Alcohol interventionist in Virginia: Pulling the rug from under the feet of alcoholics

Virginia is the southern state of United States. It has two nicknames such as Old Dominion and Mother of Presidents. There are many cities situated in this state such as Alexandria, Bedford, Bristol, Danville, Franklin, Hampton, Norton, and Virginia Beach.

Alcohol is legal so many people freely drink alcohol in all events in this state. Alcoholics are a problem for their family members and relatives. Over a period of time the alcoholic develops a thick skin. He knows that his family members have to support him whether they like it or not and they have to tolerate him and all his tantrums and there comes a time when his behaviour gets out of control and causes a lot of misery and headache to his family. He also becomes a nuisance to society. He is secure in the knowledge that he can continue and no one will stop him. There comes a time when someone or the other gets fed up and feels it is time to pull the rug from under his feet and this concerned family member will get an alcohol interventionist to tackle the alcoholic and resolve this situation once and for all.

Alcohol intervention is now an accepted and recognized part of the alcohol rehab treatment program and as such most treatment centers usually have a specialist interventionist on their payroll or as a consultant to carry out this vital preliminary task of preparing the addict for a rehab.

When approached he will usually first hold a conference with the family and instruct each one on the unified form of approach for the strategy he defines to tackle the alcoholic. His strategy comprises of :

  1. approaching the alcoholic and explaining the dangers of alcohol and the evil effects of alcoholism to all concerned and involved in the alcoholics life
  2. Convincing the addict that it is addiction which is the root of all problems and if addiction is removed happiness will return
  3. Treatment is the only way he can get over alcoholism and become his normal self.

Such a persuasive and motivational method of approach is spread out over a couple of sessions and as the final twist the family head or someone else, if the head is the alcoholic, will usually tell the alcoholic to see reason the sweet way or else all support may be withdrawn i.e. the rug will be pulled from beneath his feet.

In between sessions there will be a time period where the alcoholic will have time to think. As it is, he is at the edge and all it needs is a push and this intervention comes as the push which moves him towards a rehab leading towards a normal and a fulfilled life.

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