Christian Rehab Works Successfully For Hundreds in 2009

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Alcoholics are those persons who are addicted to alcohol and cannot carry on their lives with the aid of drinks all through the day. It is generally agreed that addicts get into the habit because they lack the tenacity to face up to problems that life throws up. So the cure for addiction lies in improving this power in them so that they become bold enough to handle their problems head on and not by taking refuge behind a bottle of drink. How can this inner strength be built? The most effective way to achieve it is through counseling and faith based activities which is what Christian rehab is all about.

Alcohol and/ or drug addicts generally suffer from ailments due to the ill usage of their bodies. Therefore the first thing a recovery establishment looks at is to treat them physically. Some clinics stop there though. This can never lead to a totally “clean” life; only a much deeper treatment plan can take them there and keep them there. They have to be treated psychologically and should be taught to place their trust in a higher power and obey some of the dictum of principled living. A Christian rehab program is designed to bundle up and provide all this as a single treatment package.

Some of these rehab centers are located in the beautiful locales of Florida and function more or less along these lines. They are some of the best and offer various healing options to choose from, something that cannot be found at every detox centre; so a client should be able to tailor the treatment program to suit his / her needs. The programs on offer can easily be tailored to suit the requirements of each and every inmate. The cure-programs are all designed with the help of the best expertise in the field and they typically run between one to three months. Latest medical facilities coupled with highly qualified, caring counselors ensure that the best remedies are provided to the clients. These centers being Christian rehab facilities naturally lay a great emphasis on the curing procedure being based upon faith in an immense power above us.

The comforts provided in this clinic are phenomenal and include luxury private accommodations. There is a sport complex and a gym to keep clients busy. Internet facility ensures that you can stay in touch with the outside world any time of the day. A fantastic kitchen, a nice picnic area, a relaxing and laid back atmosphere all serve to make this an ideal get away for transitioning from addiction to abstinence. As soon as you step into this place your overall health is determined after which the proceeding begin with cleansing your body with de-toxifiers. When this process is over, all the toxins from your body would be flushed out. During your entire stay here you will be monitored and will be withheld from using any kind of drinks or drug items. Nutritious meals along with the prescribed exercises help you to bounce back into normal life with high energy and fitness levels.

While your body is being treated in this manner, how is your psyche going to be handled? This is where the efficient and friendly counselors come into play. In general one counselor is assigned to you and he/ she will interact with you routinely on a periodic basis. You can pour out all your troubles into a sympathetic ear without fear of ridicule or mockery. You will find that openly talking about your problems gives you clarity in thought and gives you a new perspective in facing up to the issue. The counsellor is so trained to lead you into thinking on these lines. By interacting in group sessions you can see others involved in the same struggle as you; sharing your pain areas and inner fears gives you a sense of relief. You might even find better ways to stand up to your trouble(s). Talking to “winners” – addicts who have become sober for a long time – gives you all the motivation you need to persist in your trial to achieve freedom from the clutches of drinks/ drugs.

As long as you are in these centres, your movements are watched and you are assiduously kept away from substance abuse. But what happens when you emerge from there in to the real world? Only an inner guide can keep you in a tight leash. How can you achieve this strength? Only by placing your complete trust in the hands of the massive power beyond us – this is the faith-based treatment you get from these clinics. You attend sermons, involve in community actions – these things keep you physically and mentally busy; give you a sense of self worth by which you learn to respect your self. This in turn gives you the confidence to resolve all your dilemmas without relying on booze. You find yourself free from the hold of a bad habit and leading a fulfilling and purposeful life.

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Christian Rehab Centers in Florida

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Though it is very easy for a person to get into an abusive habit like alcoholism or drug addiction, it is very difficult to get away from its clutches. The more you struggle the tighter it holds! But if there is a professional institution that can help you to quit addiction then it can prove to be the best possible way. A good center should assist you in getting out of abuse in the short term and also equip you with all the skills that are needed to keep you there in the long term too. Because, there is after all no point in chucking an unwanted practice and embracing it again with renewed vigor! A Christian rehab facility can provide all this and more.

What should an ideal cure place be like? It should have the right ambiance that fosters recovery. Efficient staff that is highly qualified, trained and can be depended upon to have a kind, understanding attitude with loads of patience, thrown in the mix. Naturally, the medical facilities at these centers should be of top grade quality with doctors available round the clock, ready to handle any symptoms or emergencies. Finally the place in question should combine the nourishing of the soul or spirit to keep life fresh and free. The perfect rehab is one that can answer to every one of these descriptions and can provide you the much needed step-up to take you into a positive and happy life style.

Are you afraid that you are too deep into the addiction stages for redemption? No need to worry. A Christian rehab has all the understanding and care that is needed to bring any one back to sobriety. No matter what substance you abuse and no matter for how long and how frequently you have been at it, these centers take you in and design a program that exactly suits your needs. The program can vary between one and three months depending on your current status. The atmosphere at these health centres is often very comfortable and gives the clients a taste of what a disciplined life style can be like. There are private and luxury accommodations to keep you in style during your stay here. Excellent kitchen facilities exist to provide you with good and nutritious meals. The staff is always ready to listen and is highly obliging to satisfy your legitimate needs. There are sports facilities and gym to keep you occupied and entertained. Internet access lets you keep in touch with the outside world. Picnic areas help you unwind and discover the little pleasures of life that you have missed all this while.

Medical personnel who know all about the withdrawal symptoms when you are denied the drinks/ drugs are always at hand to help you cope with any painful ailments. If there are any emergencies also they are well trained to take care of them. You are also given medication to assuage your craving for booze. Tranquilizers that soothe your nerves and let you get good sleep are also administered. Good food combined with solid rest very soon puts you back on your feet. With fitness exercises you find your energy levels zooming up pretty fast. This in itself acts as a motivation to keep you trying to get into a clean life.

During the Christian rehab programs, a counselor is assigned to you; he/ she have numerous conversations with you. They ask leading questions and let you learn how this habit got formed and why you are still unable to throw it away. When the answers come from within you, you generally find that solutions are also easy to come up with. Once you are convinced about the alternative resolutions you need not resort to substance abuse when you face those issues again. You are also given opportunities to interact with a group of people who are in the same position as you, who have been addicts but have already turned over a new leaf – by seeing them your confidence is renewed and you stay motivated to transform yourself.

How can you ensure that once you turn into teetotaler you continue the same status for the remainder of your life? Faith cure is the only plausible answer. When you place your trust in a higher power and do some activities that build the conviction, you gain inner strength and peace. There is a guide from within to keep you on the right track always. You will no longer be weak enough to go seeking for solace from harmful chemicals and drinks. At these rehabilitation centers you are encouraged to involve in pursuits that are connected with putting your faith in an authority above you; these actions keep you occupied and you do not get the chance to think of boozing etc. Even when you are out of the treatment program, you can continue the same activities to help fill in your free time with useful endeavors.

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Christian Rehab Program

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Who does not like a life full of joy and hope? But there are thousands who have got into the habit of drinking alcohol or using drugs; slowly it has dragged them into the mire and made them addicts. These are people who are totally dependent on those substances and remain almost always in a state of intoxication with altered moods and mental state. Such addicts are generally shunned by every body but at the Christian rehab centers they are pitied and not censured.

There are a number of treatment centers all over the world and the USA, but those in the state of Florida are pretty special because they have on offer some really innovative and effective treatments that have shown amazing results. Their location enables these rehab health centers to provide their clients with a soothing ambiance, one that allows them to heal their ‘self’. With their innovative programs they show effective transformations in their clients time and again. Anyone who crosses their threshold is assured of a positive change to their lives. With their kind, attentive and well trained staff these centers are among the best in helping people to become de-addicted. The Christian rehab facilities are quite popular because while they care for their clients physically and mentally there is a faith based cure working continuously in the back ground. The best part is that this therapy is not just restricted to Christians but is open for people from all beliefs who just want to be embraced by understanding hands that will help them to become sober for life.

If anyone thinks that treating the alcohol addiction like a normal illness will work wonders they are quite sadly mistaken. Being an addict has more to do with the psyche than the body and there is no question that a complete cure has to focus deeply on that aspect and giving spiritual support is the ideal way to ensure that a relapse never happens. After all inner strength is needed to stay sober forever and only trust in a larger scheme of things is known to help.

The environment provided here is superior in terms of the peaceful surroundings and facilities. There is scope for sports, picnic spots, gym plus internet. With a fabulous kitchen meals are a real treat. With such facilities even those who are trying to turn sober will have something to rejoice about! The staff members here including the medical personnel, counselors and other manner of help are all very kind and compassionate. They display considerate behaviour and treat the clients with dignity. The Christian rehab programs are a storehouse of companionship, kindness, deep understanding and support.

What does the core treatment do for the inmates to fish them out of the deep ocean called addiction? First it treats their bodies; in parallel the psychological therapy is also kicked into action. Of course all this happens under the umbrella of faith based recovery which means prayers, visits to place of prayer, sermons plus activities associated with these.

Detoxifying the body is step one. Keeping away from alcohol/ drugs is another. Treating of withdrawal symptoms and curbing the craving for substance abuse are the further steps. A healthy diet plan coupled with exercises along with the right dosage of medication soon gets the person into shape and they begin to feel comfortable. But the real challenge lies in making this a permanent change. For this only counseling and soul searching are needed. Counselors ask the right questions and set the client thinking deeply about the root cause for the addictive instinct. Once the cause is identified the alternative solutions can be found quickly. In group counseling people get to share their positive and negative feelings. When pain is shared it is reduced; when positive results are shared it doubles giving every one the confidence that they too can succeed if they try wholeheartedly.

Educating them about the health hazards makes them very careful and helps them to keep away from harmful items like drinks. Providing them with basic skills assists them to get a job easily when they go out and helps them to get back into a normal life style with complete ease. Faith based curing means many activities that keep the inmates occupied in their leisure; so that they do not brood on the drinks/ drugs they are missing. When they come out also they have the activities to pursue which gives them a chance to stay clean at all times and keeps them away from temptation. With the right initial treatment and the provision of skill sets and tools to step into the outside world with confidence a client who enrols at these health centres have a chance to turn over a new leaf and find a joyful life free from the clutches of alcoholic drinks,binges and drugs.

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Faith Based Rehabilitation Program In Florida

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Faith based rehabilitation programs mean true business – the programs here are designed to make you abstemious – and remain in that state so till your last breath. Thanks to a triple sided healing concept which heals your outside, inside and your core being, this is made possible. Translated, you’ll undergo a treatment that impacts on you physically, mentally and spiritually. Though conventional methods are known to work too, they fall short of one critical result. They almost always fail in the long run. As long as the recovered addict stays in a controlled environment away from temptations they stay sober. But once they jump into the band wagon of real life, they have relapses. Relapses become harder than ever to eradicate.

A person who is in the grip of alcohol or substance abuse is seldom himself. Therefore an addict typically has a life that is falling apart; there are no career prospects; there are no meaningful and mutually enriching relationships. Quitting their addictions is the only way to regain the lost glory. A strong drive to kick the habit is enough for de-addiction – with the right kind of professional and understanding support.

The faith based rehabilitation programs are effective because by making you spiritually strong they endow you with those secret tools that give you the determination needed to stay in the “clean” path whatever trials and tribulations rock your life. By involving you in spiritually oriented activities and giving you the opportunity to continue them even after you come out of the treatment center, they ensure abstinence for life.

Now to take a look at what a typical faith based rehabilitation program will have on offer for clients:

  • Center welcomes all manner of addicts with open arms. There is no need for a person to be a Christian. There is no force to convert to Christianity religion either.
  • Comfortable, luxurious and private rooms for staying
  • Sports facility, gym
  • Internet service keeps you connected with the outside world
  • Picnic spots which let you spend time outdoors in peace and quiet, in tune with nature where you can feel your stress washing away
  • Tasty and healthy meals
  • Considerate, qualified staff
  • Professional care
  • A compassionate atmosphere where caring and sharing are the guiding principles

Here are the physical cure steps that are undertaken:

  • Trained medicos round the clock to handle any emergency situation
  • Monitored environment where you have no chance to reach out to substances that are harmful and addictive
  • Cleansing of the body from the inside is carried out using detoxifying agents injected into your system
  • Exercise regimen to build fitness and energy levels
  • Medication to reduce side effects due to withdrawal and craving for alcohol/ drugs

Here are the psychological healing steps being followed:

  • One on one counseling sessions
  • Professional counselors who are objective and non judgmental
  • You can speak all your troubles to them – past, present and future
  • You are gently lead to analyze them one by one
  • Find the problem that triggered the addiction and work out alternative solutions
  • Next time you face a similar difficulty you learn to implement the solution rather than reaching out for a bottle of alcohol
  • Group sessions where you meet other addicts undergoing de-addiction treatment and those who have successfully quit
  • From these meetings you gain moral support to continue your battle against alcoholism
  • Sharing of experiences and challenges in the path to sobriety
  • Better ideas and answers to overcome any hurdles

Spiritual curing is carried out through some of the following steps:

  • You are asked to place your trust in a higher power
  • You can get infinite vigor from that source
  • By connecting with that “power” your burdens are reduced

Typically people take to boozing or abusing substances because they are weak minded and simply want to escape from everyday pressures of life by reaching out to the nearest bottle of booze. They try to hide from issues and are stressed out easily. How does faith based treatment change all this?

  • Prayers help you to find inner peace and easily connect with the force above
  • Sermons clarify your thought processes and bring order to a cluttered mind
  • Community service activities keep you busy
  • They also improve your sense of self esteem injecting the much needed courage to face up to your troubles
  • You can pursue these actively even after you complete your tenure in the treatment center
  • You help others and ultimately help yourself – this helps you stay focused in the path of sobriety

You can rest assured that with a strong urge to become a teetotaler and the right assistance from an effective rehab plan, you can transform from a helpless alcoholic to a bold, free, independent individual.

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90 Day Christian Rehab Centers Will Help Get You Clean and Sober

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Only people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs know what it can do to their lives. Substance abuse can lead to wrecked lives, relationships, professions, money and what not. Addicts have the option to seek help from 90 day Christian rehab centers that have been set up with the express purpose of freeing their clients from addictions grip.

Any one who is unfortunately in the clutches of alcohol/ drugs should immediately act to become sober once and for all. There are many rehabilitation centres that operate with the sole intention of providing all the required assistance and facilities needed for such people who have determined to get out of their addictive problem. These health centers are places that are ideal for people who want to shed their unwanted habit of abusing alcohol and similar stuff. There are tailored programs to suit every need and the period can vary from 30 to 90 days. The best part is the luxurious environments you get along with exclusive accommodation which in itself provides a very soothing effect on frayed nerves. After all, when you try to get out of a difficult addiction like drugs you will need all the support possible. At the 90 day Christian rehab centers you are assured of a positive transformation that is incredible – some thing on the lines of a caterpillar changing into a free butterfly. You might come in shackled by addiction but when you go out you will be a new person, ready to take on any challenge, job and relationships with a new confidence and absolute sobriety.

Though there are treatment centres all over the world and the USA, those located in the state of Florida are quite special because they offer some really innovative and effective treatments that produce astounding results. Experts in the field including counselors, general staff, medical staff and so on are on call here at all times. They look at the client condition and then come up with an individual plan of treatment for him/her. It is best for those under the grip of addiction to seek professional help when they want to quit – this is because the withdrawal symptoms could be severe. They might include physical pain, sickness and severe mental anguish. Only those trained in this area will be able to provide the right kind of aid at the right time so that you can see yourself through the quitting process successfully.

Only physical treatment alone will not help in total de-addiction that is permanent. That needs much more – mental, emotional and spiritual treatment too. Counselling on a one- to- one basis, group therapy and faith based treatments are all components of an overall action plan for helping a person to overcome substance abuse. With an individual counselor who is compassionate and also well trained, a client will be able to figure out what exactly is triggering their resorting to drugs and/ or alcohol. Clients can find the problem that led them to begin the habit and then also clearly establish why they are unable to fight their total dependence on stuff like drugs. Once this clarity emerges it is easy for addicts to find other ways to handle those problems. Getting the confidence to fight the impulse to drink alcohol or use drugs comes from taking Christian rehab.

Group counselling and cures through faith healing are also available at these treatment centres. In a group, a client gets to see others who are sailing on a similar boat as them undergoing the same struggles to over come their addiction. This comforts them with the thought that they are not alone in this and encourages them to discuss their problems and solutions more openly. This further makes the way for better methods to fight abuse of substances. As far as faith therapy is concerned the clients are encouraged to put their belief in a higher power and people belonging to any faith can join here. Customers who come for a cure get high doses of compassion, understanding, warmth and company; there is no question of forcing of any particular custom.

An atmosphere of serenity coupled with great care ensures a total ridding of alcohol abuse habits and helps the client to stay clean for the remainder of his/ her life. A place where they can indulge in self analysis and inner reflection is a big advantage. A wrong choice of a treatment centre could prove to be disastrous by making the problem worse! Private rooms, high quality treatment, kitchen, internet, sports and gym facilities, picnic areas are only a few comforts to look for. So it is important for a person seeking to quit alcoholism or drug addiction to choose a facility that has the right programs, right environments and the right people to affect the cure.


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Adolescent Christian Drug Rehab Assistance

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

It is vital for school administrators, teachers and parents to pay close attention to teenagers and detect the signs of their abuse of drugs. When teenagers have to be accountable to more than one person, it makes them more responsible towards drug use. If you leave them on their own to be infiltrated with false information by their peers, it is a dangerous situation and can lead to worse things.

Understanding the signs of drug abuse among teenagers is possible for those who are closely related or connected to the abusers. Initiating an intervention plan is important for those who are heavy drug users. It can be done at the stage where there is no other recourse and parents don’t know what to do. A Christian drug rehab treatment program can be of assistance because of the valuable resources available.

Heavy involvement in drugs can make a teenager change his or her attitude to become irritable and angry especially when they are unable to get the drugs. Their outlook on life will also be different and they will seek out the wrong crowd. Parents have to stay involved in the teenager’s life more than ever and offer any type of support that the teenager needs to get better.

Adolescent drug abuse can be very hard for parents to accept, but once it is accepted and a plan is set in place for treatment, the journey can be a rewarding one as parents and children get to learn more about each other. Sometimes, teenagers will resort to drug abuse and other destructive behavior because they are seeking attention. They use the drugs to get their parents attention because they find communicating their feelings very difficult to do.

If parents find that their teenagers are losing weight, being isolated in their room, getting low grades, being angry all the time and keeping friends that are influential in their decisions, then parents need to take drastic action to get help from a Christian drug rehab treatment program.

Adolescent teens usually start out with smoking marijuana and then graduate to harder drugs such as cocaine, crack or heroin. Some even go as far as taking drugs that are easier to get over the counter. It does not matter what kind of drugs a teenager resorts to, the fact still remains that they are all bad for their health and well being.

Monitoring those teenagers is difficult because of the busy society that we all live in. Single family homes causes a lot of mothers to work over time to make ends meet and don’t have enough time to spend with their children. The television and peers become their teachers. No wonder the statistics point to an increase in drug use among teens.

Once parents suspect drug abuse by their teenagers, they should immediately intervene and find them help so that they can stop their destructive behavior and enjoy their adolescent years being drug free. Some teenagers can be defiant, but parents need to “put their feet down,” and insist on getting help for their drug addict teenagers.

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Choosing the Right Christian Drug Rehab Center

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

There are so many drug rehab center advertisements available online, on television, phone directory and newspapers that it may become confusing to know which one is really the best. Needless to say, one should always go for a drug rehab center that is well-known, registered and accredited. Find out from patients who have been treated in these centers to know if they have really been treated, and not gone back into relapse mode.

Faith based drug addiction treatments have always been popular. Not only are they reasonably priced, but the therapy is really effective. For instance, Christian drug rehab is known for its holistic and spiritual approach towards drug addiction. It has hardly any patients going into relapse mode, due to its comprehensive therapy, which conditions the patient’s mind against substance abuse.

Holistic treatments make you less dependent on medication and are focused on helping a person heal naturally. Spiritual treatments help a person develop a strong resolve to not touch drugs again. The person begins to experience a mental detoxification where he or she comes to know about how life can be very beautiful without drugs or any other form of addiction.

Faith based treatments including regular Bible reading, prayers, inspirational teachings and actions, activities that make a person work to the best of his or her ability as an individual and as a team. Regular counseling is done and the family and friends are also given advice and support on how to deal with a recovering addict.

Most people take to drugs due to an underlying problem like depression, soured relationship, financial problems etc. Spiritual oriented drug rehabs address this root cause of the problem and suggest measures to avoid this tension and live a joyous life. Thus, the withdrawal symptoms and relapse for drugs is less, because the individual become strong from within. The chances of relapse are simply not there, because the person is able to fight his inner demons without resorting to drugs or such other form of addiction.

Among things that are taught in faith based drug rehabs, there are behavioral theory, individual therapy, group therapy, motivational speeches, nutritional advice, somatic experiencing, social responsibility, communicational skills, games, addiction controlling therapies, workshops, spiritual exercises etc. The length of the faith based program for drug addiction depends on the intensity of the addiction, the progress level of the person and the overall health of the person.

It is a very good move to go for a holistic, spiritual method for drug addiction. It not only cleanses your spirit but you are able to connect well with your family, friends, people in general and particularly within yourself. Our minds are the most powerful thing in the world and if we focus and channel our mind in breaking out of the toughest addictions, we can do so. Drug addiction is a curable disease and rehabilitation like Christian drug rehab can be very helpful and useful in helping an addict live a happy and prosperous life again.

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Christian Drug Rehab for a Friend

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

There are many things that you cannot tell your family but you can confide in a close friend. A good friend who understands you and helps you in every step of life is the most precious thing in the world. There are also so-called friends who are out there to spoil you and influence you negatively. A person who becomes a drug addict due to wrong company of friends becomes socially alienated and has no choice but to hang out with other drug addicts. Either he will hang out with this thankless group of drug addicts or he will be all to himself.

You can imagine how much a drug addict wishes subconsciously that he could be cured off this habit. If your friend becomes a drug addict, you have to help him and make sure that he shirks off this bad habit and opportunistic friends. Instead of running away from him, extend a helping hand and give him moral support. A drug addict sadly, does not have help even from his family at times, who may have lost their hopes on him. So as a friend, you can show him how he can get his life back on track.

If your friend has just acquired the habit, it may not be so tough to help him avoid taking drugs. You should explain to him the harmful effects of taking drugs on your health. Most people who take to drugs do so due to some problem, which may be due to a relationship gone bad, failed careers, bankruptcy, job loss etc. Explain to him the consequences of taking the drugs and how his actions would spoil things more than they are at present. Show your friend how he can focus on solving the problem and finding other options in life. Give him the much-needed emotional anchor and support to sail through this hardship and tell him firmly to stay off drugs.

You can even take him to the doctor, who should be able to give him medication that can help him quit drugs. However, if this does not happen and he is too far into drugs, you definitely need to take him to rehabilitation. There are many good rehabilitation centers that can really help the cause of your friend; the most notable one being Christian drug rehab. This drug center is known to adopt a spiritual way of treatment to break drug addiction. Regular counseling is done; group therapies are organized and daily Bible reading hels a person in looking at life through spiritual eyes. Activities that are organized to foster the creativity of people in the Christian drug rehab center channels the minds of people towards joyous and self-fulfilling activities.

As a friend, help your friend in this difficult phase of life; help him lead a healthy life by advising him on the right kind of health and exercises. Your contribution towards helping him lead a drug-free lifestyle will be one of the greatest things that you will be doing for someone.

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Christian Rehab Works:Why?

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Being abstemious is a blessing and only an alcoholic can truly appreciate this statement! The sea of troubles confronting an alcohol or drug addict has to be experienced to be believed. The physical, mental and emotional agony they undergo is phenomenal. Of course all those around them also suffer because of the addicts’ behavior. Only Christian rehab brings a ray of hope to the table for people in the grip of alcoholism. It not only focuses on short term cure but also on sustaining the success in the long term so that permanent abstinence is achieved. Most of these faith based rehabilitation centres operate with this idea.

Is it enough to treat only the body and mind for complete recovery from alcoholism? No – says Christian rehab programs. They further demonstrate by adding a third dimension to all their treatment plans – catering to the soul or spirit side of an individual. Their job does not stop once you finish the program and walk out from there. They take the responsibility to find faith based activities you can continue to perform, day centers where you can go in case of any medical help etc. They also assist you in finding a job and settling down to a robust routine – in short they do everything in their power to ensure that a relapse does not happen.

With a Christian rehab facility, you can never go wrong. You can confidently hope for being transitioned from an addict to a sober person within the stipulated time. In fact their motto is to transform people into totally new, better versions of their former selves! How do they achieve this? By a combination of traditional therapy with a spiritual component added. The traditional method involves curing the body and the mind. First you are kept away from drugs and alcohol in a constantly monitored environment. For treating the withdrawal side effects medication is used. Your internal organs are detoxified by flushing out the toxins. You get to eat a healthy diet and are trained to work out to regain the lost fitness.

A counselor is assigned to take care of your psychological therapy. He or she interacts with you on a periodic basis as a good listener prompting you to talk about your troubles. By opening up your thought processes he/ she ensure that you do not shy away from those problems any more. Rather you are ready to explore possible solutions to them and implement them. You do not feel the need to get to drinking to forget your every day worries or long standing difficulties. You are also encouraged to participate in group forums comprising of people similar to you – trying to become sober. People who have already achieved this goal and have been sticking to it for a long time are also brought into such sessions. This is to confirm that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to motivate the entire group in continuing the struggle to change over into new and better persons.

You also get the required skills to survive and fend for yourself in the outside world. What skills can you hope to gain from this center? Here’s a recap on what you can hope to learn, basic computing, personal finance, managing your time, personal fitness etc. You even have internet facility here so you can look for jobs and fix yourself a position so that you can begin work right from the day you get out! If you can tightly manage your time in this manner you will never really have the chance to think of abusing any kind of stuff. Not only that, you are also warned against the harmful side effects and health risks; they are quite scary and prevent you from touching unwanted substances.

But for abstinence to become a permanent fixture in your life the faith or spiritual angle has to be catered to. People who can place their trust in a greater power beyond derive inner strength that gives them the confidence of having a friend by their side that will support them and see them through any crisis. This confidence will let you manage any troubles independently without the necessity of resorting to alcohol or drugs. In addition to the above, spiritual activities like prayers and listening to sermons soothe the frayed nerves and relaxes you to a great extent. When you are not stressed you can easily solve difficulties. You do not need the aid of any external stuff to change your mental state or modify your moods!

You can count on these multi-step treatment programmes to give you a complete make over into a sober personality. The joyful, free life you have always yearned for is very near at hand; you just need to have this firm desire to turn abstemious!

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Florida Christian Rehab

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Alcoholics are those who are perpetually dependent on some form of alcohol to remain in a state of intoxication and drug addicts are similarly reliant on various forms of drugs. Both these addictions are highly dangerous to lives – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The physical trauma caused due to addictive habits to harmful items can lead to damage of the brain, the nervous system and cause collapse of organs like stomach and liver. Addicts are also prone to various types of cancers and heart disease. If you are one of those unfortunates, it is a good idea to get Christian rehab help to bust the habit once and for all. This is because such a rehabilitation procedure considers the spiritual aspect of the person involved and caters to that dimension which ensures a long term cure without chances of a relapse.

Just imagine a place that is full of comforts including luxury, private lodgings, a serene atmosphere with gym/ sports/ picnic facilities, good quality, nourishing meals, extremely kind and understanding staff – these faith based rehabilitation centers are such institutions, managing to positively change the life of many addicts for the better. Anyone undergoing treatment programs here come out as a fresh, new person with a zest for life. It is synonymous to watching a caterpillar turning into a butterfly after being cocooned for a certain period. Here too the programs typically vary from anywhere between one to three months.

In this center which is a Christian rehab facility that provides professional help, there are a number of treatment plans which have been designed to suit various requirements. They are all developed by taking the best practices from many such therapies and hence are found to be highly effective. People from any walk of life, at any stage of addiction and any substance abuse can get admission here. They find a very sympathetic environment that gives them all the support needed to make a dignified transformation possible. What are all the courses of action you can look forward to here? For starters, there’s companionship and dignity. Apart from this, they provide a friendly atmosphere where no one is made to feel guilty. Clients are treated with care and are given physical aid, mental solace and spiritual uplifting. The last three together make it possible for the patient to make a speedy and permanent recovery a certainty.

An addict’s body is generally full of toxins. So the first thing to do is to detoxify the system using a combination of medication and diet. The client is then kept off completely from addictive items which are likely to cause withdrawal symptoms including nausea, tremors, sweating, and anxiety and so on. Medication is provided to ward off these symptoms also. To keep the craving down again the relevant medicines are given. Diet that is provided is fully nutritious and helps to regain physical strength. Exercises are prescribed to build stamina and energize the system completely.

Next is catering to the mind. How do you soothe the mental state of an addict? The course to pursue is to have a trained counselor talk to him/ her. By repeated conversations it is possible to bring out the exact problem that causes the client to reach out to unwanted stuff like drinking and drugs. Once the problem is identified he/ she is encouraged to find a solution of their own; they are likely to implement such a solution more readily than an answer that is provided by some one else. They are also allowed to interact as groups to find better ways of dealing with all the associated stresses.

By educating the addicts about all the harm that the drugs are causing to their various organs, they are made to understand how dangerous and life threatening they are. This is in hopes that they will begin to keep away from the toxic items. Skills including computer education, personal finance management, time management etc. are taught within the facilty, so that the addicts make perfect use of their time here in order to prepare themselves for potential jobs and a normal, sober life. The various skill sets that are imparted here help them gain self confidence and let them start a life full of promise and positive events.

When all these are being done, the spiritual dimension is always operating in the back ground. Activities that are based on faith are included as part of the overall regimen adding meaning to the entire proceedings. When the people who want to turn sober place their trust in the hands of a bigger power, they are able to naturally find a lot of inner strength. These activities not only keep them occupied in their free time thus preventing them from thinking about drugs/ alcohol but also give them the conviction to remain abstemious for the rest of their lives. After all, who wouldn’t like a joyful life?

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