Alcohol Recovery

Monday, October 31st, 2011

A recovering alcoholic can attend alcoholics meetings which are major part in the recovery process. In the alcoholic meetings one can have a discussion about the bad times and good times and share experiences with the other recovering alcoholics. What is alcohol recovery? An alcoholic is a lost and lonely soul drowning in the sea of disaster created by himself through not being able to control his addiction. Alcohol recovery entails the process of getting a helpline to this drowning person and rescuing him from disaster and giving him a new lease of life free of the clutches of alcohol.

One person may split the chains of alcoholism through sheer will power and determination, while others may need to be supported, cajoled, encouraged, praised and pushed towards recovery. Alcoholism can lead to psychological damage that may take a lot of time and effort to heal.

Medical experts, psychiatrists and sociologists have their own opinions about alcoholism. While the arguments go on what matters to an alcoholic is to give up his existing life, get back all what he has lost and recover his life.

Processes involved in alcohol recovery?
The recovery process initiates with a person determining or confessing to having a difficulty with alcohol and drugs. He admits he cannot control his addiction and needs treatment as he wishes to come out of it and live a life free of such substances. This is the starting point for a treatment process which results in a recovery where the individual is no longer subjected to alcohol and having it control his life.

Alcohol recovery is a state of being free of alcohol. This is not a permanent phase but needs sustained efforts on the part of the recovered person and counselors to help maintain it through life. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing and prayer empower him to sustain this state of wellness that is recovery.

Recovery is way of life and changes where alcoholics learn new skills to manage himself effectively. Alcohol Recovery is attained through various means, one of which is the 12 step program developed by alcoholics anonymous. Other systems are holistic remedies, nature cures, homeopathic treatments, psychosomatic counseling and plain self determination. Whichever path he takes, he arrived at the junction known as alcohol recovery and from then onwards he is on his own where he will need to consciously control his being to never ever think of relapsing. Counseling and treatments will have prepared him as to how to handle this.

Alcohol recovery has several steps which are popular, such as the alcoholics sharing their experiences, receiving support and helping out each other. Recovery takes care of family reconciliations and re-establishing social ties that were once severed. Recovery means a person becomes fit and capable of taking on gainful employment and shouldering responsibilities. Recovery means being able to smile again and give people happiness.

Sometimes the recovery path leads to the temperance and renovation of wisdom. The path you take is a new direction to your life where the journey begins

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