About Integrity Way

Integrity Way began when the owner was approached by friends in need of a safe half-way house for their child that just completed an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. While searching, the owner of Integrity Way found that many of these sober houses were not up to acceptable living conditions, located in unsafe neighborhoods, and understaffed. At that point, he decided that people recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism should not have to live this way. Since then, Integrity Way has successfully grown to multiple locations with over 14 homes serving over 70 residents. Integrity Way Transitional Housing is considered the next generation of half-way houses.

Where are we located?

Integrity Way is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are approximately twenty minutes south of the West Palm Beach airport and approximately twenty-five minutes north of Ft. Lauderdale airport. Our family-style recovery communities are located in the city of Delray Beach, Florida. The community of Delray Beach offers hundreds of twelve-step recovery meetings and is referred to as the recovery capital of the nation.

Halfway Houses & Sober Living

Transitional housing program is another term used for a halfway house. The drug and alcohol field wanted to distinguish between transitional housing programs and housing for addicts and alcoholics. They wanted to make the search easier for people so they began using the terms sober living and halfway house. Sober living is the original term used for halfway house. Sober living environments began on the west coast and moved quickly over to the east coast to meet the needs of addicts and alcoholics.

A halfway house is designed to help addicts and alcoholics achieve long term sobriety. When clients come from a drug and alcohol treatment center they should have a recovery aftercare plan to fulfill. Intensive outpatient programs are usually a great way for an addict or alcoholic to achieve long term sobriety while in a halfway house setting. Another avenue for remaining and clean and sober while in a halfway house is to attend 12 step recovery meetings. Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held daily from early morning hours to late evening hours. 12 step recovery meetings are a great source of strength and hope for addicts early in their recovery process. Integrity Way has a reputation of being structured because meeting list are signed by all the halfway house residents and check by halfway house staff members and senior peers.

“Thank you for all your help and support. I am sober over 14 months now, and my life is amazing.” Mike C.

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