A Brief Overview of Addiction Treatment WI

In Wisconsin, the scenario of drug addiction and alcohol addiction go hand in hand. Statistics show that in Wisconsin in 2005, about 469,000 individual were addicted to alcohol while an estimated 442,000 individuals were drug addicts. From alcohol addiction alone, there were reported cases of spouse abuse and drunken driving fatalities. In 2005, the percentage of alcohol related fatalities due to drunken driving was 45 percent. In 2008, it decreased to mere 41 percent. The scenario was grimmer in 2005 because 134,000 residents, who were dependent on the drug, did not receive the treatment as also 122,000 residents did not go to rehabilitation centers for the cure. This scenario improved because of the advances in the medical science in term of addiction treatment in WI.

There have been significant advances in addiction treatment in WI in case of heroin addicts. However, these medicines are something that even if it prevents the relapse or dampens the withdrawal symptoms can turn harmful, if addicts are put to medications regularly. There are some medicines, which gives side effects, if given in higher doses, while others can turn the patients addicted to the meds if tried regularly. So, in the advanced techniques, which utilizes the meds as on of the primary tool fight addiction the supervision of a certified physician is extremely important.

In heroin detoxification, the principal meds used for cure are methadone, Naltrexone, buprenorphine and Naloxone. Alternative medicines, herbs and good diet are used for the cure as well. In alcohol addiction it is necessary that the patients are provided with adequate nutritional supplements of vitamin B. Other supplements include selenium, beta-carotene, zinc and Vitamins C. Herbs such as peppermint, skullcap and catnip are also used. Side by side, some of the facilities use Chinese alternative medicines for cure.

The detox procedure for addiction treatment in WI has also become quite advanced. There are some facilities which take the biophysical pathway of addiction treatment. In this procedure the presence of toxins is believed to be the primary reason for relapse in patients. As such, the patients are put under constant surveillance and an effective program of detoxification which involve exercising, good diet, sauna, etc.

Even if, the treatment processes, which are catered in the facilities in Wisconsin, have become quite advanced, we can find quality treatment that follow the ancient procedures. The traditional methods and the ancient procedures of healing form a part of the treatment procedures as 12 step method, yoga and Reiki, etc. which forms an effective part of the treatment procedures of facilities of Wisconsin.

Choose the treatment procedure that suits the patient. Before enrollment, the patient must ensure that they are comfortable with the procedure, and that the procedure would be convenient to them in every way. The patients willingness is important for the recovery procedure. One cannot force the patient to undergo treatment; the decision should always com from their side no matter what. Complete recovery is possible and people have been able to achieve this feat through the assistance of the treatment center.

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