Treatment in an Addiction rehab in New Hampshire

Addiction rehab in New Hampshire, which tries to help the alcoholics as well as the drug addicts, combine the modern as well as the traditional methods of treatment and once the addicts get subjected to this mode of treatment they can easily come out of the addiction.

Treatment in an addiction rehab in New Hampshire is relatively straight forward and conventional. The usual procedures are followed. First off is a diagnosis of the patient to find out underlying causes for addiction and also the ailments caused by addiction. All these will have to be treated to help the patient become normal and healthy. After studying his reports the panel of experts will design a customized treatment plan which will include nutritious food along with exercises.

Detox starts the process. An addict is admitted to the center for inpatient center and this process is initiated as the first step. He is deprived of drugs and is kept under medical supervision since withdrawal effects can be traumatic. Medicines are also given as substitutes and aides to sedate the convulsive nature of this phase of treatment.

After a week the patient will be free of his cravings and will be ready to enter the next stage of counseling and therapy. Counselors initiate cognitive behavior techniques and motivational enhancement therapy to get the addict to reform absolutely his thoughts and his life as a whole. He will also undergo meditation and yogic practices under an experienced teacher here. Through the individual and collective efforts of the staff at the addiction rehab in New Hampshire he will attain a state of stability where one can say confidently that he can live life without the need for drugs.

However, just to make sure, he is given a thorough grounding and training in handling relapse inducing situations.

Group therapy is also a part of the treatment process where the individual learns valuable social interaction skills which will be needed once he is out of the rehab.

Family and friends are also included in the therapy since a family support is absolutely essential while the addict is recovering.

It is for the addict to cooperate with the staff and do his part to ensure his revival. His determination and enthusiastic participation in all activities are a must and determine the time it will take for him to get back to normal.

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