Addiction Rehab in LA: How They Help

According to statistics more than 20 million people need addiction treatment. Louisiana too has alarming figures of addiction cases where about 12 thousand people were enrolled in rehab centers in the year 2003.

People these days lack patience and are unable to cope with difficult times. When they are faced with stressful times, they seek solace in alcohol or drugs. Little do they realize the harmful consequences. Professional treatment from addiction rehab in LA is what they need to come out of addiction. This can happen successfully if family members are supportive. In fact the process begins with the intervention from family members. They need to convince the addict as to why he should undergo treatment. This however is not easy.

Once the individual agrees, you can then do some research to find a suitable rehab. You can do so by doing some online search or asking your physician. If any relative or friend has taken similar treatment, you can ask them. When choosing a center ensure they have good staff, proper facilities and an excellent track record. You can also ask for a few references. Most LA rehabs offer personalized treatment after evaluating the individual and his condition.

There are both residential and outpatient treatment option. Residential is also called inpatient where you need to stay at the center for long term treatment. Outpatient method requires addicts to visit them at regular intervals for treatment sessions.

In the treatment centers there are therapists, counselors, spiritual experts and other junior staff members. They are caring and friendly and the environment is conducive and amicable. Addicts can share their feelings and act as a tremendous support.

The treatment starts with the detoxification process that is required only in extreme cases of addiction. This process aims at removing toxins from the addicts body. This is followed by withdrawal symptoms like shivering, hallucinations and nausea, etc. Medications are given along with care and support from the specialists to overcome this phase. Individual and group counseling sessions are done to make the addict understand that he is wrong. The aim is to transform their thinking and make them positive towards life. Behavioral therapies help to achieve this.

Family members are also asked to provide constant support throughout the treatment process as it can speed up the treatment. Family counseling sessions are also done by rehab centers where they are made to understand their role.

Yoga, meditation and spiritual activities are encouraged in case of a faith-based rehab. These help in strengthening faith in God and belief in ones own self. Addiction rehabs in LA also provide life skills coaching and anger management. These skills help in getting back to social circle once the treatment is over.

Aftercare treatment is also provided to ensure that the addicts stay on track and there is no relapse. Rehabs are thus playing an instrumental role in making the society a better place.

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