Florida Christian Drug Rehab Programs

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Drug addiction is a disorder of the brain, though initially using drugs might be done on a voluntary basis, with time that is not the case. Drugs will alter the chemistry and gene expressions, which affects the function of the brain. Once dependency and addiction develop the changes in the brain will influence the way a person makes decisions, which leads to compulsive, uncontrollable drug cravings, drug seeking and use.

The impact of substance abuse can be all-encompassing and far reaching; there are many negative consequences that result from drugs. Such consequences include heart attack, stroke, heart disease, cancer, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and lung disease. Sometimes the health problems occur when drug use is at peak levels and other times the problems develop after prolonged substance abuse, at other times something bad can happen the very first time drugs are used. Florida rehab programs can help a substance abuser put drugs in the past and live a healthier life.

It is commonly believed that an addict needs to hit “rock bottom,” before they are ready to admit to the problem and seek help. This is not always the case; sometimes a person experiences a wake-up call early on in drug abuse and decides to end the cycle of addiction before substance abuse escalates further. Drug abuse also weakens the immune system and is linked to a person engaging in risky behavior. Such behavior includes needle sharing and unprotected sexual intercourse, both of which can cause infections and spread diseases.

Florida Christian drug rehab programs know of the risks and problems associated with drug abuse and have helped countless numbers of people beat addiction. No matter whether the addiction is heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or crack, a faith-based treatment center has the skills and knowledge to handle the situation and show an addict how to conquer any type of addiction.

Substance abuse can also lead to a wide variety of crippling respiratory problems. Cigarette smoking has been linked to such disorders as chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and emphysema. Smoking marijuana can lead to severe respiratory problems as well. The use of marijuana can lead to blocked airways, asthma and a slowed breathing rate.

Florida Christian drug rehab programs know of all the chronic health problems that can occur with substance abuse. The facilities have a staff of licensed, caring medical staff that provide patient assessment and evaluation and care when necessary. Along with respiratory and cardiovascular problems, certain drugs can also wreak havoc on the gastrointestinal system (GI). Drugs that can affect the GI system include; LSD, heroin, cocaine, GHB, MDMA and opiates.

Rehab programs provide comprehensive and in-depth drug education for patients to show how badly drugs affect the human body. When combined with counseling and therapy, the drug education classes can help motivate a substance abuser to give up using drugs or face worsening health conditions.

Drug rehab programs are an invaluable asset in the care of substance abusers and in the fight against drug addiction. Each year, thousands of people from around the country beat substance abuse, turn a bad situation around and go on to lead a healthy, happy, drug-free lifestyle.

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Christian Drug Treatment Program

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

A Christian drug treatment program can be the answer for the problems and issues associated with substance abuse. Though there is not much of a fundamental difference between traditional versus Christian-based drug treatment in terms of goals and modalities, faith-based treatment puts the focus on healing from addiction with the power and help of God.

A Christian treatment program uses the Christian faith approach to help a substance abuser prevail over the power of drug addiction. There are countless reasons why a faith-based treatment approach works better than traditional treatment. One of the main reasons why Christian treatment works so well is because of the love and support shown to substance abusers before, during and after rehabilitation.

Not only is the recovery patient shown kindness and acceptance, but with an individualized after-care program which includes ongoing support and assistance the chances for succeeding are increased tenfold. Having a plan of action in place once the patient has left rehab, directly affects risks associated with relapsing.

The encouragement a recovery patient receives from a Christian drug treatment program is hands down, the best. Not only does the patient attend group counseling and therapy sessions, but the one-on-one spiritual attention is unique to faith-based treatment programs. When a person feels weak and questions whether or not recovery is possible, consulting and praying with a pastor or deacon can reaffirm the recovery patient’s commitment to getting well.

A common misconception about a Christian program is that staff or counselors will try to convert to Christianity or force someone to accept God. This is not true, while certain modalities and treatments incorporate faith and Biblical principles; other treatments used are exactly the same as what is offered in a secular environment. Nobody in a Christian drug treatment facility will try to coerce or sway a person’s personal religious beliefs or force a recovery patient into doing things they are not comfortable with. The goal of faith-based treatment is to do whatever is in the best interest of the patient, while respecting the person as an individual.

For some who enter a Christian drug treatment program, it can be an eye-opening experience. It can be a place of peace and acceptance and when a person looks inward, they may come to realize God is missing in their life. Some recovery patients have no faith at all before entering into a Christian-based treatment center and others reaffirm a closer relationship with God, a faith-based treatment facility can help combat drug addiction.

The fight back to a healthy life can be a long and arduous process for many people. However, it is important to remember there are others who share the same goals, beliefs and life experiences. Having the support and encouragement of fellow recovery patients can be the wake-up call many addicts need to take sobriety seriously. Drugs can destroy someone’s life and the lives of those they love. The only way to experience true healing and peace is by allowing God to come into your life and spread his healing love.

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Florida Christian Drug Treatment Center

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Substance abuse is a complex and difficult but treatable disease which affects the brain and behavior of the user. Drugs alter the brains chemistry and structure; resulting in longstanding changes which remain even after drug use is discontinued. A reformed substance abuser who has not received adequate rehab and therapy has a greater chance of relapsing even after long periods of abstinence. A Florida Christian drug treatment center is familiar with the war against drug abuse and is waiting to help those who need it the most.

Just as with the various types of addictions a person can have, there is no blanket drug rehab treatment that suits everyone. Making sure the treatment, intervention and services provided suit the needs of the patient is one of the most important parts of any rehabilitation program and directly affects the outcome of the situation. Addressing a substance abusers problems and needs is crucial to the success of drug treatment and must be done with the utmost thought and planning.

A Florida Christian drug treatment center knows how very important it is for a substance abuser to receive a personalized care plan when undergoing rehab. Treatment should be readily available because an addict may be uncertain or hesitant about entering a drug rehab facility. During the initial pre-treatment time frame, a substance abuser may refuse or reject help if they are not immediately placed and treated.

With the Florida Christian drug treatment centers helpful 24-hour hotline, each patient gets assistance without delay. Help can be lost if there is a lapse in the critical time frame between asking for and receiving help, which like any disease the earlier substance abuse is treated the better the outcome will be.

To be most effective, faith-based treatment addresses every need the patient has and not just the drug abuse. A Florida Christian drug treatment center will help the addict work through all the different facets of addiction and learn new and positive behaviors. Any type of mental health issue, physical problems, social or legal issues will be attended to while the patient is undergoing rehab. Faith-based rehab programs are critical in treating addiction and helping a substance abuser leave the world of drugs behind.

The treatment of a Christian based drug rehab center focuses on incorporation of faith, Biblical teachings and Christian fundamentals when treating substance abuse patients. The treatment is geared towards the severity of addiction, age and overall health of the patient, as well as desires and wishes of the client.

Remaining in a Florida Christian drug treatment center is an imperative part of drug rehab. Without staying in a facility long enough and going through enough counseling and therapy, a person can experience a relapse back into drug use very quickly.

Not only do faith-based treatment programs incorporate traditional treatment methods and modalities, but also handles every aspect of spiritual and emotional well being as well. Once a person leaves a faith-based rehab program they are ready to take on the world with renewed faith and live a drug free life.

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Florida Christian Drug Rehab

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Drug rehab programs are not all the same and neither are the treatment methods. However, most rehab facilities share one common goal, to help a substance abuser stop using drugs. While rehab facilities work towards the same goal, the methods used can vary according to several factors such as; severity of abuse, type of addiction, age and overall health of the addict.

Many rehab programs focus on the detoxification process, which some experts believe can be the most difficult part of treatment. A Florida Christian drug rehab center offers detoxing services, as well as Christian based principles and Biblical teachings to help the addict all phases of recovery.

Once the detoxification portion of treatment has been completed, a person needs to receive ongoing, continued treatment to reduce the risk of the substance abuser relapsing back into drug abuse. Studies show that people who receive intensive, personalized drug rehab have the best chance of beating addiction for the long-term. Without proper treatment, the cycle of addiction is perpetuated and worsens over time.

A Florida Christian drug rehab center knows that in order for a substance abuser to permanently beat drugs, the treatment plan must include medical modalities and proven counseling and therapies. Going one step further, a faith-based treatment program also makes sure the substance abuser receives adequate emotional and spiritual support as well.

Faith-based drug treatment is an important asset to the world of addiction. Studies have shown that Christian based treatment facilities enjoy a high success rate, which some attribute to the strong faith foundation and the incorporation of God as the center force. Knowing God is always there to help and forgives us all our mistakes is the reason most cited for a substance abuser experiencing renewed strength and holding out hope for a better tomorrow.

A Florida Christian drug rehab program can be the answer for anyone from any walk of life or faith. The warmth and compassion within the Christian community allows a substance abuser to experience inner peace and satisfaction with having made the choice to seek help. There is no shame or stigma attached to drug rehabilitation when enrolled in a faith-based program, only acceptance and compassion. Treating drug addiction requires a facility that is able to address the needs of each patient as the unique individual they are. A Florida Christian drug rehab center knows in order to better reach a patient, having a strong foundation and belief in God can be a uniting force.

While enrolled in a Florida Christian drug rehab program a substance abuser will be given the time and devotion needed to break the bonds of drug addiction. During times of doubt or weakness, a patient can rely on the power of prayer, fellow patients and pastoral guidance to see them through. With God all things are possible and substance abuser can turn away from drugs and work towards a better life. A Christian drug treatment center is a reliable asset and strives to help heal the substance abuser from the damages of drug addiction.

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Will A Christian Drug Rehab Center Help Me

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

When a substance abuser admits to have a problem with drugs, the person might think they do not need rehab and can quit alone. Most often the situation will develop over a period of time and grow worse and the person will still be abusing drugs. The addict can lose family, friends, a job and everything else dear in life due to drug abuse, but will still keep using. This is not a healthy way to live and the best way to handle the situation is to get the addict into one of the many Christian drug rehabs located throughout the country.

Christian drug rehab centers are unique drug treatment facilities which help countless numbers of people all over the country each day. A faith-based rehab facility uses the exact same treatments, methods and modalities as a traditional rehab, but puts the focus on rehabilitation on using the power of God’s love and teaching Christian principles. The facilities are faith-based but do not discriminate against clients who are non-religious or practice a faith other than Christianity.

Christian drug rehab programs invite anyone to come and seek help and are welcomed into a community of togetherness and Christian fellowship. Using the teachings of Jesus Christ, a substance abuser is shown the forgiveness and divine love God has for each of us. Reaffirming a close and personal relationship with God has allowed many addicts to realize they are not alone and there are people in the world who are and want to help.

Beating drug addiction is never an easy task and a person should never attempt to do it alone. When trying to combat drug abuse alone, a person is unknowingly setting themselves up to fail and fall back into addictive behavior patterns. Without professional rehab assistance, many people do not get the help they need when trying to get clean and sober.

Christian drug rehab centers are located all over the country from Washington to Florida. No matter where you might live in the country, there are many incredible faith-based drug rehab programs designed to help beat drug addiction. Finding the right treatment facility is the most important thing an addict can do, without proper treatment and medical attention, the chances for success are thwarted.

A Christian drug rehab completely understands that each person is a unique individual and as such requires one-on-one attention and a personalized treatment plan. Once enrolled in a faith-based treatment program, a substance abuser is invited to attend bible study groups, prayer meetings, church and group counseling. Other services include traditional drug education therapy, life skills workshops, sober-based activities and spiritual counseling if desired.

No matter what religion a person may be, drugs do not discriminate at all. Anyone can suffer from drug addiction, whether a Christian or not. A faith-based treatment program can help a recovery patient turn their life around and find a healthier way to live. Having the power of prayer, faith in God and a strong supportive network of caring people is instrumental in helping a recovery patient find a way to maintain lifelong sobriety and live a happy life.

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How Do I Find the Right Christian Drug Rehab Center

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Seeking treatment at a Christian drug rehab center is one of the best ways a substance abuser can get the help and support so desperately needed during the delicate transition to a drug-free life. With Christian drug treatment a person learns to have a renewed sense of faith and hope, particularly if traditional rehab has failed. Christian-based treatment centers are a vital asset in the treatment of substance abuse and the success rates for these facilities show just how important it can be when helping others to win the war against drug addiction.

With the growing number of people in the United States facing substance abuse problems, a Christian drug rehab center can be a vital asset for those seeking a unique approach to rehabilitation. Christian-based drug treatment has proven to be an effective approach to substance abuse rehabilitation. Faith-based treatment puts the center and focus on achieving sobriety through the power of prayer, personal faith and trust in God.

A Christian drug rehab center may approach treatment utilizing the 12-step approach with special emphasis placed on God being the higher power, through which all things are possible. From having a strong foundation of faith, many substance abusers have found inner strength and support from knowing God is available to help them on the road to sobriety. The truth of God’s forgiveness is shown by his unbending love; he will help and heal those who actively seek him out.

By using prayer, a Christian drug rehab center shows a substance abuser how God can enter their heart and heal them from the sickness of addiction. Only through a firm commitment to getting well and actively seeking a better way of life is an addict going to experience the true miracle of recovery. Some of the ways a faith-based treatment center differs from a secular facility is by utilizing the power of God and the Bible as methods of breaking the vicious cycle of substance abuse.

The staff and personnel at a faith-based treatment center have received special training and many have had their own personal encounters with substance abuse, which makes them well-prepared and able to handle the wide range of problems that come from drug addiction. Knowing there are others who have gone through the same ordeal has allowed many substance abusers to truly see the healing that can only come from allowing the hand of God to touch them.

A Christian drug rehab center is not only for those of a particular faith, but also welcomes anyone who truly needs help in the battle against substance abuse. The counseling, therapy, prayer groups, church sessions and one-on-one spiritual guidance provided by a faith-based drug rehab is simply not something a secular facility is equipped to provide. Know the power of God’s love, leaning on faith and keeping hold of hope has shown many substance abusers how to overcome the perils and temptations of drugs. There is help and a reason to hope for a better tomorrow with the support and love of a Christian drug treatment facility.

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Christian Drug Rehab Programs

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Even living a Christian life does not preclude someone from developing a problem with substance abuse. People from all walks of life, from New York to Florida, experience drug addiction, it is not uncommon and drugs do not discriminate. The numbers for drug addiction are staggering and sadly, many people with drug problems do not get the help they need. Substance abuse can be a hopeless situation which leaves the addict feeling vulnerable and alone. There are numerous Christian drug rehab programs all over the country designed to help those who feel helpless in the fight against substance abuse.

When living a Christian life, a person does not have to use fancy words to pray to God. God listens to those who call his name and seek his help, substance abusers are no different. The disease of addiction is dark and dangerous, many people die each year as a result of overdose or secondary infections due to drug use. It is important for those who seek true healing and recovery to find a faith-based program to help them. Christian drug rehab programs will welcome anyone from any walk of life who wants to get help in the war against drug addiction.

We are only given one chance in life, for those who suffer from drug addiction it might seem like life will never get any better. Being lost and powerless to the temptations of drugs has led many lives to be destroyed. However, there is hope when someone embraces and welcomes God into their life. Christian drug rehab programs will never turn away from someone, just as God does not turn away from those who seek to know him better. Addicts will find help and encouragement from the loving and unwavering support of fellow addicts and staff members at a faith-based treatment center. The special environment and structure provided by a Christian drug rehab program is second to none and has led many chronic substance abusers to find a way to live without drugs.

The Bible is a central part of Christian drug rehab programs and important to the healing process for substance abusers. Using Biblical teachings and principles and incorporating the light of faith, the staff, counselors and therapists at Christian drug treatment centers teach an addict a new way to live. By reading the Bible, facilitating the presence of God and allowing him to take control over the problems resulting from drug addiction, an addict gives up control of the situation and stress and allows God to handle it.

Having God as the center and presence in life gives a recovering substance abuser something to focus on. Christian drug rehab programs know the key to living a happy life is to have communication and dedication to walk the path God has intended. For those who seek to leave behind the life of substance abuse and break the cycle of addiction, accepting help from a faith-based treatment program can make all the difference in the world.

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Dispelling the Myths about Halfway Houses

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

There are many common myths that make people leery and concerned about having a halfway house in their neighborhood. In the past, halfway houses were associated with the negative parts of society and held certain dangers which brought out cause for concern from those living in close proximity. However, the facilities of today are much safer, more structured and offer many benefits to society.

A halfway house is a transitional living facility for a person who has recently undergone rehabilitation at a drug or alcohol treatment center. The structure and guidance offered at the facility allows a recovery patient to rebuild life skills, learn healthy coping mechanisms and teaches them how to be responsible, positive and considerate members of society.

People with past drug or alcohol problems often find themselves at a loss as to where to turn once rehab is done. Without the option of a transitional living community or a halfway house, many recovery patients would not have any other alternative than to return to the only life they know. Once back into an old environment, many recovery patients would find themselves turning back to substance abuse and all the adverse and negative consequences that result. But, having the alternative of a safe-haven where they can go and continue the healing and recovery process is going to help prevent a relapse and allows the cycle of crime and addiction to be broken.

Another myth associated with a halfway house is that is resembles a jail or prison-like environment, this is not the case. Most long-term treatment facilities provide structure and freedom at the same time. There are rules, guidelines and expectations which every member must adhere to while in residence. Most programs require the person to obtain employment, attend classes, go to 12-step meetings, contribute to the facility and participate in sober-based activities.

Statistics show that when given the opportunity to reside in a halfway house, many recovery patients get the extra support and motivation needed to finally beat addiction and observe life-long sobriety. The facilities take a recovery patient and teach them better coping and life skills, which in turn benefits society as a whole. Rather than returning to negative behavior patterns that lead back to substance abuse, a recovery patient is taught to give back to others and make constructive use of time and skills.

Leaving behind the uncertainty and dangers of drugs and alcohol is the goal of rehabilitation, and with the help of halfway houses, for many recovery patients it is a reality. True recovery can only begin when a person receives the support and guidance they so desperately need. With addiction a person forgets how to live and only seeks to feed and fuel the addiction, everything else is lost and forgotten.

A halfway house can show recovery patients how it is possible to live a happy and healthy lifestyle without numbing or masking their problems with drugs and alcohol. Going through drug rehabilitation is just the first step on the journey to recovery and healing, the battle and struggles for many truly begin beyond the walls of the treatment center. Halfway houses are an important asset to many recovery patients; it shows them how truly good and whole life can be without drugs and alcohol.

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