many will do anything to feed an addiction, regardless of the consequences. Many find themselves engaging in risky behavior that they may otherwise never do if they were sober. A person that is caught up in the cycle of addiction and does not receive help will ultimately wind up dead.

Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such, instead of disregarding the person as weak willed, damaged or flawed. Many that have never had an addiction problem do not understand why the person cannot just quit using the substance on their own. If that were the case, there would be no need for treatment programs that specialize in alcoholism and drug addiction like the programs at Integrity Way Recovery Center.

Once a person begins to abuse a substance on a regular basis, the body becomes addicted and will go through withdrawal if the substance is not used daily. In some severe cases of addiction the person may have to use repeatedly during the day to stave of withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are headaches, body aches, vomiting, nausea, profuse sweating and diarrhea. Because these symptoms can become so overwhelming the person will do whatever it takes to acquire the alcohol or drug, to stop the pain of withdrawal.

Sometimes when a person knows a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction they will help them hide it from others. Family will sometimes make excuses for the addict, give the person money to buy the substance or take them to purchase the drug or alcohol. This does not help the addict and will make it almost impossible for them to enter into a treatment program. Enabling someone that has a substance abuse problem is only making the problem worse and instead of doing this, friends and family should strongly encourage the person to get professional treatment.

Some people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol may show no signs of addiction to those around them. They maintain a job and meet all of their family, social and financial obligations without anyone suspecting there is a substance abuse problem. These types of people are considered functioning addicts. Many times those that are closest to them are usually shocked when they find out that the person is struggling with the disease of addiction and do not know what to do to help the individual.

Once a person is ready to admit that they have an addiction problem and need help, the next step is to enter into Integrity Way Recovery Center for treatment. The caring and professional staff is here to help the person recover with dignity and provides the programs and treatment services needed to help the individual become strong and able to live a clean and sober life again.

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Integrity Way Counseling Helps Many Recover

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Alcohol and drug addiction can destroy a life in little to no time at all. The effects of long-term alcohol and drug abuse and horrible and as such, it is important to help the addict realize how bad things have become and to encourage treatment. At Integrity Way counseling is one of the core tenets of treatment and it is believed that through talking about the underlying issues that led to a drug and/or alcohol problem, a person is better able to work through these matters and adopt a clean and sober life again.

Rehab programs contain three steps. The first is going through the detox process to rid the body of the chemical substance; next, the person will go through extensive counseling in the rehab facility and finally counseling within an aftercare program. The counseling during rehab and the aftercare program are considered to be the most important parts of the recovery process to maintain sobriety for a lifetime, because it changes how a person views and understands addiction and alcoholism.

Only going through the detox process, without rehabilitation, generally ends up in the person relapsing. The reason for this is because there is little or no counseling involved during the detox process. Detox is deigned to rid the body of a chemical substance so the person is able to focus on their sobriety in a rehab facility without the distraction of going through withdrawal.

Clients in Integrity Way counseling will be taught the essential skills needed, to stop using drugs or alcohol and learn how to avoid a relapse. Many patients find this beneficial in the recovery process. They offer individual and group counseling to help patients to get to the root of the reason why they abuse drugs or alcohol and teach the individual how to cope better, focus on the positives in life and how to avoid falling prey to the triggers they might face in the outside world.

Individual counseling is a one on one therapy session with a professional that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction. During this type of counseling, the client is able to discuss in private, how the addiction has had negative effects on their life. The patient is encouraged to take responsibility for the negative behavior due to addiction and learns how to work through it in a positive way. The patient also learns how to use personal boundaries, make amends to those they have hurt and can rebuild solid, healthy relationships again.

Group therapy is when the patient meets with a trained group counselor and other clients receiving treatment. During this type of therapy, the members choose what topic they would like to discuss and open up in a group setting to share stories and experiences with one another. Patients are encouraged with the other members of the group to give feedback during the session and to glean information and insight from the knowledge and experiences of others.

For those addicts and alcoholics wishing for something to change, entering into Integrity Way counseling programs lays down the foundation needed to adopt a new life. While struggling and battling against addiction and alcoholism is hard, through counseling and therapy programs, a person can learn new ways to cope and can begin to emerge from the cycle of substance abuse. If you or someone you love is dealing with a substance abuse problem, contact a professional rehab center today and find the path back to living again.

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Integrity Way Recovery Center is the Beginning to Living a Sober Life

Friday, May 20th, 2011

When a person is caught up in a chemical addiction they are not sure where to turn for help. Entering into Integrity Way Recovery Center is the beginning to living a sober life without the ill effects of a chemical dependency. Through their recovery program, a person can learn to take back control of their life, with the help of the caring and professional staff, innovative treatment and proven treatment protocols, miracles can happen.

There are many reasons why a person begins to abuse a chemical substance. The break down of a relationship, peer pressure, financial hardships, loss of a loved one or to relieve stress after a hard day at work, can just be a few of the reasons. Unfortunately, many people do not see themselves as addicts, until it is too late. The next thing the person knows is that they have become a slave to addiction and see no way of ever living a sober life again. The only way to obtain a sober life is too admit that there is an addiction problem and to enter into a reputable treatment center such as Integrity Way Recovery Center.

At Integrity Way Recovery, there are no one size fits all treatment programs; instead, each treatment program is tailored to suit each client’s individual needs. The professional staff will make sure that each part of the program is designed to help the person to achieve the goal of sobriety for the long term. By having this type of treatment program, it sets Integrity Way apart from more traditional rehab programs.

Instead of having a clinical or hospital-type of atmosphere, Integrity Way is designed to make the entire clientele feel at ease. The home-like setting is tastefully decorated to help the patient feel relaxed and at peace. The facility contains a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and pool table that can be utilized in the patient’s free time. By offering deluxe accommodations in a serene setting, it helps many people adjust to a sober environment more easily.

The treatment services that are offered at Integrity Way during the recovery process are group therapy, individual counseling, coping skills, addiction education, life skills, life coaching, faith-based treatment (optional), hypnotherapy, massage therapy, Yoga, Tai Chi and acupuncture. They also offer therapists that speak Spanish and Creole, for those clients that do not speak or articulate in the English language.

Integrity Way Recovery Center wants a client to succeed in beating chemical dependency for a lifetime. For those individuals that have successfully completed a 90-day treatment program and have also completed the aftercare program, the facility also offers a free of charge relapse treatment option, if it is needed anytime within the first year of concluding treatment.

Many addicts are scared to ask for help and feel that they are a failure if they do so. This is not true; it takes a braver person to ask for help and to make the life long commitment to stay sober, than it does to keep perpetuating an addiction through living in denial. For some, they are not sure if they can ever recover from a chemical addiction. One should never give up hope. By completing the recovery program at Integrity Way Recovery Center and with the support of family and friends, one can succeed at leading a sober life once again.

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Integrity Way Recovery Center is the Beginning to a Sober Lifestyle

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Drug and alcohol addiction is on the rise all over the world. With many turning to alcohol and drugs to cope with stress, they soon find that they are in the middle of an addiction and are not sure where to find help. At Integrity Way Recovery Center, the staff truly believes that it is possible for anyone to learn how to live life again, without the detrimental effects of chemical dependency.

Generally when the word addiction is said, many think of the stereotypical junkie living in the inner city begging for food and change. The unsettling truth is that anyone can become an addict. The disease of addiction can affect anyone regardless of age, social class, sex or race. No one wakes up one day and decides they are going to become an addict. Addiction to a substance generally begins slowly. Some may start abusing a substance in a social setting, while others may begin using due to peer pressure. Whatever the reasons are behind the addiction, a person begins to feel hopeless and powerless over their addiction, and as much as the person may want to stop using a substance, they soon find themselves a slave to addiction.

Once the body has become addicted to a substance, it requires more of the chemical to get the same effect as it did in the beginning stages. For some addicts the urge to abuse a substance is not necessarily to get high, it is too keep the symptoms of withdrawal at bay. This is especially apparent in those that are addicted to heroin or other types of opiates for example.

Changes in personality, friends and behavior are generally the first signs that a person is dealing with an addiction problem. However, in some cases the person does not exhibit any warning signs that they are addicted to a substance. This type of addict is referred to as a functioning addiction. An addict that is functional will continue to hold a job and take care of family obligations while still abusing a substance. The person will hide the addiction so well from coworkers, family and friends that they are shocked when they finally find out about the problem.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are friends and family members, who will help the person, hide the substance abuse. They will often give an addict some money, take them to purchase the drugs or alcohol and make excuses for them, thinking that they are helping or keeping the addict safe. Those that think they are helping the addict, in actuality, are doing more harm to the person than good. Enabling a person who has a substance abuse problem only perpetuates the addiction. By not getting the addict help at Integrity Way Recovery Center, it will only make the addiction worse.

By entering into a treatment facility, the person will learn how to live a life of sobriety. By going through group and individual counseling, it will teach the addict positive coping skills and the self-efficacy needed, to deal with everyday stress that can otherwise cause them to relapse. If you or someone you love is struggling in the grips of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, contact Integrity Way Recovery Center now, before it is too late.

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Integrity Way Recovery Helps Many Beat Addiction

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Living in a world of chemical addiction and engaging in substance abuse quickly becomes a life-threatening situation. Many start off abusing a substances and think that they will never become addicted, because they are “different” than the traditional perception of what an addict is thought to be. Unfortunately, once a person has become an addict, they think that there is no chance to live a life free of drugs and alcohol, but this is not true when someone agrees to enter into a Integrity Way Recovery program.

There are many reasons why a person can begin to abuse drugs and alcohol. For some it may be due to the death of a loved one or due to a past trauma, while others may begin to use to due to peer pressure or to feel more relaxed during a stressful situation. Before the person realizes it, they are soon thrust into a life filled with the pain and misery of addiction and see no way out of the situation.

Integrity Way Recovery offers a different and vast variety of treatment services and options for each client. They offer individual counseling 3- 4 times a week and group therapy, to help the person to get to the root of an addiction problem. Coping skills are taught, to help the person to avoid negative behaviors that can lead them to experience a relapse. Faith-based treatment is available for those that want to renew their commitment to spirituality. Addictive disease education, life skills and life coaching are also included in the treatment program to help the addict adjust to a new and healthier lifestyle.

There is still a stigma attached to substance abuse, even though the medical community recognizes it as a disease. Many fear that they will be seen as weak-will and will feel ashamed about their addiction problem. For these reasons and many others, some hide their addiction from their family and close friends, at all costs. People that are closest to the addict are often shocked when they realize that there is a substance abuse problem.

Those that have been through a detox center, generally think that they do not need to go to a rehab facility after finishing treatment in a detox. Despite popular belief, alcohol and drug detox does not help a person to stop a substance abuse problem. The goal of detox is to help the person rid the body of drugs and alcohol and to become stable. A detox facility does not deal with the root reasons why a person uses, nor does it teach the addict how to live a life without the negative effects of alcohol or drugs, this is only done through entering into rehab and going through the entire program.

After one has completed a detox program, the next step is to enter into a drug or alcohol program. Studies have shown those that go through a detox program and then enter into a drug or alcohol rehab program have a greater chance of beating an addiction. When these to two forms of treatment are combined, the person is not only sober, but is also equipped with the knowledge on how to stay sober for a lifetime.

Integrity Way Recovery offers every client a tailored treatment plan to meet his or her individual needs. Many find this to be an advantage over more traditional rehab programs that have a cookie cutter approach to treatment. Even if one has been through another treatment program before and failed there is still hope for leading a sober life again and by contacting Welling Way, you can start a brand new beginning.

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Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The professionals at the Albuquerque NM drug rehab centers are of the opinion that addiction to drugs is a sort of chronic dependency, and in this case it is extremely difficult for the addicts to fight back the condition. Drugs can ruin a life. It can cause a sudden fall of health and leads to severe consequences. An addiction to drugs can make a person suffer relentlessly and thus it is essential to find someone who can throw light on the subject and convince the addict about the situation. Thus, it is important to find out good rehabs where there are trained professionals to offer guidance in this regard.

Researchers at the several Albuquerque NM drug rehab centers are of the opinion that a normal individual can take to drugs only after a mishap. Drug dependency is an outcome of the usual bereavement – the death of someone whom they loved intensely, the sudden loss of employment, the failures in life, the tussles between family members, some terminal illness, etc. However, in any of these cases, an expert might be required to help the addict to come out of this dangerous form of dependency.

There are several misconceptions associated with drug addiction which include the fact that it is contagious. It is very essential to come out of the prevailing notion, and the experts at the several Albuquerque NM drug rehab centers try to change the conception to a considerable extent. Drug addiction is not contagious, and the treatment of the addict depends to a large extent on the active support and help from different people.

Most of the professionals at the several Albuquerque NM drug rehab centers are of the opinion that to help an individual overcome the ill-effects of drug addiction, you have to treat the root cause of the tendency. Once the cause is highlighted, the entire problem can be efficiently tackled. Thus they work hard in addressing the underlying cause of addiction with the help of the close associates of the victim. When the friends and family members of the patient are ready to cooperate, it is easy to combat an addiction. The treatment plan varies from patient to patient. This depends on several factors including the duration of addiction, the family environment of the patient, his mindset, and so on. The first step of addiction treatment includes the detoxification procedure. The toxins are removed from the body of the patient during this procedure. The patient may experience some withdrawal symptoms during this process. Proper medications are given to the patient to relieve him from this condition. This is followed by different behavioral therapies including counseling. Relapse prevention training is also provided at the various rehab centers.

Specialists at the Albuquerque NM drug rehab centers even suggest some drugs which the addict can use in place of the addictive elements, as a way out of the situation. Methadone is such a drug which can indeed help the addict fight a condition called drug dependency. However, it is essential to act according to the advice of the experts, along with confidence and willingness to quit the addiction.

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Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Is there anyone around you in Long Beach, CA suffering from the dangers of drug addiction? Long Beach is a renowned city in California, and the population of this city is also quite huge. There are abundant supplies of drugs here since the economy of this state is largely dependent on agriculture. Thus, marijuana is the main drug that you would find here. Because of the easy availability of drugs like marijuana, the Long Beach residents are addicted to drugs to a considerable extent. Under the influence of drugs, the addicts feel all the more frustrated and demotivated. In such a situation, these people should be taken to a Long Beach CA drug rehab center.

At the several Long Beach CA drug rehab centers, you can find experts who can handle people addicted to drugs. If you take the addict to any one of these centers, the doctors there convince him about the ill-effects of drugs. If the addict is not in the state to understand, these doctors adopt different treatment programs including the holistic approach. However, the first step in any rehab program is detoxification, followed by several behavioral therapies like cognitive therapy, counseling, etc. Some patients show withdrawal symptoms while undergoing the process of detoxification. Certain medications are given to the patient to relieve the symptoms. Relapse prevention is also given due attention at the different drug rehab facilities. The rehab centers also teach some basic life skills to help the patient lead a normal life in the society.

The Long Beach CA drug rehab centers are in constant search of innovative measures to deal with such social ailments. The nature of addiction differs from one individual to the other, and thus the experts employ varied treatment options. At times, the condition of the addict might be such that they cannot be treated with a single method of treatment. In such a case, combined measures are adopted for the treatment. More often, the medications are combined with holistic measures to make way for a speedy recovery.

It is not so easy to stay away from drugs in the case of severely addicted people. An acute drug addict can develop several physiological imperfections. He faces problems while speaking and may have improper accent and stammering. Most drug addicts deny admitting their dependency on drugs. When you take them to a Long Beach CA drug rehab center, you can be assured that the problem would be solved. They offer specialized treatment so that the addict can withdraw from the drug dependency in course of time.

The essential motto of the Long Beach CA drug rehab experts is to eradicate drug addiction from the society, and make the world a better place to live in. To get rid of addiction, a stern determination is absolutely required. For this purpose, the support of the family members of the patient is essential. Once the addict is convinced of the drastic consequences of his addiction, he can stay away from drugs without much ease.

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Inpatient & Outpatient Laredo TX Drug Rehab

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

In Texas, the average number of cocaine users over a span of one year period between 2002 and 2003 was 422,000. There were 1,482,000 marijuana users. Alongside, there were 473,000 with drug abuse problem. Texas is the second largest state of US with 25,145,561 people. Laredo situated at the north bank of Rio Grande with about population of 233,152 is part of south Texas. The population is exposed to the drug abuse problem because of the increasing number of drug traffickers in this state from Mexico. In order to counteract the problem, equally large number of inpatient & outpatient Laredo RX drug Rehab centers are present in the state.

In most of the medical facilities and hospital, inpatient and outpatient hospital facilities are one of the most frequently used terms. When patients are enrolled for an overnight stay, then it is regarded as an inpatient hospitalization outlet. Outpatient rehabs treat patients who visit the center for guidance and counseling. People do not have to stay within the hospital. Mostly severely addicted patients undergo hospitalization or opt for inpatient care. They need extensive treatment at the Laredo RX drug Rehab centers.

When deciding for an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab at Laredo, one has to consider the cost of the treatment. Inpatient Laredo RX drug Rehab centers cost more than the outpatient services. This is because in outpatient care, one does not have to bother for the facilities of normal day to day care, like room, diet, medicines, etc. Outpatient services carry out a weekly counseling session with the patient and offer the medications through a prescription. Both individual counseling and group counseling is carried out within the outpatient care as is done with the inpatient care.

After the recent development of the procedure of treatment, outpatient care has become quite advanced in the processes of providing care. Just as at inpatient care where patients are admitted after a thorough checkup and organized care is carried out during the hospitalization period, the same happens for outpatient care. The only advantage for the outpatient care is that the people of Laredo can carry out their day to day work and treatment at the same time. This is easier for the single parents as well, who cannot arrange for a baby sitter for a month long period.

Drug rehabs have a detoxification period, which is followed with an extensive counseling period. A structured environment within the center and the constant help and support of physician guarantees a healthy growth of individuals within the inpatient care. The standards are quite high and the success rate is equally good. Better medical standards are present in both the drug rehabs at Laredo. This has vastly helped the population to improve the situation they are in. Earlier thousands of individuals were unaware and did not get any treatment. The conditions have changed with better treatment facilities and more awareness of the benefits of undergoing treatment. Centers are ideal in keeping patients sober and to help them continue their life of sobriety.

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Thursday, March 24th, 2011

The rate of drug addiction in Tulsa is on the rise. Tulsa being the second largest city in Oklahoma, the population is considerably large. Though economically sound, the neighborhoods of this city contribute a great deal to the abundant supply of different types of drugs. Thus, it is quite natural to find the residents of this city becoming influenced and addicted to drugs to a considerable extent. Recently, the government has been undertaking several attempts to control the spread of addiction and save the addicted residents of the city. The development and progression of the Tulsa OK drug rehab centers is one such measure taken by the government of the state and other non-profit organizations.

Most of the drug addicts believe that they can cope up to the situation without a treatment. Once they lose control over their social activities, they begin to realize the gravity of the situation. These people would indeed require the help of a Tulsa OK drug rehab center to restore to normal life. The experts at these rehabs are specially trained for the purpose of saving the life of the addict by showing them the path of recovery. They know how to deal with an addict and bring them to normal life once again.

The first thing which a Tulsa OK drug rehab expert does is to let the victim know what drug dependency is all about. Based on the severity of addiction, different methods are employed to convince the addicts of their situation. However, they are first detoxified so as to take the harmful contents out of their body. In fact, detoxification is the first step that is adopted in any rehab center. Unless the patient does not undergo the detoxification procedure, he could not be freed from addiction. Once he is detoxified, a variety of treatment programs are undertaken by the rehab authorities.

Drug can take control of the mind and even affect the brain chemistry. This in turn leaves the addict frustrated and demotivated during the treatment procedure. The experts at the Tulsa OK drug rehab centers are well aware of the different symptoms and conditions, and hence they undertake different programs to treat the addict. At times, they adopt tailor-made treatment approaches in treating the addiction. Some experts use a combination of holistic approach and several other techniques for this purpose. However, the treatment depends on the duration of drug abuse, the family environment of the patient, and many such factors.

There are different types of treatment programs offered for the patients including the inpatient treatment programs and the outpatient treatment programs. In cases of severe addiction, the patient is asked to stay at the treatment facility and take the treatment. For mild cases of addiction, the patient can attend weekly sessions while resuming his day-to-day activities.

While the treatment is on, the addict may experience many withdrawal symptoms, which are relieved with the help of medicines and several counseling sessions. The addict can be a part of a group therapy where they are made to share their experiences with other fellow members. This motivates the patient to move towards the path of recovery.

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How Baton Rouge LA Drug Rehab Works

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

There are about 4,533,372 illicit drug abusers to be found in the state of Louisiana, situated in the southern fringe. In the city of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, there are 229,553 people residing and a number of them are drug abusers. Illicit drug abuse problem and marijuana users are equally high in numbers. There are thousands who are struggling hard and in need of proper rehab centers. Baton Rouge is one such city in LA, where quality help is available. Baton Rouge LA drug rehab centers have people from the city and also from outside the city getting admitted to be free of addiction.

Treatment procedure is responsible for carrying out complete recovery. There are successful Baton Rouge LA drug rehab facilities available. Success of the treatment depends on the approach to treatment. However, the attitudes of the patients also determine how fast they could adapt to the procedure and recover well. Relapse rates also decreases if the processes are handled well. The decision to recover well is dependent on the procedure and the patient.

Baton Rouge LA drug rehab facilities take thorough tests of admitted addicts to understand which type of processes would rightfully apply to them. The first step of the procedure of treatment of drug addicts is detoxification. This step helps the addicts to become free from cravings. It adjusts the body and its system to get used to the absence of drugs and also to flush out the toxins. The duration of the detoxification step depends on the drugs and the severity of addiction. Medical attention is required at this stage and the physicians taking care of the people are actually certified addiction treatment physician.

Diagnosis of underlying problems of addiction and its respective therapy is carried on simultaneously. Mental disorder tops the order of diseases that are found in addicts. There are other disorders that need treatment as well, such as anger management and past problems. An addict is also very likely to have physical ailments which will need attention too. Counselors identify the problem, design a treatment package and implement it in stages. Two types of counseling are carried out. Individual counseling is carried out, so the patient may understand the situation and try and find the solution for it through changing himself and being more positive in life. The group counseling is carried out, so patients can feel at ease and discover the common problems frequently faced by individuals.

In the Baton Rouge LA drug rehab facilities, the 12-step program is commonly found. The 12 steps were created to guide the patient through to a recovery. Meditation and family therapy are are a part of the treatment process in facilities at Baton Rouge. Families also join within the group therapy or they separately meet the patient for keeping them motivated for the tough task ahead.

Aftercare program is an important addition within the facilities at Baton Rouge. It is also one of the most important steps that ensures sobriety for patient who have a huge chance of returning back to the same life in the absence of proper support.

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