Alcohol Intervention in Maryland

Alcohol intervention is an important procedure to help alcoholics recover from the habit of consuming excess alcohol. In Maryland, various intervention programs are held by professional interventionists so as to make people aware of the deadly consequences of consuming excess alcohol and to undergo treatment. Such interventions are especially beneficial for those addicts who persist in maintaining that they do not have a problem and refuse to consider treatments. Alcohol intervention succeeds in convincing such addicts to go for treatments as a means towards recovery.

The process of intervention can be compared to a triangle. At the apex is the addict who is the focus of attention. The base is made of the family and friends on one side and the interventionist on the other, combining to convince the obstinate alcoholic to reform.

Such an interventionist is called in when the problem has exacerbated and all efforts by family members have proved futile. They will probably approach a center for alcohol intervention treatment in Maryland which not only specializes in treatment but also in intervention as an enabler to rehab. A professional alcohol intervention expert is assigned to the family. The role of the interventionist is to get the addict to accept his condition and then make a conscious guided decision to reform. He will also be careful to use all his skills to bring this about without creating friction or rifts within the family which will further deteriorate conditions. It is a crucial role since it is his skill which will determine whether the outcome is happy or otherwise.

First the interventionist will coach the family member and friends on the common strategy that they will apply and the roles of each one in the strategy. Confrontation is to be avoided as are accusations and recriminations since these will not resolve anything but will create a rift. With this understanding the process proceeds in domestic settings or a place where all can be comfortable and discuss matters at length.

The interventionist will have a serious heart to heart talk with the alcoholic. He begins by detailing the effects of alcohol on life and on society. Then he will distinguish between the alcoholic and his addiction and clarify that the addiction causes problem and not the alcoholic. Relieved the alcoholic will be more receptive and will listen further. The interventionist will go on to describe what harm the consumption of alcohol is causing to the alcoholic and to the family and how this will affect him in future too. Then he will go on to describe how normal people are living, working and deriving satisfaction without the need for alcohol and that it is possible for the alcoholic too, to give up alcoholic and live like everybody else. At this stage the alcoholic will also start having a desire to get rid of alcoholism. Next, the alcohol intervention expert will get him to make a conscious decision and a firm resolution to give up alcoholism and get treated at a rehab. When the alcoholic does make this declaration all are relieved and glad since this is a major step and success will now ensue.

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