How to Find an Alcohol Treatment Center?

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

The number of alcohol abusers in the United States of America is rising at a phenomenal pace. Instead of shying away from the fact that they are in some serious problem, alcoholics all over the country are coming out in the open and accepting that they truly need some help. This help can come in the form of family support or medical aid. While it is accepted that without adequate support from friends and family, alcohol abusers may find it extremely difficult to deal with their alcohol problem, medical attention at important times is also a major requirement. If the alcoholic is provided proper medical aid on time, it is possible for him to get rid of the alcohol problem effectively. However, to achieve this goal it is essential to locate an alcohol treatment center before things get out of control.xxxx

However, locating an alcohol treatment center is not always a simple task. Many people have a difficult time trying to find out if there is any alcohol rehab center near their place. But there are some simple ways in which an alcohol rehab center can be located easily without wasting much time or money.

Some of these simple ways to learn about an alcohol rehab center are as follows:

· Use the Internet

The internet with its vast pool of online resources is one of the most useful places to look out for all sorts of information. Whether, you want to learn about the alcohol rehab center in your vicinity or about the fee structure commonly followed at most alcohol rehab centers, all relevant information is readily available online. There are plenty of online databases that you can browse to get the information in adequate detail. To get the reviews of these centers, you can read the blogs and online journals maintained by the ex addicts who may have recovered from the same centers. The internet will give you the requisite information in complete detail and help you take the final decision in a speedy manner.

· Turn to the Yellow Pages

These are the age old mediums of information gathering. The yellow pages give you basic information about the alcohol rehab centers, their address and contact details. Relevant information like these may help you to get in touch with the authorities at the alcohol rehab centers and seek medical help immediately.

· Interact with ex addicts

Getting the first hand information about the alcohol treatment center will save you from a lot of problems at a later stage. You can seek answers to all your queries in ample details and form a basic idea about the center. For this, you need to simply get in touch with an ex alcoholic who may have recovered after receiving treatment from an alcohol rehab center. You can search for such persons in your vicinity, school or office. Do make sure you get answers to all your queries before turning to the treatment center.

· Contact the local pastor

If you are thinking of going for detoxification treatment at a faith based alcohol rehab center, it is advisable for you to get in touch with the local parish priest or rector. Getting a certificate from your local parish priest is also a good option when you are looking for a cost effective treatment procedure. Most of these faith based rehab centers are run by Christian community service bodies and getting in touch with your local parish priest can help you to identify the best center in your town.

While there are a number of sources that one can think of while gathering information about the alcohol rehab centers and the programs run at these rehabs, what is important is to make a careful observation before taking the final call. In other words, you should not go by what you see, read and hear from others. You must make an assessment after taking every important aspect into account. For this, it is advisable for you to make a personal visit to the rehab center before zeroing in on it. You must also read the brochures, manuals and other pamphlets in detail to get a clear idea of what you are going to receive at the center. One of the best ways to ascertain if the center is indeed worth your time and money is to attend crash courses before joining a regular course. These crash courses are usually held once or twice a week. These are attended by the recovering addicts, doctors and psychologists working at these rehab centers. By attending these group sessions, you can form an idea of what to expect before you shell out your money. Finally, it is important for you to have an open minded approach while opting for treatment at an alcohol rehab center. This will make your alcohol treatment center experience a success.

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Essential features in the official website of an alcohol treatment center

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Owing to the phenomenal role played by the internet in transforming the way in which we procure information, a large number of alcohol rehab centers are seen going the online way to leverage the potential of this new medium. Considering that people are now moving increasingly towards the internet to gain information about these alcohol rehab centers, it has become essential for these rehab centers to understand what the web page visitors are actually looking for when they are logging onto the net to get information. Without clearly understanding their needs, these alcohol rehab centers will not be in a position to provide the answers that these people are looking for.

To understand how the internet has caught the fancy of the alcohol rehab centers, it is worth mentioning that there are perhaps no alcohol rehab centers in the United States of America that do not have an official website. The purpose of the official website is to offer adequate information about the alcohol treatment center, treatment programs and fee structures. Apart from offering such basic information, the official website is also used for targeting sponsors and new clients in an effective manner.

Although, the alcohol rehab centers have now realized the importance of having a resourceful website, they are yet to pay adequate attention on the needs of the web page users. To understand their requirements, it is essential that these alcohol rehab centers include essential features in their webpage. Some of the most important features of an official website of an alcohol treatment center are as follows:

· Medical staff

While almost all alcohol rehab centers emphasize on the fact that they have the most well experienced staff and medical team, it is often found that adequate information about the staff is not provided in the official website. This creates ambiguity in the minds of the webpage visitors. It is therefore, a good idea to include information about the medical staff, their experience and line of expertise in adequate detail. Useful information like this enables the website visitor to learn about the treatment facility in some detail.

· Clear mention of the fee structure

A lot of times official websites of the alcohol rehab centers have very little information about the fee structure for different treatment programs. Lack of information about the fee structure can discourage the website visitor to a large extent. It is even possible for the visitor to search for some other alcohol treatment center if he finds no information about the fee. Therefore, it is essential to include a separate section on fees that will inform the website visitor about the fee structure for different programs.

· Live Demos

A number of well known alcohol rehab centers have made their official websites extremely user friendly by including live demos or videos featuring the administrators of the alcohol rehab center. Through these live demos, the website visitors are taken through the alcohol treatment center. They are also told about the facilities in adequate detail.

· FAQ section

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section can save a lot of precious time and answer all relevant queries of the website visitors. The FAQ section should include all important questions pertaining to the alcohol rehab center, treatment facilities and details about the programs and fees. The answers have to be brief and to the point. This section is of great importance and must not be neglected by the website developers. Moreover, it is essential to verify the claims made by the alcohol rehab centers. For this, it is quite important to assess the content in the website carefully.

· Client testimonials

A lot of times, our decisions are influenced by what we read and hear from people. Inclusion of client testimonials ascertains that the alcohol rehab center is indeed worth the money potential clients are thinking of spending to get treated. An effective official website of the alcohol rehab center should have a separate section on client testimonials where ex alcoholics share their thoughts on the facilities that they received at the alcohol rehab center. By simply including a few client testimonials from ex addicts, the alcohol rehab centers can attract hundreds of clients within a short span of time.

Apart from the pointers mentioned above, it is extremely important fro the alcohol rehab centers to update their official websites on a regular basis. They may add some pictures of special events held at the alcohol rehab center or get some webinars to catch the interest of the website visitors. Furthermore, it is extremely important to provide ample information in the contact us section. Often, the email ids are defunct and mails do not reach on time. To prevent this, the alcohol rehab centers should make sure that the email correspondence is fast and simple.

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Christian Alcohol Treatment Center

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Alcoholism and drug abuse have become quite common in the United States of America. It is indeed alarming to note that a growing number of people are becoming prone to these social evils. As a result, social activists and psychologists all over the country are concerned about the future of the country in the coming days. According to experts, if the situation is not brought under control soon, things will get uncontrollable and the future generations will suffer to a great extent. While it is extremely important to spread information about the evils of alcoholism, it is further important to attend to the needs of alcoholics in the society. One of the best ways to cater to the requirements of the alcoholics is to get them admitted to alcohol rehab centers. These medical institutions have sprung up in almost every part of the United States and within a short span of time these centers have played a key role in curbing the number of alcoholics in the country. Due to these factors, the popularity of the alcohol treatment center has increased at a swift pace. In fact, in the coming days, these centers are expected to play a further important role in helping the society.

Interestingly, these centers are no longer meant for any one kind of alcoholics in the country. Alcohol abusers now have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the treatment procedure. They may want to opt for treatment at any traditional alcohol treatment center or go for the Christian treatment hub. Both forms of treatment have become effective in present times and an increasing number of people are now ready to experiment with their treatment procedure. Take the Christian alcohol treatmentcenters, for instance. These faith based alcohol de addiction centers are now found in almost every part of the United States. These rehab centers were originally formed to cater to the needs of Christian alcoholics in the country. However, with time these centers have opened their doors for all kinds of alcohol abusers. As a result, more and more non Christian alcoholics are seen turning to these alcohol rehab centers to seek professional help. It is thus, interesting to see how these centers that are run on the basic principles of Christianity are attracting non Christians in large numbers.

One of the prime reasons behind the massive popularity of these faith based alcohol rehab centers is the fact that these centers are open for all alcoholics. These centers do not discriminate on the basis of religion, race or gender. This makes it easier for the non Christians to get help from such centers. In addition, these centers do not necessitate for the recovering alcoholics to covert to Christianity to avail the facilities. Instead, these centers focus on ensuring that recovering alcoholics are spiritually awakened to a world of benevolence and morality. Throughout the treatment procedure, the recovering alcoholics are made to see their inner strengths and develop skills that can make them resilient.

Another factor that works in favor of a faith based alcohol treatment center is that this kind of alcohol rehab center uses both scientific as well as spiritual methods of healing. As a result, the recovering addicts get the best of both worlds. They get treated in a holistic manner, which in turn ensures that they receive the best treatment available. The spiritual element included in the treatment procedure is of special mention because it instills a sense of confidence in the recovering addict.

The faith based alcohol treatment centers are also quite popular for minimizing the relapse rates. In comparison to the traditional alcohol rehab centers, these faith based alcohol de addiction centers have maintained a very steady record of low relapse rates. This is largely because the patients receiving treatment at these centers are not treated merely as patients. Instead, their physical as well as psychological needs are identified and attended in the most effective manner. This helps them to boost their confidence and say no to alcohol for the rest of their lives.

The Christian alcohol treatment centers are also a preferred choice for non Christians because these centers use various therapeutic methods to heal the patients completely. They revert to various meditational activities that are found to be extremely effective in dealing with all kinds of alcohol problems. Moreover, the costs are relatively lower when compared to the fee charged by most traditional rehab centers. Owing to these factors, it is now seen that more and more non Christian alcoholics are turning to these faith based de addiction centers for help. In fact, according to statistics these rehab centers are gradually gaining more attention than the traditional rehab centers that have become increasingly commercial in the past few years.

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Choosing a private drug treatment center

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Choosing a private drug treatment center is easy when you have done the appropriate research and found one that fits your individual or personal needs. There are certain things you have to look for when considering being admitted to a private program such as

  • Is this going to benefit me and my loved one?
  • Can I afford the $20,000 that it may cost per month?
  • Is there any guarantee to recovering?
  • Am I eligible for a government subsidized grant or not?
  • How different are the private and public programs that are funded by the government and other charities?
  • Is there a waiting list?
  • How much will my medical insurance cover?
  • Is this the best program for me or my loved one?
  • Will there be enough privacy for me or my loved one?

These are some of the most serious issues to consider when thinking about getting into a drug treatment program. If you are still not certain after doing your research, get some word of mouth referrals from people who know someone who has gone through a successful program or have done so themselves. You can begin with a public drug treatment center first and then compare it with the services offered by a private one.

There are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to a drug treatment program. The rehabilitation process has a lot to do with the individual who is trying to recover from the habit of using drugs. The individual has to take responsibility for their actions and be accountable to the program as well as to those who mean the most to them.

The staff will offer their services to the drug addict, but if he or she is not giving their all and committing to treatment, then the professional’s job is much more difficult and it may seem quite aggressive. With the cooperation of the drug addict, the professional therapist or counselor can be better able to serve the individual in a positive way.

Many family members will do their part by offering support and encouragement to the recovering drug addict during the therapy phase of treatment. A drug treatment center that has private rehab services does so at the request of family members who have chosen privacy over having a public display of this drug issue. It is best to first be informed of the possibilities of what a private program will offer your loved one over the public program. If you want to save thousands of dollars, you would consider the public program.

When you are choosing a private drug treatment center make sure it is one that offers therapy, counseling, detox, medical attention, social interaction through group therapy, education, career and employment counseling, life skills and training. You want to be in a program that caters to the overall welfare of your loved one so spiritual awareness is also important, which is provided through a faith based treatment program. You will be able to get deeper into the issues that affect you or your loved one.

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Drug Treatment Center – Why Do People Resort to Drug Abuse?

Monday, December 28th, 2009

It is saddening to know that an increasing number of people are joining drug treatment center to get cured from drug abuse. Every person faces stress in his life and there are different way for people to minimize their stress. While some may do workout or watch a movie, others may smoke or take drugs. The last two, are of course, harmful to the body. Resorting to bad vices like drug abuse have a lot to do with the social circles a person is in. . If his friends include ones who are into smoking and drinking, he may too end up taking up those habits even though he may be aware of the life-threatening consequences of the harmful addictive substances.

Since the past decade there has been a great increase in the number of drug treatment centers not only in US but across the globe. Every year numerous people are joining drug treatment center to fight addiction. Apart from bad company and stress, there are people who take drugs just to get the so-called high. Here are the common reasons why people take to drug abuse

1. Parties and discreet social gatherings:
We all know about rave parties. There are many parties, clubs and associations which organize rave parties on the sly. They are able to find out likely people to rave parties from the usual parties and social gatherings where people show an inclination to take drugs

2. Peer Pressure
If the group of friends are practicing wrong habits like consuming alcohol drugs, even he will be pressurized or advice by his addict friends to take up the habit.

3. Mental instability
Emotional imbalance and stress can cause a person to have drugs. Since drugs are known to create pleasure instantly, an adult may feel that have drugs may lead him out of stress such job loss, family tension, accumulating debt.

4. Empty mind
As the saying goes ‘Empty mind is a devil’s workshop’, same is the case with a person who is not in interested doing something productive or who is free most of the time. Boredom may make him try new things and resort to drug addiction.

5. Medicine
The stressful phases of life, meeting deadlines for assignments, career pressure may cause him to have medicines to overcome stress. He may adopt the habit of having prescription drugs or over-the-counter to fight stress. However, soon he will find himself getting addicted to such drugs.

6. Low confidence level
People who do not have much confidence may realize that when they consume drugs they become more confident. However, they do not know that the drug abuse is going to end their lives sooner they expect.

Some of the other reasons include, consuming drugs to perform activities like sports or workout, and ignorance about the consequences of drug addiction.
If anyone you know is addicted to drugs, you should try your level best to make them understand how drugs can affect their life. If you feel that you are not able to control your friend or relative’s addiction, you immediately persuade him to join drug treatment center to end his addiction and take control of life.

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What Can Normal Individuals Learn From Drug treatment center?

Monday, December 28th, 2009

People who are not addicted to drugs try to stay away from drug addicts. Drug addicts can be easily noticed because of their behavior. Drug addicts are often associated with robbery, criminal activities, etc. They are treated as the dirt of the society. They are often ignored, scorned and ridiculed. However, we can find a steady increase in the number of drug treatment center in the past years. They not only provide medical aid to drug addicts but also have stepped up to make those individuals who consider themselves as ‘normal’ and make life a living hell for the drug addicts realize the false impression about drug addicts.
First of all, we should know that all drug addicts do not take drugs deliberately; this is a fact that any drug treatment center that has successfully treated thousands of addict will vouch for. We should try to understand that there may be different situations because of which they have taken up drug addiction. It is goes without saying that there can numerous reasons for drug addiction and each individual may have his own set of problems because of which he has resorted to drug abuse. Here are some of the common reasons for drug addiction: to deal with peer pressure, to overcome stress, disownment from parents, breakup from life-partner, for pumping up energy for sports activities, etc.
Relapse is one of the major problems that may haunt every drug addict who has joined a drug treatment center. There have been plenty of instances wherein the individual has successfully come out of his addiction at the drug rehab center but after a few days he again indulges in drug abuse. Many people who are not addicted to drugs think these drug addicts who experience relapse can do nothing in life and there is no future for them.
Rather than talking bad things about these addicts, we should give him all the support and encourage him to go through the rehabilitation process again. We should also make sure that we provide them with the best care and love even after completion of the treatment. If the addict is showing no signs of improvement, one should take the initiative to talk to the doctor and ask for more advice and even ask to extend the treatment period until the condition of the addict improves. As far as treatment is concerned, we should not delay. If we delay then the addict may again resort to drug addiction.
The addicts who are violent in nature and often indulges in arguments and fights should not be treated violently or by arguing back. We should remember that the root cause of such ill acts is substance abuse. Once the addiction to substance is brought under control, the addict can become calm and normal. We should not at once stop him from consuming drugs. If we do this, we will try unfair means such as robbing cash or fighting with family members to get cash in order to purchase drugs. Hence, rather than barring him from having drugs all of a sudden, he should be made understood about health complications and other problems that he may face that can ruin his life.
The only solution that can lead a drug addict out of his addiction when no other options seem feasible is to join a drug treatment center. It not only provides the much needed medical assistance to the addict but also aims in making the individual learn new virtues like self-control that can help him conquer his addiction and never indulge in it again.

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An Overview of the Faith Based Alcohol Treatment Center

Monday, December 28th, 2009

The faith based alcohol rehab centers were set up with an objective to cater to the society in the most constructive and productive manner. With changing times, it was seen that people were becoming increasingly materialistic and greedy. It was also found that social evils such as alcoholism and drug abuse had become more pronounced in the developed societies of the world, including the United States of America. The Christian missionaries felt that they could play a significant role in making the world a better place to live in by alleviating the social evils of alcoholism. This thought led to the establishment of Christian alcohol rehab centers in the United States of America. In the past few years, the popularity of these faith based alcohol rehab centers has increased manifold, prompting social commentators to state that concerted efforts like these can help the society to deal with alcoholism. In fact, the most rational thinkers have welcomed these sincere efforts made by the Christian missionaries to contribute to the society. It can thus be said that people are now ready to experiment with treatment procedures to detoxify themselves completely.

Interestingly, in terms of the objectives, there is not much of a difference between the traditional alcohol rehab centers and the faith based alcohol rehabs. Both strive to help people with an alcohol problem come out of it and lead a sober life. However, there is a big difference between the approaches adopted by these two kinds of alcohol rehabs to heal patients. A traditional alcohol treatment center will concentrate on the scientific aspects of medication while a Christian alcohol rehab center will focus more on the spiritual elements. The faith based alcohol rehab centers are known for extending support to the patients by motivating them to connect with the Supreme Lord. These centers emphasize on listening to the inner self to get rid of all kinds of evils. The chief purpose is to make the addict see that his life is in problem because he has allowed the negative forces to take control. He is thus, inspired to get his life back in the right order. The addicts are encouraged to submit themselves to the higher order and hear what Jesus Christ has to say.

Regular bible reading, church attendance and prayers are the most important elements of the treatment procedures followed at the faith based alcohol rehab centers. The reason why these activities are stressed at these centers is because Jesus Christ is upheld as the divine source of inspiration. Through numerous Biblical stories, the addicts are told about various instances when the Lord had to make sacrifices fro the human race. The patients are also told that Jesus is benevolent towards those who want to make their lives worthwhile. The purpose is to eliminate all negative emotions and guilt from the minds of the recovering addicts admitted at these treatment centers.

However, it will be wrong to assume that a faith based alcohol treatment center is just about prayer and meditation. It is well understood that the treatment procedure has to include the scientific aspects as well. Therefore, these centers also have an expert team of experienced medical professionals who work round the clock to cater to the needs of the patients. The medical professionals and religious counselors work together as a team. They observe and assess each patient’s medical history to understand why he has fallen into the trap of alcoholism. They ensure that the medical aid is complemented by spiritual healing. These dual efforts have fetched great results within a very short span of time. As a result, an increasing number of alcoholics are seen going for treatment at these faith based rehab centers.

Although the name suggests that the Christian alcohol rehab centers are meant exclusively for the people belonging to the Christian community. In reality, these centers are open for everyone. People of all age, economic and ethnic groups can join these rehab centers and get detoxified. These centers are also quite affordable when compared to the traditional alcohol rehab centers and have thus become a preferred choice for those who are looking for a cost effective solution.

Owing to the growing popularity of these faith based rehab centers in the United States of America, it is quite easy to locate a faith based alcohol treatment center near your place. You can get in touch with your local parish priest to learn about these centers in greater detail. To avail the treatment services at further low costs, you need to just get an endorsement letter from your parish priest and submit the same at the center. If you are facing difficulties due to your alcohol problem, you should not waste further time and turn to an alcohol rehab center as soon as you can.

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Alcohol Treatment Center in Florida Helping Alcoholics Achieve Sobriety

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Alcoholism and drug abuse are nothing new to the American society. These two social evils have, in fact, existed long before they surfaced in any other part of the world. As a result, the United States of America has been one of the earliest countries to have identified this problem as a social evil that can be eradicated through scientifically proven methods. America has also been one of the earliest countries to have had alcohol rehab centers set up to help people with alcohol problems. However, over the years these alcohol rehab centers have undergone a lot of change for the better.

It is indeed surprising to see how these alcohol rehab centers have come of age. These centers are no longer medical institutions offering help to people in the advanced stages of alcoholism. Instead, these rehab centers have opened their doors for alcoholics of all kinds one can think of. Notably, these rehab centers are now even offering customized rehab facilities to the clients to help them in the most effective manner. These concerted efforts are proving to be extremely useful in helping the society to a large extent. It is therefore not surprising to find more and more alcoholics turning up at these alcohol rehab centers to seek professional help.

There are now a number of alcohol rehab centers that offer state of the art healthcare facilities. Most of these centers are residential and have hundreds of alcoholics signing up for services at these rehab centers. These centers require the alcoholics to stay at the center for a stipulated period of time and receive quality health care services. These residential alcohol rehab centers are known for helping the alcoholics in the most effective manner. In fact, for patients in the severe cases, doctors are often found recommending treatment at a residential alcohol treatment center which is a specialized hub to handle cases of all kinds.

There are in fact some luxury residential alcohol rehab centers in places such as Malibu and Las Vegas. These luxury residential alcohol rehab centers can give the luxury hotels a run for their money. Well equipped with all modern amenities that one can think of, these state of the art luxury residential alcohol rehab centers come for a price. However, those who can afford this price the money is well spent because throughout the stay at the alcohol rehab center, the recovering alcoholic is treated like a special guest. There are private suites with wi fi facilities, personal computers or laptops with 24/7 internet facility and all other amenities that are quite common with luxury hotels. Most of the celebrity alcohol abusers turn to these luxury residential alcohol rehab centers.

At these centers, the recovering alcoholics are attended by a special staff of medical experts adept at handling cases of alcoholism. These luxury residential alcohol rehab centers also lay a lot of emphasis on preserving the confidentiality of their clients. To give them privacy, amenities such as private Jacuzzis and saunas are also offered at the rehab center. To extend these facilities to a large section of the recovering alcoholics, these luxury residential alcohol rehab centers are now offering easy financing facilities that be availed to help even those people who cannot afford these facilities. As a result, a lot of middle income group people are also turning to these luxury rehabs to receive treatment. Yet, the high price is keeping a number of people away from such luxury centers.

Even if price is a major factor for you, there is no need to lose heart. You can easily opt for treatment at a traditional or faith based alcohol treatment center. These centers may not offer you the same benefits but in terms of the treatment facilities, these rehab centers are at par with the best in the business. These rehab centers will give you private rooms and various options in life skills that you can choose to learn a new art or craft. For example, you can learn playing a musical instrument such as guitar or piano at these centers. Alternately, some of these alcohol rehab centers also provide instructions in computer programming and other career oriented skills that can help you to secure a job right after your release from the alcohol treatment center. Most of these alcohol rehab centers also have special facilities for alcoholics who want to swim, jog or play any game to spend their leisure time. There are special libraries at some of the faith based alcohol rehab centers where the alcoholics get to read the scriptures and the Holy Bible at peace. These facilities are aimed at helping the alcoholics in the best possible manner. It is further worth mentioning that these initiatives have had a very positive impact on the minds of the recovering alcoholics who have recovered completely after receiving treatment at these centers

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Christian Rehabilitation: Healing Through Love and Education

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Being an alcoholic can be an absolutely miserable experience. When you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, you are under their control and they take over your life. You are no longer able to enjoy a career nor can you be in a happy personal relationship. So how can you make things look up? The only way to do this is by turning sober. With Christian rehabilitation there is complete hope to achieve your objective of giving up substance abuse.

Conventional rehab programs can also be effective but they do not generally prove effective in the long run. Clients who are treated in such clinics tend to be abstemious for a period of time when they are kept under control and vigilance after which temptation takes over and they are back to square one. This is because such treatment-plans do not equip the addicts with enough “tools” that help them to stay away from abusing substances at any given point in time, under any situation. Christian rehabilitation works wonders in the area of long term abstinence. It achieves astounding results by taking recourse to spiritual activities. The best part about this holistic treatment is that it is not restricted to Christians alone. Anyone who is an addict and who has a burning desire to turn “clean” is entitled to undergo therapy with them. The type of addiction or the period of addiction is also not taken into account. All that is given is a sharing and caring environment where de-addiction can happen naturally, happily and without guilt.

Treating the body and mind are very important aspects in breaking addictive habits. So an alcohol or drug treatment center will have to take these two very seriously. Christian Rehabilitation, over and above these two, brings in a third factor – the spiritual one. That is what makes it special and more effective, efficient.

The internal organs of alcoholics are in bad shape; they have accumulated toxins which impairs their functionality. So cleaning the body system using detoxifiers is one of the first things that is done at the cure places. Clients are not allowed to use any alcoholic beverages and/ or drugs and they are constantly watched to ensure compliance. Wholesome food and regular exercises are given to raise the fitness and energy levels. During the healing process especially the initial few weeks there could be a lot of severe signs of withdrawal like shivering, nausea etc. The craving for the substances that have been abused is also pretty high. These tendencies are curbed by resorting to medication like tranquilizers.

Professional counselors or psychologists are assigned to each client to hold long conversations. The intent is to get the client to explore his inner most concerns, why he/ she became an addict and find solutions so that the same thing does not recur. Group therapy is also something that is given in which a group of people undergoing the de-addiction treatment are brought together to discuss the issues they face and how they resolve them. This can effectively bring out good ideas to handle troubles and also acts as a motivating factor for all concerned.

In most clinics a basic awareness is created about the harmful effects the alcoholic and drug substances can have on the body and its functioning. Damages that can be caused to the brain, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system etc are spot lighted so that the clients understand the severity of the consequences. This education serves to keep them off the abuse. Usually these treatments go on for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Many centers help the inmates to utilize their free time in improving some of their inter-personal skills and professional skills. People are also encouraged to look for jobs and fix up something so that when they walk out there is a readymade life style waiting for them.

With a Christian rehab there are soulful activities like prayer meets, sermons and community service camps where clients can immerse themselves. The idea is to coax people into placing their faith in a higher power which can show the way always – especially during trials and tribulations. It not only fills in their free time usefully, it also gives them a sense of purpose and usefulness. This in turn gives them the ability to think through their difficulties and solve them positively instead of forgetting them with drinks. Even after the rehabilitation is over the clients have the option to continue with these endeavors so that there is no chance of a slip-up into addiction. A good de-addiction program can completely transform an alcoholic into a sober person and keep them that way for life. Hence it is important to choose a methodology that works not just in the immediate future but on a permanent basis.

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Christian rehabilitation – stay sober for life

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

There are many de-addiction clinics which are very effective too. But the true effectiveness lies in transforming an alcoholic for life; there is no point if he/ she turns sober but has a relapse sooner or later. The truth is that most of the cure-places meant for addicts do not have the capability to instill enduring abstinence. Christian rehabilitation is different though – it has proved to work wonders in the near as well as the far future. This is because it has an underlying current of spirituality which acts as a valuable addition to the conventional cure procedures that are being followed.

For an addict who has been used to abusing substances it is quite natural that his body should be in bad shape. After all alcohol and drugs have a very harmful effect on the internal organs of the body – brain and nerve damage, rupture of respiratory and digestive systems are all very common. Next a person typically takes to drinking or abusing drugs usually because they are weak minded and do not have the determination to tackle issues. Sometimes it also happens that they are tempted to try drinks as a playful past-time but before they know where they are, they end up as addicts. Once a person comes under the thumb of alcohol and/ or drugs they can no longer take charge of their lives. All their actions are governed by a single need – that of drinking. Their personal lives and professional lives go for a toss; they are wrecked sooner or later.

Still there is hope to regain a clean, free life and stay sober for life with Christian rehabilitation. What are the conventional cure procedures and how the faith- based component helps more is some thing we are going to see here. As the body and psyche of a person is damaged due to addiction, caring for them and healing them is the focus of any de-addiction treatment plan. How is the physical system healed? By first cleaning it, medicating it and then slowly rebuilding the health. Detoxifiers are agents that are introduced into your system to push out all the toxicity that has built up over time. Medication is given to reduce the craving for drinks (because all substances that you might abuse are withheld from you) and also to prevent/ bring down the withdrawal symptoms. By eating well and exercising you will also be able to bounce back to great health.

Next is the healing of the scarred psyche. Usually it is found that when you share your troubles or grief with an understanding person, their burden seems to come down drastically. That is the principle followed during the treatment of addicts; you are assigned to professional counselors who lend a willing ear to your real or perceived problems. You have multiple sessions with them and can open up your heart to vent out your feelings and fears. You will be surprised to find that alternative solutions do exist to all your troublesome situations and that you need not cower behind a bottle of wine or take refugee with unsafe drugs. Group therapy is also very much relevant in effecting a psychological cure. What happens when you meet people who are like you? You realize that you are not the only one facing difficulties – there are scores of others too. This reassures you that you are not alone in this fight. Next you get to exchange better ideas and answers and have the satisfaction of give and take.

Now comes the question of faith/ trust and how it acts as a catalyst in speeding up the recovery and preventing relapses. First it has to be clarified that Christian rehabilitation means a place of de-addiction with a warm and caring atmosphere which is open to people from all walks of life, from any religion. There is no forcing whatsoever to convert to Christianity. All you are coaxed to do is place your belief in a power that is beyond our comprehension. You typically find that you can act with more confidence and with more freedom when the onus is placed on someone else and the same principle comes into play here. You leave the result to the “power on top” and just act to resolve or face your troubles. Through prayers and sermons you can get a clear mind which can think positively. By involving in community service you get self satisfaction because you are helping others in sorry conditions – your own troubles begin to seem trivial. You become brave enough to fight it out and no longer feel the need for a peg to calm you down.

To transform into an abstemious individual all you require is a strong desire and a concrete determination to achieve it along with the best rehab program.

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