Alcohol Treatment Centers Types

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

With the increasing number of people getting trapped in alcohol addiction, different types of alcohol treatment centers have come up. Each of these centers caters to different needs of addicts and make sure that they have a comfortable transition period.

Outpatient and residential alcohol treatment centers

This is the most common type of alcohol treatment center. Most of the time an outpatient or residential alcohol treatment center provides treatment for mild dependence issues. This type of program is suitable for individuals who have recognized that they have a problem controlling their behavior and require behavior modifications to gain control over their drinking habits rather than eliminating the habit of drinking altogether. The treatment program mostly focuses on support groups and counseling sessions to help the individual moderate his behavior, so he can go back to having a normal social life.

In such centers, there are places where addicts do not need to stay till they have recovered. They need to visit these treatment centers and participate for sessions lasting up to 6 hours a day on a regular basis to be a part of counseling sessions, therapies and other activities for their recovery. One of the benefits of enrolling in an outpatient treatment center is that it is flexible and lets the alcoholics work while his treatment is on; however the only downside is that recovery is slow as compared to inpatient treatment center.

Teen alcohol treatment centers

Teenagers who have taken up drinking and have been subject to addiction are on the rise. This is a very dangerous trend as teenagers who have undergone treatment programs may still continue to have underlying psychological and physical disabilities as a result of the scars left by alcoholism at an impressionable age. To help these young people come out of the pit of addiction, teen alcohol treatment centers have been set up. They offer various programs and medications so that the victim can break free from alcohol addiction and take their lives in the right direction. These treatments centers give a lot of emphasis on family involvement therapies as well as issues that influence lives of these young people. These treatment centers provide education options to let these teens stay in touch with their studies while they are getting treated.

Luxury alcohol treatment center

As the name suggests, luxury treatment centers are built keeping the comfort of addicts in mind. These treatment centers allow the addicts to enjoy five star comfort, breathtaking locale, in-house chefs and great cuisines. If money is not a problem, you can go for luxury treatment centers that offer complete privacy without compromising on your comfort.

Holistic alcohol treatment centers

One of the upcoming and fast growing alcohol treatment centers is the holistic treatment center that helps an alcoholic have a physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. Meditation, yoga and conventional eastern practices form an integral component of the treatment at such centers. The main aim of these treatment centers is to help alcoholics to get stronger mentally and physically so that they can face the world with courage.

Women treatment centers

The gender specific alcohol treatment center aim at gender specific treatment. In women centers, women who have fallen into the trap of alcohol addiction can get their treatment done. They can gain their lost confidence and rebuild their personal and professional life by getting proper treatment.

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Detoxification and Christian Addiction Treatment

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Detoxification forms an integral part of the Christian addiction treatment. Detoxification is the process where the patient’s body is rid of the traces of the substance that he/she is addicted to. Detox forms the initial step of almost all addiction treatments and is therefore most crucial as well as complicated.

This initial period of detoxification is indeed very crucial to the recovery of the addict and therefore requires the safest of hands. It is therefore very important for a rehab to be well equipped in terms of trained staff as well as provisions that are required in dealing with the detox treatment, chosen for the patient.

Detoxification Christian addiction treatment will depend on the substance of addiction. In cases like cocaine and marijuana, a medical detox treatment is not required. While these cases do have intense withdrawal symptoms and will demand therapy and careful monitoring of the patient, medicines will not be given in order to detox the patient.

In cases of alcohol, prescription drugs and heroin, it is very likely that the patient will be given medications to help to detoxify the system. Where the addiction is severe, ignoring the medical detox can even turn out to be fatal. It is important that the detox process is conducted by the experienced hands of a doctor who knows exactly what medicines are to be administered and in what quantities.

While it is true that detoxification helps control and even get a person rid of the physically dependence on the substance of addiction, it does absolutely nothing for the mind. The Christian addiction treatment will cater to this aspect right from the very first step of rehabilitation. Along with the medical detox process, the patient will be encouraged to fight the physical withdrawal symptoms by keeping faith in the Almighty. Distracting oneself from the physical discomfort by praying and reading the Bible will help control the irritation tremendously. It is believed that those who went through the detox program with a faith in Christ and his teachings were able to deal with the symptoms of the process with greater ease.

The Christian addiction treatment is seen as a holistic treatment of the body, mind and spirit. While these treatments do not ignore the healing process adopted by regular rehabs, they do not stop their healing at the physical level only. Understanding the need to heal all aspects of the addict helps these Christian rehabs to achieve a much better success rate when compared to traditional rehabs. Once you have completed treatment be sure to find a halfway house or sober home you can get extra needed support from.

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What to Expect at an Alcohol Treatment Center

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

When you go to an alcohol treatment center your experience will be very personal because each and every person is unique and sees the world in a unique way. Having said this, there are certain things that every person can expect to happen at an alcohol treatment center, but before we get to those it is important to know that you are free to leave a treatment center at any time. The doors are not locked. However, hopefully you will choose to stay and if you do, then you can expect the following:

Detox: This is the first step in rehabilitation and recovery from alcoholism and it simply means getting the substance completely out of your system. Some treatment facilities have in-house detox programs and if yours does, then you are fortunate because some treatment facilities expect you to have detoxed prior to arriving. There are also facilities that specifically handle the detox process on an inpatient basis, where they are equipped to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. From these facilities you can then move on to an alcohol treatment center designed for rehabilitation.

Education: This is the most important part of the treatment process because it helps patients understand the seriousness of their drinking and that alcoholism is a disease. They are given all the information they need to understand the disease, such as what alcohol does to their body, the dynamics of alcoholism, and the consequences of continued use.

Counseling/Therapy: In an alcohol treatment center you can expect to have counseling on an individual basis as well as group therapy sessions. The counselors are trained addiction counselors that are ready to help you learn the skills you need to live life without relying on alcohol. The groups sessions are intended to help you learn to interact with others and seek support from those who share the same challenges you are going through. The group meetings can be in the form of 12 step meetings, staff-facilitated meetings, or a combination of the two.

Family Meetings: Involving your family in the rehabilitation process is important for overall recovery and many of the best alcohol treatment centers will involve the patient’s family throughout the entire treatment process. This means that the family members will learn how to support the patient and will learn about the disease of alcoholism itself. They will also learn how to cope with the effects the patient’s alcoholism has had on their own lives.

After Care: Once you are finished with your treatment program, where you have had no access to alcohol, you must then go back into the real world, where the same temptations and situations exist as when you were drinking. Your counselor will help you create a plan that will support you when you leave. Your after care might include living in a halfway house for a period of time, outpatient care, 12 step meetings, and weekly check-ins with your counselor.

An alcohol treatment center might seem like a scary and intimidating thing, but it is set up as a safe haven in which you can take the time to overcome your addiction to alcohol and learn to live a life that is free from the use of this substance. The program usually last about 28 days and then you will be able to start a whole new life in sobriety.

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