Detox provided by an Addiction rehab in Idaho for Cocaine Addiction

Addiction rehab in Idaho conducts detoxification for the cocaine addicts with a lot of care. In the first place it should be found out whether the patient is in a state to accept the detox.

Detox for cocaine addiction is among the most difficult modes of treatment which is carried in an addiction rehab in Idaho. Detox is an important phase because in the first place they, for the first time, are free of the cravings which incessantly drove them to drugs, and, secondly, they can undergo counseling and therapy which will help them lead a normal life in society. .

Generally there are two types of cocaine. They are the crack cocaine and the powder cocaine. The crack cocaine is used for smoking while the powder cocaine is used as an inhalant. A person who uses cocaine derives immense pleasure because the moment cocaine travels into the brain of the addicts dopamine is released which is responsible for those feelings. But constant abuse of cocaine brings about a chemical dependency in the brain which makes stopping usage nearly impossible due to adverse withdrawal symptoms.

The first process that takes place when an addict is admitted into a rehab is the detox process. He is kept under close medical supervision. He will be deprived of cocaine or any other drug. Since reactions may be convulsive and life threatening doctors usually prescribe some medicines like suboxone or naltrexone or even methadone to help the addict tide over this period and contain cravings until he achieves a state of stability which will take about 10 to 15 days. There is a 24 hour observation and support system during this critical phase of rehab.

Simultaneously a nutritious diet plan is prepared by a dietician. This will include fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, dietary supplements and amino acids. All these are meant to help reduce cravings and revitalize vital body organs so that the patient gets back on his feet soonest.

There are holistic addiction rehabs in Idaho where the natural process of detox is followed. This means a patient is kept under medical supervision but only to help in case of any complication. The patient may either fast or is given a diet of only liquid boiled extracts of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Along with this he is given hot water baths and colonic cleansing. All these result in flushing out of toxins and clearing up the body and mind. Within a week through this natural process he will be free of drugs and can then begin counseling on a fresh note. There are no palliative medicines like suboxone given during natural detox.

Detox is like climbing a steep wall that alone will help you get free from the confines of addiction. It is difficult and takes determination and patience on the part of the addict. The only thing that keeps him going is the promise of a bright future ahead.

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